96 Adventurous Pirate Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women!

Pirate tattoos are a significant part of the tattoo culture even though they were not a big part of the pirate world. The special designs with unique attributes are highly creative and look perfect on all body parts. Improve your features and look with stunning style and artistic tattoos.

With over hundreds of possible designs, finding the right one is not the easiest task. So, to make the choice of your pirate design tattoo easier for you, we have put this guide together. Buckle up and dive deep into our collection of some of the most iconic ink styles.


96 Pirate Tattoo Ideas And Designs

Give yourself an amazing and pretty look with the pirate tattoo designs. All of these designs come with beautiful and deep meanings. With so many exciting styles to choose from, let us see the top ideas and designs for the tattoos.


Pirate Skull Tattoo

Pirate skull tattoo designs are popular among tattoo enthusiasts and artists for the intricate details and creativity. So, let us take a look at some of the top tattoo options for the impressive pirate skull.


1. The Dead Pirate


Pirate Skull Tattoo 1
Source: coffin_carver

Show love and compassion to a loved one you have lost in life. This tributary pirate skull looks amazing on both men and women.


2. The Knife Pirates


Pirate Skull Tattoo 2
Source: leighjrees

Turn your hand in an eye-catching view with the pirate skull tattoo with a knife. The intricacy of the design makes it hard to look away from the tattoo.


3. Scary Skull Pirate


Pirate Skull Tattoo 3
Source: psycho5701

Let the artist unleash their creativity by putting up the perfect-looking pirate tattoo. This tattoo is a beautiful take on the pirates and will look amazing on any body part.


Pirate Flag Tattoo

Pirate flags represent the journey and the interesting adventures of the pirates. So, let us dive into the world of pirate flags and take a look at some eye-catching tattoos.


4. To Future Adventures


Pirate Flag Tattoo 1
Source: leslanternesardentestattooshop

Get a waving flag tattoo as a sign of the adventure and the struggles of pirates. This design looks undoubtedly attractive on the man’s neck.


5. The Rebellious Flag


Pirate Flag Tattoo 2
Source: 9thgategallery

Give yourself a unique look with the stunning tattoo of a pirate flag. It is a representation of rebellion, struggles, and fights during the era of pirates.


6. The Motivating Pirate Flag


Pirate Flag Tattoo 3
Source: dirtyartmaker

The crazy motivational quote combined with the pirate flag makes up the perfect design. It is a combination of art, creativity, motivation, and fun reminders.


Pirate Tattoo Sleeve

Sleeve tattoos always catch the eyes of viewers and the arms look more attractive with pirate tattoos. Let us see a few examples of some of the pirate sleeve tattoo designs.


7. The Jewel Thief


Pirate Tattoo Sleeve 1
Source: worldofneotrad

Make your sleeves look amazing and extremely eye-catching with the pirate design tattoo. The unique colors and intricate design look great and stylish on everyone.


8. Thinking Pirate Skeleton


Pirate Tattoo Sleeve 2
Source: nelson_mandala_tattoo

The skeleton of the thinking pirate with a candle lamp looks perfect on both men and women. It symbolizes the present and past uniquely and artistically.


9. The Beautiful Pirate


Pirate Tattoo Sleeve 3
Source: boundless_tattoos

Appreciate beauty, power, courage, and bravery with this pretty lady pirate tattoo. This tattoo design will look quintessential on women, especially on the thighs.


Traditional Pirate Tattoos

The traditional tattoo designs of pirates look interesting and goofy. The designs look great and the colors make the tattoos more unique. So, let us see some of the top traditional pirate designs.


10. Woman In Charge


Traditional Pirate Tattoos 1
Source: marziobellomo_staytrue

Choosing a different path out of the ordinary is difficult and requires courage. This traditional tattoo of a female pirate is an impressive take on strength, freedom, and power.


11. Goofy Head


Traditional Pirate Tattoos 2
Source: anthony_mealie

The goofy and fun tattoo shows the funny and good side of the pirates that we often fail to see. It is a portrayal that we often do not see the underlying meaning behind situations.


