82 Infinity Tattoos Ideas and Meaning for 2022




Nowadays, Infinity tattoos are one of the most trendy tattoo styles. They carry deeper meanings and messages through the adaptation of other styles.

They come in many sizes and shapes. Most commonly, infinity tattoos are small in size relative to other tattoos.

They are most suitable for arms, neck legs, and chest. Tattoo artists try to keep the meaning of these tattoos simple and defined.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best depictions of infinity tattoos. We’ll also cover their meanings, What they symbolize, and some interesting FAQs. So, without further ado, let’s begin.


What is infinity tattoo meaning?

When the main element of a tattoo is the infinity sign or the loop symbol, it is considered to be an infinity tattoo. They have many meanings. In simple terms, they mean limitless or endless.

When they are combined with other elements such as heart symbols, flowers, or names their meanings change according to the elements. They only increase the significance of the elements.

They can also appear broken or incomplete. In those cases, they mean something broke an endless loop or transformed into a new habit. Either way, it indicates an interruption in the cycle.


81 Infinity Tattoo Design Ideas


1. Tiny Elbow Infinity Tattoo


Source: won_tattooer

A simple infinity symbol can be spotted on the elbow of a woman. The tattoo is drawn in a minimalist design with bold color. It clearly idealizes the infinity sign and its meanings.


2. Infinite Love


Source: alexandra.btattoo

One end of the infinity drawn on this woman’s arm has a heart symbol. The loop of the infinity is incompetent. It suggests that love is not endless and eventually will end. A hopelessly romantic tattoo indeed!


3. Flower Cycle Loop

Source: trikona.tattoos

A flower’s life cycle can be seen on this tiny tattoo. The start of its life from a seed to the final transformation to a fully bloomed flower. All of the stages in between are depicted over the loop. A tattoo that reminded of the loop of life in nature.


4. Colorful Infinity Sign Tattoo


Source: mint_tattooist

No matter how small a piece might be, the meaning behind that piece is the main point. The rotating colors on the infinity sign indicate the ever-changing nature of people. It teaches us how we can change the color of our life as we wish.


5. Freedom Loop

Source: harb.toni

The birds that are flying out of the loop mean that they have broken a circle that they were trapped in and finally can enjoy free will. Their joys are limitless, and the opportunities are countless.


6. Loop Of Feelings

Source: unchartedtattoo

The rose signs on this tattoo represent the feeling cycle of people. They start with love, then they develop feeling for power. Eventually, when they feel burnt out, they seek love again. This is the most typical cycle of people’s feelings.


7. Heart Beat

Source: skindeeptattoosvzm

The heart never stops beating in a person’s lifetime. It beats away infinitely until life comes to an end. The name associated with the tattoo means he’ll never stop thinking about the person in his lifetime.


8. Hemant Loop

Source: rinki_tattoo_art

The word Hemant means Early winter. Every year it comes like clockwork. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful seasons. The playful birds and gorgeous feathers only strengthen that feeling.


9. Happy Family

Source: tom.chivas

A cute couple who is holding a dog is nicely drawn in this pair of tattoos. The person doesn’t have a face which means it can relate to anyone. They want to stay happy forever which is reflected in this amazing couple tattoo.


10. Transformation Of Semen

Source: zoyamotkova

Semen which is the reproductive fluid is drawn with the infinity tattoo design. They are usually reproduced all the time. It is the symbol of youth and fertility. The transformation with the colorful feather looks phenomenal.


What is a heart infinity tattoo meaning?

Most often we see a heart symbol associated with infinity tattoos. They are a sign of love, care, and passion. When a heart symbol is combined with an infinity sign, it usually means endless love. They are believed to be extremely romantic.

11. Heart infinity tattoo


Source: sarahintherain

The heart with the infinity symbol is a great combination. People always want to feel loved. This tattoo reminds us of that feeling. The warmth and cozy feeling are always desired by humans.


