80 Best Scorpion Tattoos for Your Body Shape

Ever fantasized about getting a scorpion tattoo or wondered what they mean? If yes, then this article is for you.

Despite being venomous and deadly creatures, they are heavily liked by tattoo enthusiasts. They can be monochromatic, colorful, simple, extremely detailed, etc. There’s no limit to their variation, thanks to their limitless creativity and inspiration.

They are a symbol of power and attitude, recognized globally, look badass, and scream for attention. But, they can also be used to convey different messages through unique designs.

In this article, we’ll go through different types of tattoos inspired by the deadly scorpions. What is their meaning? What do they symbolize? And many more details. They’ll surely spark your interest and ignite your inner desires for scorpion tattoos.


Scorpion Tattoo Meanings

Throughout different cultures and communities, a tattoo of a scorpion has many meanings. But, universally, a scorpion tattoo means the symbol of power, strength, and fear. It also means having control over one’s emotions, the ability to protect themselves, and irresistible sexuality. When used to represent a zodiac sign, it tries to express their loyalty, dedication, focus, and ambitious nature.

They are used to promoting not trusting anyone who might strike you on the back. But also care deeply about who truly deserves to be loved and protected. The stinger of the scorpion tattoos can be used to symbolize strength but also their sensitivities.


80 Top Scorpion Tattoo Ideas and Designs for You


  1. Friendly Stinger

scorpion tribal
Source: ceci_reina

A friendly-looking scorpion with a double spiked stinger. The use of negative space makes the tattoo minimal looking which is great for forearm tattoos. It shows friendliness and trustworthiness at the same time.


2. Skeleton Crawler

scorpion tribal tattoo
Source: timmy_tat2

Skeleton-like tattoo of a dead scorpion on a woman’s shoulder. The telson is pointed to the left and downwards. Ready to strike at any moment. It is indicating that she is prepared to protect herself if needed.


3. Peace and War

scorpion tattoo
Source: tini_needles

Gorgeous leg tattoo of an arachnid with extreme details. There’s a quote in between the claws of the scorpion that roughly translates to ” If you want peace, prepare for war “.


Tribal Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpions are heavily praised in some tribes for their unique characteristics and venomous nature. The self harming and untrustworthiness nature is used in lots of tribal scorpion Tattoos

4. Knitted Scorpion

tribal scorpion tattoo
Source: therealrichardhamilton

The scorpion looks as if it was knitted by someone. Everything from the stinger to the mouth claws is drawn with bold black lines. The stinger looks like a “waning consent” moon.


5. Giant Arachnid

 tribal scorpion tattoo
Source: casta__tattoo

A black tattoo of a giant desert scorpion on a man’s shoulder. The claws are sharp as blades and the singer is spiked like a table saw. It screams masculinity from every angle.


Traditional Scorpion Tattoo

Traditional scorpion tattoos tend to be bold in color. They also try to commemorate some events that can be regularly observed.

6. Glowing Scorpio

scorpion tattoo on neck
Source: spacebootjope

Glowing lava-like scorpion tattoo on a man’s neck. The side of the body is glowing in red and orange indicating that it is angry. You don’t want to mess around with such a person.


7. Black striker

neck scorpion tattoo
Source: allsaintstattoonorth

A tattoo of a black hairy scorpion with sharp claws and a pitch-black sting. The claws are open and ready to strike at any time. It represents intimidation and control over any situation.


8. Rose carrier

rose scorpion tattoo
Source: sailorroman


Another tattoo of a while spider carrying a rose with its claws represents a toxic relationship. Because there is a deadly sting at the end and only worse things could be expected from that relationship.


9. Flower stinger

 scorpion rose tattoo
Source: emilyjean_tattoos

A transformed Scorpion with a rose on its telson. It means that he has fully transformed into a new loving and helpful being and way beyond his bad judgments.


10. Hiding Danger

Source: dogmarodriguez

A dangerous arachnid is right below the beautiful rose. It is hiding itself from others but when anyone comes too close it won’t hesitate to strike back with its poisonous tail.


11. Venom Drops

rose scorpion
Source: elfido_morales_recinos

A single blood-like drop of poison is dropping on a flower from the venomous crawler’s telson to the center of the flower. Indicating that anyone who gets charmed by this and takes it will surely get hurt by this.


12. Transformed crawler

Source: constan_tina

A giant clawed scorpion is drawn as a thigh tattoo. Its venomous tail has transformed into a red flower. With this transformation, it can’t do any harm to the ones near it.


13. Peace rider

girly scorpion tattoo
Source: sarahschortattoo

A back of the shoulder tattoo of a scorpion on a flower. It chooses the peaceful path of the flower instead of the violent sword. This tattoo means it’s best to live in peace rather than dominance.