12. The Corrupted Pirate


Traditional Pirate Tattoos 3
Source: _lorenzotricarico

Get the pirate with the funny expression inked on a guy’s leg as a sign of letting loose. This tattoo design is perfect for guys looking for an amusing impression.


Traditional Pirate Ship Tattoo


13. The Blooming Sheep


Traditional Pirate Ship Tattoo 1
Source: benwebbtattooartist_tat2

Turn heads wherever you go with this pirate ship with a flower under it. The design is a symbolization that you have to be ready and have the courage to fight the battles of life.


14. Worn And Torn Ship


Traditional Pirate Ship Tattoo 2
Source: tattooedsails

Get this pirate ship tattoo as a representation of the battles you have fought in life. It shows that life goes on despite all challenges.


15. Ship Art


Traditional Pirate Ship Tattoo 3
Source: craig.reid.tattoo

The intricate ship tattoo design of the pirates symbolizes their struggles and sacrifices on the ocean. This design looks attractive on the legs and back for women.


Pirate Compass Tattoo

Compass has been a major part of oceanic adventures since the beginning of time. From sailors to pirates, everyone relied on compasses to navigate through the water. Let us see a few examples of pirate compass tattoos.


16. The Pirate Package


Pirate Compass Tattoo 1
Source: vagjis_tattooart

Combine compass, anchors, and maps as a complete pirate adventure package tattoo. The design is highly creative and undoubtedly impresses each and every viewer.


17. Finding Directions


Pirate Compass Tattoo 2
Source: foxystattoosroatan

Find your way through the struggles and challenges of life with this colorful pirate tattoo. The compass is a representation of finding the right directions in life.


18. Skull Compass


Pirate Compass Tattoo 3
Source: georginaleightattoo

Attract all viewing eyes towards you with this highly impressive and details tattoo with a skull. The design is a proper addition to your arm and will also look amazing on a man’s chest.


Skeleton Pirate Tattoo

Skeletons are meant to be scary, but with pirate tattoos, the meaning is deep and different. Pirate skeleton tattoos display struggles, fights, and death. And we will take a look at the top skeleton pirate designs.


19. The Finding Pirate


Skeleton Pirate Tattoo 1
Source: varatattoostudio

The detailed pirate skeleton looks great on a man’s chest and portrays their dedication to their lives. The placement on the chest allows the artist to showcase their creativity in a pretty style.


20. Pirate And Tribute


Skeleton Pirate Tattoo 2
Source: lucagenesitattooshop

Pay your tribute to a pirate fan with this unique design. The name on the tattoo shows love, appreciation, and respect for the life choices of a loved one.


21. Fighting Pirate


Skeleton Pirate Tattoo 3
Source: bullett_ink

Pirates are known for their unmatchable bravery and courage along with their top-notch fighting spirits. It is a representation of power, strength, and sacrifices.


Pirate Face Tattoo

The facial features of the pirates are a proper representation of the struggles they went through while being on the ocean. The designs are a perfect choice for tattoos and look undeniably beautiful. Here we will discuss a few great pirate face tattoo examples.


22. One-Eyed Pirate


Pirate Face Tattoo 1
Source: tattwho

Receive appreciation and attraction from each and every viewing eye with the stunning tattoo of the pirate face. The eye patch is an iconic statement and a major part of pirate assemble.


23. Roses and Pirates


Pirate Face Tattoo 2
Source: divinearttattoo

While pirates are seen as evil, flowers are viewed as a sign of purity and beauty. This tattoo design is a creative take on the beauty and evil aspects of life.


24. The Pirate Girl


Pirate Face Tattoo 3
Source: original_tattoos

Show your love and appreciation to the pirate stories you listened to while growing up. It brings back several memories while being an outstanding addition to your tattoos.


Pirate Map Tattoo

Maps are a major part of the pirate world. Associated with the ocean and secret treasure markings, these maps are also a significant sector of pirate tattoos. So, dive into a world of pirate map designs.