12. Red heart Infinity Tattoo


Source: scott_nguyen_tattoos

This is quite similar to the tattoo we discussed earlier. The only difference is the color of the heart. The red heart is a warm feeling to the tattoo.


13. Believe In The Cloud


Source: ashleewilson3301

The clouds in the background are very bright-colored. This tattoo means the person believes that love comes from above. The infinite sign signifies the strength of love and passion.


14. Forearm Infinity Heart Tattoo

Source: little_red_tattoos

The side of this woman’s arm is covered with a tattoo that has sharp lines. There are 4 dots on both sides of the heart symbol in the middle. The swirly lines on each end give this tattoo a more defined look.


15. Love For Mother

Source: smilingpeachtattoos

In every person’s life, their mother is one of the most important individuals. The word mom in this tattoo is accompanied by a heart symbol that extends to an infinity sign. It shows us his dedication to his mother’s love.


16. Significance Of Family

Source: jaylee.inks

The Spanish word “Familia” which translates to “Family” is the main attraction of this tattoo. It is surrounded by a love symbol and at the bottom, it becomes a loop. It signifies the infinite love between family members.


17. Back Of The Ear Infinity Heart Tattoo

Source: leejacktattoo

A simple Heart Tattoo with infinity style is at the back of the ear. Both men and women can rock this style. It’s clean, minimal, and trendy at the same time. A great choice for mature people.


18. Snake In Disguise

Source: kamicak_tattoo

This tattoo has double meanings. If you consider the heart as the head of a snake then it’s a snake in disguise but if you consider it to be just a symbol of love then it means limitless love.


19. Infinity Heart Tattoo on Wrist

Source: fraffry_tattoo

A clean heart tattoo with an infinity sign is on the wrist. It shows love, passion, desire, and care. A beautiful piece to have on the wrist.


20. Infinite Dragon tattoo

Source: flamineighttattoo

The tattoo is drawn like a dragon. The tail of the dragon is placed like an infinite loop symbol. It represents limitless power and protection from everything.


21. Rainbow Infinity

Source: deefrost_design

A colorful rainbow can be seen inside the love symbol of this tattoo. The ubiquity sign is piercing through the heart in an endless loop. A tattoo that reminds us of happiness and joyfulness.


22. Sparking Hearts Infinity

Source: tjasatattoo

Many small sparkling pieces can be seen on this tattoo. The main symbol is partially visible. The glowing dots represent the infinite sparks of the desire of the heart.


23. Infinity Ankle Tattoo

Source: femininktattoo

A tiny ankle tattoo with the infinity style. The tattoo will almost be hidden all the time due to its positioning on the body but the meanings and values will be preserved.


24. Mom And Dad

Source: helen_tinc_etherington

Parents are always caring for us. This tattoo screams that message to the audience. The red worm heart represents the love parents have for their children.


25. Lovely Paw

Source: helen_tinc_etherington

A red and a blue heart is on one side of the loop and one paw is at the other end of the loop. The two hearts represent a couple and the paw represents their pet.


26. Messy Infinity Couple Tattoo

Source: johnislandink

The messy look gives this piece a unique look. Both the man and woman in this picture have a tattoo with the same structure. But the man’s tattoo is a bit rustic and the woman’s tattoo is made of thin colorful lines.


27. Infinity On Heart


This tattoo is done straight on top of a man’s heart. There is also the word twinkle on the lines that forms a limitless sign. It means that his heart will always twinkle like the stars.


28. Fresh Piece


This tattoo is recently placed on his body. The hand is swollen due to the pain. But in a few days, it will settle down and look amazing. The lines will be more clear and crisp-looking.


29. Amit And Anui

Source: angeltattoodesignstudio

Two almost similar names are on this tattoo. One is of a man and another is of a woman. The infinity sign is going through the heart symbol. It expresses the love between the two people.