14. Sparkling Scorpio

scorpion rose
Source: miss_preciouss

The creature is holding a flower with its claw and it is dazzling. There are bits of shining light around it as fit it was sparkling. The other claw of the scorpion is free. A glittering scorpion tattoo for arms.


What Does a Scorpion Symbolize?

Nowadays, a scorpion symbolizes power, control, and defensiveness. Sometimes they also symbolize high sexuality and lust. But in ancient times it was used to represent guardianship and feared animals.

In the zodiac sign, a scorpion means positivity, power, dominant personality. It also characterizes charms, authority, and great charisma. Other than that sometimes a scorpion symbol is also used to represent danger. But they only show such nature when provoked or get in a desperate situation.


15. Third eyed

frog rose scorpion tattoo
Source: arboltattooart

By reaching deep in its soul the venomous crawler has transformed into a beautiful multicolored creature and all of its deadly features have turned friendly. It has opened its third eye and gained the looks of a charming woman.


16. Vengence seeking lover

Source: luigihinojos

The colorful rose on his hand and burning fire in his eyes indicate that he has lost in the quest for love and burning in the flames of regret. He is in desperate need of love but is looking for vengeance instead.


17. Transformed being

the scorpion tattoo
Source: allsaintstattoonorth

Although his sting has changed into a lovely flower, it still has stings on them which indicate that he hasn’t forgotten what he used to be but is trying his best. There are also branches growing out of the tail which indicates diverse growth.


18. Killer flowers

Source: harringtontattoo

The scorpion is holding a red flower. It looks like a beautiful gesture but if you look closely the end of the flower has a sharp end and looks bloody red. It is trying to hide the danger by making everyone fooled by the beauty.


19. Stabbed by beauty

rose and the scorpion
Source: the_skin_canvas_tattoo

The backstabber himself is stabbed on his back by a rose. As he let his guard down someone else took the chance and stabbed him with the very thing that they used to make him lower his guard. Such a wonderful tattoo.


20. Master of disguise

Source: carolinefinnwilliams

The dark venomous stinger has hidden between two beautiful flowers. It’s hard to distinguish him from the flowers but as soon as someone will put their hand near the flower it’ll strike with all of its venoms.


The Frog Scorpion Tattoo

These tattoos are based on the story where a scorpion asks a frog to help him cross the river but the scorpion stings him midways and both drown and get both of them killed. It teaches us some valuable lessons such as people can never change who they really are and deep down they are still the same. Another lesson from this is to think twice before helping someone you don’t know. In this case, the frog is used to represent a helping hand and the scorpion is used to represent a backstabber who is hell bound to his nature and can’t control his inner darkness although it brings great loss to themselves.


21. Only Spikes

Source: matt_lentz

An eye-catching tattoo on the left shoulder. The scorpion is sitting on a red flower. It has stings all over its body. The beautiful flower isn’t different from the scorpio. The flower itself has a lot of needle-like spikes surrounding it.


22. Full sleeve scorpion and frog

frog tattoo
Source: sadiebellemae

A great display on the proper use of negative space to draw the main characters of the tattoo. This tattoo is based upon the front and scorpion analogy. A gorgeous tattoo with a superb message.


23. Ancient Spirit

scorpion neck tattoo rose
Source: frxnk_b

Back in the days when they were believed to carry spirits to of the dead this tattoo reminds me of that time. A mythical and ancient-looking tattoo with a pyramid in the background on the front side of the arm.


24. Frog rider

scorpion frog tattoo
Source: allmoony

A minimal arm tattoo of a deadly arachnid riding a frog. There’s a drop of venom coming out of the stinger of the scorpion. The frog has made a huge mistake and most likely would be stabbed in the back.


25. One-eyed Scorpio

the scorpion
Source: weijia_art

A one-eyed tattoo of a dark scorpion on the lower backside of the arm. The dark tail is indicating venom. The one eye is representing its stubbornness.


26. Minimalist Scorpion

frog tattoo tribal
Source: jamesmichaelt

A clean minimal looking tattoo of a scorpion at the backside of the arm. It’s representing a simple yet elegant design also the danger associated with it.


27. Death Messenger

the frog tattoo scorpion
Source: tattooist_neul

A soulless black scorpion is trapped between triangles and is searching to escape. Back in the days, they were known as death bringers and this tattoo has a resemblance to that message.


28. Feet Crawler

neck tattoo scorpion
Source: sergeinkart

A gorgeous red tattoo on the right side of the foot. The scorpion seems to be crawling on the feet and approaching the ground. The use of shade gives the impression as if it was floating.


29. Damaged Warrior

rose neck tribal
Source: ugo.luis.tt

The creature has fought to the point where it’s greatly damaged and has holes in its claws. It’s ready to go till death. Great representation of determination and sheer will through elegant design.