25. Pirate Chronicles


Pirate Map Tattoo 1
Source: circustattoo

The compass, anchor, and ship on the pirate map represent their culture well. This design will look outstanding on the back or side of the body on both males and females.


26. The Pirate Box


Pirate Map Tattoo 2
Source: cesar_ruiztattoos

Make your arm look amazing and attractive with this pirate collection tattoo design. The smooth and intricate design displays the beautiful talent of the artist.


27. Skull On The Map


Pirate Map Tattoo 3
Source: nicholaschristiantattoos

Whether you are looking for a special design or a tributary style for pirates, this tattoo is the right choice. It showcases freedom, power, courage, and a distinctive lifestyle.


Small Pirate Tattoo

Small pirate tattoos look extremely cute and pretty on the body. The designs are perfect for both males and females. So, look at the top tattoos under the small pirate category.


28. Cute Pirate Ship


Small Pirate Tattoo 1
Source: sophiancholettattoo

Get this cute and pretty pirate ship design as a fun and creative tattoo. It is a representation of courage and freedom in a simple and small way.


29. Minimalistic Skull


Small Pirate Tattoo 2
Source: industry_ink_tattooblading

If you are in love with simple designs and pirates, then this is the perfect tattoo style. It looks stunning on the arm for both men and women.


30. The Fight Ship


Small Pirate Tattoo 3
Source: laurenovski

Turn attention to your wrist with the lovely and small pirate tattoo. The sailing ship design enunciates the freedom and power of the pirates.