30. Small Infinity On Arm

Source: missyjahntattoos

Like the previous tattoos, it is quite similar. The only difference is in the placement of the tattoo. The heart is quite sharp like an arrowhead.


31. Infinity tattoo with names


Source: manavhudda

Sometimes infinity signs are mixed with names. They are a very common phenomenon in this style. It is on a woman’s arm and it nicely suits her arm.


32. Love For Rushank


Source: niks_tattoo

An infinity tattoo is drawn with some extraordinary strokes. Rusank is on one end of the symbol and a small heart is on the other end. The middle line is quite thin compared to the outer line.


33. Half Infinity


Source: niks_tattoo

The tattoo has a partial infinity sign. The other half is filled with a name and flying birds. The line creates a shape that looks like the letter “S”.


34. Reminder Of Old Days

Source: niks_tattoo

It is a tattoo that reminds the person of his mother. The memories of the good old days when he was with his mother still have a scar on his heart. A tattoo that shows love for mother.


35. Double Infinity

Source: leslie.lestattoos

Two eternal loops can be spotted on this tattoo. It contains three names. Each name indicates a significant person. The pair of infinity suggest a good bond between the names.


36. Ratan and Roji

Source: inkaddictedtattoo

Peacock feather is often associated with kindness, patience, and good fortune. The Two names Ratan and Roji is on the two sides of the feather. It means that these two are both kind and bearers of good fortune.


37. Love For Anand

Source: tattoo_addicts_08


It is quite common to have your significant one’s name written on your arm. The woman has the name Anand tattooed with the loop sign and a heart on top of the name. It shows her endless love for Anand and ensures that she’ll always have space for him in her soft heart.


38. Family infinity tattoo


Source: lovelines_97

Each letter of this tattoo is written in a cursive pattern. The word family is the main element of this tattoo. There is also an infinity sign at the end of the letter “y”. A nice typographic tattoo for arms and legs.


39. Full Forearm Infinity Rose Tattoo


Source: high_inkpact

There is two red roses on the two sides of the endless loop symbol. Both ends of the symbol contain a heart sign. The rose represents beauty and grace. A wonderful choice for the forearm.


40. Infinity Tattoo With 3 Names


Source: mie_subrosa

In this tattoo, there are three names in between the lines. They represent the three-person who has promised to stay together for the rest of their life.



Source: s.ryder_tattoos



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Source: fonsakatattoo


49. Double infinity tattoo


Source: alaskangirl77




Source: immorte




Source: meat_at_animalhousetat2



Source: justineb1972



Source: toydoll_ink


54. Love infinity tattoo


Source: inksclusive




Source: mandatorichaos




Source: sammansbridge




Source: marina.the.interpreter


58. anchor infinity tattoo


Source: zahrahteit_beauty




Source: manny_no.7_tat2




Source: ayse.yetgin.96




Source: inked1234



Source: tonitakaaa



Source: tattoosbyjoelle



Source: janeclaireigot


Source: bakerstreettattoo



Source: savytattoos



Source: tattoos_by_dann



Source: manavhudda



Source: inkheart.kanpur



Source: pamunagshaira



Source: clamptats


73. Feather infinity tattoo


Source: harman_tattoo




Source: corinne.clapper.tattoo




Source: _sassysmita_



Source: dino_horus




Source: _sassysmita_



Source: tattooist_debadutta



Source: slingerstattoo



Source: chrisjtattoos



Source: alayna.chloe.tattoo



Infinity tattoos are a great way to signify the meanings of other elements. They alone only mean limitless being endless, but when they are used in other tattoo elements, they greatly enhance their meaning.

If you are looking for a small, defined, and trendy tattoo then infinity tattoos are your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Infinity sign tattoos have a religious background to them?

No. Usually, they don’t have a religious background.

Can Men Get Infinity Tattoos?

Yes. Both men and women can get infinity tattoos.

What does a double infinity tattoo mean?

It means combining two infinite elements together.

What does an infinity arrow mean?

It means everlasting love and eternity.

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