30. Light Bringer

tribal neck scorpion
Source: meeseeks.tattoo

The scorpion is representing the sun and its sun-like qualities such as focus, energy, clarity, the sign of hope, etc. Although it’s in the background it’s the main focus of the tattoo.


31. Christ-follower

tribal scorpion neck
Source: ____the_helm

The scorpion represents a damned soul and it’s trying to seek forgiveness. It’s trying to change and follow the path of christ almost like worshiping the cross.


32. Fantasized Scorpion

the neck
Source: gemil_grim

The sparkle around this fabulous-looking Scorpio tattoo on the back of the shoulder gives the expression as if it’s like a charming being but don’t try to provoke it.


33. Sketchy Stinger

tattoo and frog
Source: krzeslowski_tattoo

A tattoo of an arachnid beside the elbow. This looks like a sketch drawn by a pencil rather than a finished piece. It could also represent the self-damaging nature of the scorpion.


34. Scorpion in Black

frog neck
Source: saschafriederich

A scorpion represents strength and reliability. This gorgeous tattoo of a venomous scorpion on the feet means that he is ready to walk his way to victory and will carry the ones he loves.


35. Deadly Killer

the scorpion frog
Source: majk.thebad

The killer is so deadly that even the dead are scared of it. Pure display of fear and intimidation through this tattoo.


36. Multicolored Scorpion

frog and scorpion
Source: 1711tattoostudio

A colorful tattoo of a scorpion that has three human-like eyes and is standing on a red circle that could indicate the sun or a pure red danger zone.


37. Love Seeker

scorpion and neck
Source: mattmonroetattooer

The Scorpion is carrying a heart and flower with him. In search of love, he is willing to change and even transform into another being. A great representation of care from the creature.


38. Toxic Love

frog neck scorpion tattoo
Source: adrianevans528

Although the scorpion looks like a heart-shaped being. It has its sting twisted and ready to attack. It’s misrepresenting its identity and trying to mislead everyone into loving him.


39. Tale of the Tail

Source: eduard.ion.adrian

A scorpion is drawn on a man’s arm that has a tail made out of flowers. How does the tail become flowers from a deadly stinger? It’s a mystery itself that is yet to be solved.


40. Chained Eyes

tribal scorpion tattoo
Source: alienboyfriend

The claws and the sting has turned into eyes. Those eyes are attached to its body with steel chains. It’s representing determination and responsibility with a clear vision.


Source: michaldokozepichal


Source: bagofbones


tribal scorpion
Source: sanyink


tribal and neck scorpion tattoo
Source: filipe_tonon


tribal scorpion tattoo
Source: pinjatatskaa


tribal scorpion tattoo
Source: tomd_tattoo


tribal the scorpion tattoo
Source: cgillespietattoos


tribal and neck tattoo
Source: martian_church


tribal and rose tattoo
Source: doartinkstudio


tribal and frog tattoo
Source: aronaxtattoo


tribal and scorpion tattoo
Source: snowblack.ena


the and tattoo scorpion
Source: shootthemoontattoos


tribal scorpion tattoo
Source: haro_tattoo_art


Source: carambasantos


Source: fouldstattoo


scorpion and the tattoo
Source: dani.c.tattoo


Source: scumdanny


simple scorpion tattoo
Source: badmanazzz


scorpion frog
Source: kustomhustletattoo


scorpion and tribal
Source: poisontattoosupply


Source: pkpokes


mask and tribal
Source: allthepiercingsandmods


frog and tribal
Source: jossyalburquenque_arts


tribal and the scorpion tattoo
Source: danielarenas_art


Source: goldandsilvertattoo.de

Girly Scorpion Tattoo



girly scorpion tattoo
Source: vale.rip


girly scorpion tattoo
Source: brotherstattoogesell


the scorpion tattoo
Source: foz.tattoo


 the scorpion and tribal
Source: doom_cube


the scorpion and frog
Source: leticiak.tattoo


the scorpion and rose
Source: joe_thewizard55


Source: sarahschortattoo


 scorpion tattoo ideas
Source: roland_tattoo_piercing


simple scorpion tattoo
Source: michaelstatto


Source: ciernie_tattoo


Source: kingdubzink


Source: cheweymolina


Source: spilled.ph



Although there are a lot of meanings of scorpion tattoos in different cultures and beliefs. It totally depends on your point of view on these amazing creatures. If you want to represent them as back-stabbing trustless beings; no one will stop you. But they are not what they seem from the outside and only show their vicious side when in danger or is provoked. They are well equipped to protect themself and we could learn a lot from them. If we look past their poisonous side they are as good as we are ourselves.


What does a scorpion tattoo behind the ear mean?

It means self-discipline and intimidation. Also, it represents control and loyalty.

What does a black scorpion symbolize?

A black scorpion symbolizes bad luck and darkness.

What is the power of the scorpion?

Poisonous and the ability to defend itself is one of its best powers.

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