Pirate Hand Tattoo




Pirate Hand Tattoo 1
Source: panastattoo




Pirate Hand Tattoo 2
Source: okadatattoos




Pirate Hand Tattoo 3
Source: piratebjj13


Pirate Sword Tattoo




Pirate Sword Tattoo 1
Source: sorrymyhandsarecold




Pirate Sword Tattoo 2
Source: matecheverry




Pirate Sword Tattoo 3
Source: apple_juice_killa


17th Century Old Pirate Tattoos




17th Century Old Pirate Tattoos 1
Source: lamujerbarbudatattoo




17th Century Old Pirate Tattoos 2
Source: jessiewalkertattoos




17th Century Old Pirate Tattoos 3
Source: moraltattoocrew


Heart Pirates Tattoo




Heart Pirates Tattoo 1
Source: derek_tattoo




Heart Pirates Tattoo 2
Source: ligeia_krakenink_tattoo




Heart Pirates Tattoo 3
Source: bronbronink


Whitebeard Pirates Tattoo




Whitebeard Pirates Tattoo 1
Source: tattoo.ag_andreagiongrandi




Whitebeard Pirates Tattoo 2
Source: onepiecetattoos




Whitebeard Pirates Tattoo 3
Source: diegocalderon_tattoo


Pirate Chest Tattoo




Pirate Chest Tattoo 1
Source: number40tattoo




Pirate Chest Tattoo 2
Source: emzettattoo




Pirate Chest Tattoo 3Source:
Source: richytattooist


Pittsburgh Pirates Tattoo




Pittsburgh Pirates Tattoo 1
Source: javthetattooer




Pittsburgh Pirates Tattoo 2
Source: electricempiretattooinc




Pittsburgh Pirates Tattoo 3
Source: jimstanley412


Forearm Pirate Tattoo




Forearm Pirate Tattoo 1
Source: thepiratecartel




Forearm Pirate Tattoo 2
Source: scallyschwagart




Forearm Pirate Tattoo 3
Source: ah_puck_tattoo


Historical Pirate Tattoos




Historical Pirate Tattoos 1
Source: iljahummel




Historical Pirate Tattoos 2
Source: munstersincorporated




Historical Pirate Tattoos 3
Source: stevotattoo


Real Pirate Tattoos




Real Pirate Tattoos 1
Source: miottotattoo




Real Pirate Tattoos 2
Source: greylinetattoo




Real Pirate Tattoos 3
Source: lucaspsycho_ink


Straw Hat Pirate Tattoo




Straw Hat Pirate Tattoo 1
Source: onepiecetattoos




Straw Hat Pirate Tattoo 2
Source: onepiecetattoos




Straw Hat Pirate Tattoo 3
Source: revivaltattoostudio


Easy Pirate Tattoo




Easy Pirate Tattoo 1
Source: anguis97




Easy Pirate Tattoo 2
Source: jimbotattooprague




Easy Pirate Tattoo 3
Source: lennilauha.art


Pirate Mermaid Tattoo




Pirate Mermaid Tattoo 1
Source: independent_ink_hi




Pirate Mermaid Tattoo 2
Source: tucsontattoo




Pirate Mermaid Tattoo 3
Source: tat2s_by_rooster


Pirate Ship Wheel Tattoo




Pirate Ship Wheel Tattoo 1
Source: littlekapitan




Pirate Ship Wheel Tattoo 2
Source: evie_tattootide




Pirate Ship Wheel Tattoo 3
Source: philipszlosek


Ghost Pirate Ship Tattoo




Ghost Pirate Ship Tattoo 1
Source: marcinsonski




Ghost Pirate Ship Tattoo 2
Source: electrictattooparlor




Ghost Pirate Ship Tattoo 3
Source: franziska_faulstich_


Pin Up Pirate Tattoo




Pin Up Pirate Tattoo 1
Source: jackthebat88




Pin Up Pirate Tattoo 2
Source: shredtat




Pin Up Pirate Tattoo 3
Source: wendyweno


Pirate Coin Tattoo




Pirate Coin Tattoo 1
Source: tokieyo.ink




Pirate Coin Tattoo 2
Source: lasvegastattoomx




Pirate Coin Tattoo 3
Source: ponyvee


Pirate Finger Tattoo




Pirate Finger Tattoo 1
Source: meganjeanmorris




Pirate Finger Tattoo 2
Source: vrktattooart




Pirate Finger Tattoo 3
Source: thetattooshop.co.uk


Pirate Hook Tattoo




Pirate Hook Tattoo 1
Source: heatherkathryntattoo




Pirate Hook Tattoo 2
Source: jpeticca




Pirate Hook Tattoo 3
Source: sidetattooing


Pirate Lantern Tattoo




Pirate Lantern Tattoo 1
Source: afterinked




Pirate Lantern Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosnob




Pirate Lantern Tattoo 3
Source: houseofink559


Pirate Nautical Tattoos




Pirate Nautical Tattoos 1
Source: thepiratecartel




Pirate Nautical Tattoos 2
Source: thepiratecartel




Pirate Nautical Tattoos 3
Source: thepiratecartel


Pirate Parrot Tattoo




Pirate Parrot Tattoo 1
Source: kiss.my.ss




Pirate Parrot Tattoo 2
Source: katiemontestattoos




Pirate Parrot Tattoo 3
Source: katechupsauce



The world and lives of the fearless pirates were filled with sacrifices. Although we usually consider pirates to be evil, that is not always the case. The pirate tattoo designs look absolutely stunning for both men and women if you can pick the right design.

With us being at the end of our pirate tattoo journey, I sincerely hope you have selected the design you want to get inked. Now go ahead to get your desired design tattooed and attract eyes wherever you go.


Frequently Asked Question

What do pirate tattoos mean?

The pirate tattoo designs are seen as a symbolization of courage, power, and bravery. These styles are also seen as signs of freedom and loyalty.

What do pirate ship tattoos mean?

Pirate ship tattoos are a representation of the journey of life in the right direction. It also symbolizes new beginnings and luck in life.

Did pirates have tattoos on their faces?

Tattoos on pirates’ faces were not very common during the early decades. However, most of them had unique piercings on their ears and noses along with markings on their cheeks.

What kind of tattoos did Pirates have?

While tattoos on pirates were rare, a few of them had ropes or nautical stars on their arms, hands, or wrists.


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