Top 30 Small Mushroom Tattoos for Every Style

Are you wondering what you should get for your next tattoo? A small mushroom tattoo can be a safe option as it is easy to hide and very versatile to customize.

You will see a bunch of quirky designs of tattoos featuring a simple mushroom making it super unique. You can either go for the detailed designs or maybe just the simple ones depending on your taste. A mushroom tattoo can be super meaningful or maybe just nothing as different people get them for different reasons.

All the ideas below have super cool aspects in their designs and you can end up loving multiple of them!


30 Small Mushroom Tattoo Designs And Meanings

A mushroom can sound very random as a tattoo idea. However, it can have several meanings for different people. The most basic reference is a sense of connection with mother nature. Mushrooms are one of the most natural things and getting a tattoo out of it shows your love towards nature.

In many cases, small mushroom tattoos are worn by people who study biology and fungi. It is an important aspect of their academic life and they end up getting a tattoo of it out of fascination.

Moreover, many cultures consider mushrooms to be something powerful bringing good luck. They also think of it as a positive element by resonating with its growth and self-development.


Simple Mushroom Tattoo

Simple tattoos of mushrooms are quite famous as they are easy to put anywhere and can be customized with colors and designs. The designs are usually super fun and make people wonder more about your inner personality. You can also combine the simple designs with other figures to create your own style!


1. Resting Mushroom

Simple Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: _leahlopezart_

This mushroom is just sitting in peace. It has little beads growing over its head and a little skirt underneath. This design is quite simple and can be a great one for first-timers.


2. Jellyfish X Mushroom

Simple Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: helena_blatchford_tattoo

You can see a combination of a jellyfish and a mushroom in this design. It is quite unique as a combo and can be a great one for someone who likes the nature of the land and water.


3. Mushroom Family

Simple Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: poking.pixie

This is a beautiful design if you have a little family. As per convention, the tallest mushroom is the daddy, the medium one is the mommy and the smallest one represents the baby.


Trippy Mushroom Tattoo

Trippy designs of a mushroom tattoo are mostly quirky and different. You will see a lot of unusual things happening to a mushroom in the design to represent a trippy vibe from it. Since it is a quirky theme, you can experiment a lot with the designs to find your perfect idea.


4. Mini Mushrooms

Trippy Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: shyygirltattoo

The black and white details on this mushroom tattoo are unique with the black patches and spirals. It has little mushrooms growing from it which can represent many things depending on who is wearing it.


5. Melting Mushroom

Trippy Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: lalaztattz

This one is a really fun design with a rainbow-colored mushroom melting its body away. All the colors and the fun patterns on the mushroom can tell a lot about your fun and quirky personality.


6. Sunday Blues

Trippy Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: jessicag_tattoos

If you are generally a little gloomy or shy, you can definitely pick this one. It has a small mushroom with a blue tint showing an introverted personality.


Mushroom Lady Tattoo

Even though mushrooms and a lady is an odd combination, it actually has some of the best designs. Such a theme usually shows a beautiful lady wearing a mushroom hat with full elegance. You can say that these tattoos are mostly worn by women and it completely changes their confidence after getting one.


7. Beauty And Mushroom

Mushroom Lady Tattoo 1
Source: ragetattoos89

This can be an amazing tattoo idea for a woman who loves quirky and elegant fashion. The design has a beautiful lady sitting gracefully wearing a mushroom hat.


8. Mushroom Heads

Mushroom Lady Tattoo 2
Source: ggmtats

Okay, this one is quite cool with three spiritual figures floating around a beautiful lady. The three bodies have a mushroom head while the lady has her head portrayed as the sun.


9. Mushroom Hats

Mushroom Lady Tattoo 3
Source: samiellefoltz

You can see the face of a very pretty lady on this tattoo. The hair is beautifully detailed while it’s covered with a giant mushroom hat. The hat is covered with stones and looks super fluffy.


Minimalist Mushroom Tattoo

If you are not a fan of gorgeous designs or just starting with getting tattoos, minimalist designs are perfect for you. You will get to see a bunch of simple ideas in this category which don’t mean anything heavy. Those are just for getting a fun tattoo that you don’t want to regret.


10. Happy Mushroom

Minimalist Mushroom Tattoo 1

If you are a lighthearted person, you can definitely consider getting this one. A baby mushroom in this design is playing with colorful little flowers and having the best time of its life.


11. Mushroom Flowers

Minimalist Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: joseph_mancha_ink

You can see that it is a very pretty design of mushrooms dressed as flowers. From far away, you will see a bunch of flowers floating around but if you come closer, you will notice the mushroom heads.


12. Faded Fantasy

Minimalist Mushroom Tattoo 3

This tattoo is almost unnoticeable and perfect for people looking for a simple design. You can see a fading thin mushroom floating and you can put it anywhere on your body.


Mushroom Tattoo Designs

Mushroom as a tattoo design is unique itself. However, when you experiment with the colors and outlines, you can create something even more special! You can think of animated designs or just simple doodles of mushrooms to create your next beautiful tattoo.


13. Baby Mushroom

Mushroom Tattoo Designs 1
Source: ink.bat

This could either be a solo tattoo or maybe an addition to your tattoo collection. The mushroom here is so small that it’s super cute and almost invisible. You can color the head in red to make it pop.


14. Walking Shroom

Mushroom Tattoo Designs 2
Source: tattoosby.elise

If you have a great sense of humor, you will probably love this design. It has a mushroom walking somewhere with its face covered by its huge mushroom head. The idea is super fun and the design is amazing.


15. Froggy Friend

Mushroom Tattoo Designs 3
Source: rawkustattoos

Frogs and mushrooms have always been best friends. In fact, it’s their home! This tattoo unites these two by showing a frog climbing on top of a mushroom head and smiling wide.


Psychedelic Mushroom Tattoo

The mushroom tattoos having a  psychedelic vibe usually have weird designs of mushrooms that you normally wouldn’t expect. They can be great if done correctly and worn in the right place. People mostly get them on their legs or near the neck as they have vibrant colors and spooky designs.


16. Butterfly On Mushroom Hat

Psychedelic Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: unicorn_yt

The mushroom in this tattoo looks quite old but the top of its head is shiny. It has a beautiful butterfly resting on top of it after having a long day.


17. Handing Mushroom

Psychedelic Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: black_arrows_tattoo

This one looks like a mushroom ring. The green band looks like the body of the ring while the hanging mushrooms look like an addition. It’s a simple tattoo and can be easily hidden inside a fist.


18. Crying Baby

Psychedelic Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: inugami_tat

Goth fans will love this design. It has a spooky-looking mushroom dripping black drops of tears or blood. The holes on its head look super creepy making it almost look like a witch.


Traditional Mushroom Tattoo

Traditional designs of tattoos with mushroom usually has the most basic artwork and very similar colors. You will usually see them in red and green with bold outlines and simple designs. They represent the classic figure and color of mushrooms that we have seen on TV as kids.


19. Shroomy Adventure

Traditional Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: helena_blatchford_tattoo

This one is a unique design of a layered mushroom. It has a lot of layers that could resonate with your personality of hiding from the crowd. This is also a mini tattoo so you can put it anywhere on your body.


20. Leafy Shroom

Traditional Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: maddiewilshertattoos

This one is a very simple yet colorful figure of a mushroom. The head is shaded with red and orange with a few spots. The body of it has a shading of dark brown and white while the leaves are bright green.


21. Lovely Shroom

Traditional Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: levistatsnart

The details and shading in this tattoo are amazing making the mushroom look like it’s from another planet. The little hearts on the mushroom head could represent your way of seeing things with love.


Matching Mushroom Tattoos

Couple tattoos are always the best because it has more than one person involved together for the same idea. Mushroom tattoos for couples usually show two mushrooms being together and having the best time of their lives. It represents their strong bond and shared happiness.


22. I Choose You

Matching Mushroom Tattoos 1
Source: lazythom_

This one is not matching but you can definitely get it with your partner or best friend. One of the mushrooms is pointing at the other while the other is blushing with joy.


23. Mushroom Couple 

Matching Mushroom Tattoos 2
Source: hannahari3l

You can see a fairly simple design in this tattoo. There are two little yellow and red mushrooms sitting together on green grass and enjoying their lives with each other.


24. Together Forever

Matching Mushroom Tattoos 3
Source: secretclubtattoo

The matching couple tattoo shows a pair of blue mushrooms sitting on a few shiny gems. The twinkles around them represent how happy they are together.


Tiny Mushroom Tattoos

Tiny tattoos of mushrooms are super cute as they are almost undetectable from far. You can also get them in places where it is easy to hide so that you can show them off only when you want to. These designs can be meaningful or maybe just a mushroom because it’s cute anyway.


25. Wrinkles 

Tiny Mushroom Tattoos 1
Source: thousand.yellow.cocoons

This looks like a fairly old mushroom. The wrinkles all over it could be a representation of growing old and fading beauty. It could also be a resemblance to reality for some people.



Tiny Mushroom Tattoos 2
Source: psychicmamatattoos



Tiny Mushroom Tattoos 3
Source: bevztattooz


Trippy Mushroom Tattoos



Trippy Mushroom Tattoos 1



Trippy Mushroom Tattoos 2
Source: stranger_than_earth



Trippy Mushroom Tattoos 3
Source: jaxtatts


Concluding Words

I hope this amazing collection of small mushroom tattoos entertained your interest. You can pick any of them and get it almost anywhere as all of them are super versatile!

You can also convince your partner and get a couple tattoo to strengthen the bond and do something fun together.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does mushroom symbolize?

In many cultures, a mushroom is a symbol of power and magic. They are also a sign of good luck for many people which is why it is popular as a tattoo.

What does the mushroom fairy tattoo mean?

In some designs, it is seen that a beautiful fairy is resting on a mushroom. This could mean a sense of support and power from a magical being for your protection.

What does a skull and mushroom mean?

Even though a skull and a mushroom together look like an odd combination, it usually comes with a tragic story of loss. It is followed by a sense of transformation and hope.

Is fairy ring mushroom good luck?

A mushroom itself is considered to be a good luck in many regions. A fairy combined with it means something even more positive and magical!

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