25+ Barbed Wire Tattoo Designs – Signs of Pain & Protection

Barbed wire was invented in the 19th century to protect crops from intruders. Gradually, they started to be used for dividing territories. And now they become a symbol of protection, pain, and triumph.

A barbed wire tattoo is sketched so sharply, that it creates an intense appearance. These tattoos have a unique power to bring a killer look to the body. In this article, we will explore the history, symbolism, and variations of barbed wire tattoos, as well as some ideas and tips for getting one.


25+ Barbed Wire Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Bravery, resilience, triumph, protection, and pain, these words are the true meaning of Barbed Wire Tattoos. A barbed wire simply signifies the fence. That’s why a common sense that Barbed Wire Tattoos expresses is protection. If you wear a barbed wire tattoo, you can send a message to your people that you hold the shield for them.

The wire from the border of a country is what you’ll see in these tattoo designs. You can wear it anywhere with other tattoos around your body. A simple thorny wire can make you the protector of the realm.


Barbed Wire Tattoo

The following Barbed Wire Tattoos consist of different meanings due to their unique designs. These designs show how a barbed wire tattoo can symbolize different meanings in contrast to its nature. So, let’s dig in with the lovely ones.

  1. Rebel Girl 
Barbed Wire Tattoo 1
Source: slaytattoo

The wire that comes in pink color simply indicates the feminine trait. The trait that’ll love you, curse you, and make you complete. To express your feminine trait, print this tattoo ASAP. Your neck could be an appropriate place for this.

2. Wire Heart 

Barbed Wire Tattoo 2
Source: miss_preciouss

How would you imagine a barbed wire in a love shape? This is how unique the tattoo evolves. A little cartoon of a cat doll underneath the wire expresses only love and fairness. Wearing this tattoo, let’s reduce the distance of borders and shower love between countries.

3. Liberation 

Barbed Wire Tattoo 3
Source: junktatu

A piler is breaking the barbed wire for liberation. Nothing can be more satisfying than this design. If you want to raise your voice for liberation and be free for the rest of your life, print this tattoo as your sign of protest.


Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo

Barbed Wire Heart Tattoos spread love and protest against the politicking in borders. They indicate the unity of mankind and neglect the dissection that borders make.

4. Barbed Wire Tears 

Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo 1
Source: lealigot

Imagine a girl who can’t meet her beloved due to the division of borders. The barbed wires are the only obstacle between her and her love. This tattoo expresses that unfulfilled love with its beautiful design. The tears of those pathetic eyes enhance the beauty of this tattoo a lot.

5. Wire Love

Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo 2
Source: martyyinkk

A pair of hearts of barbed wires indicate two souls separated by the border but bound to love. You can print these heart shapes on both hands and show your love for your beloved.

6. Guarded Heart 

Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo 3
Source: _prettydoomed

The softness of your heart can be guarded by barbed wires as well. The wire can both divide and protect your love. This tattoo expresses exactly that same sense.


Barbed Wire Tattoo Stencil

Barbed wires usually symbolize dangerous territory. The following tattoos will give that horrible vibe to the boarders. The flamboyant design of these will surely come to your liking.

7. Black Canvas 

Barbed Wire Tattoo Stencil 1
Source: ophelyajeandat

Wolf, tiger, snake, and a third eye portrait on a black canvas that you should reconsider going at. This tattoo simply indicates a war. The amazing design of this tattoo should take place on your back or stomach.

8. Ankle Wire 

Barbed Wire Tattoo Stencil 2
Source: blakeytattooer

This Ankle Wire tattoo is only designed to match your ankle. A pair of barbed wire is all about this tattoo. The tattoo will create a classic appearance on a white complexion.

9. Wounded Love 

Barbed Wire Tattoo Stencil 3
Source: r.x.x.s.e

The tattoo sketches a root of love falling with a barbed-wired crown. As it is falling a drop of tears comes out of its eye. This represents wounded love that’s been a victim in the borders.


Barb Wire Wrist Tattoo

As you can see in the title, our next three tattoos are going to be only for your wrist. Now it’s time to make your hands noticeable.

10. Barbed Wire Bracelet 

Barb Wire Wrist Tattoo 1
Source: kevinricharttattoo

With this amazing tattoo, you don’t even need a bracelet. This intense big wire is easily noticeable and brings an aesthetic look. The thorns are so big that consist of the real vibe of the borders.

11. Survivors Mark 

Barb Wire Wrist Tattoo 2
Source: vic.ink_

Some little pieces of barbed wire clogged in the shape of an insect give a body mark to you that you’re the survivor. The most amazing thing about this tattoo is, it takes very little space yet represents deeper meaning. Wear this mark to be a real survivor.

12. Crown of Thorns Sleeve

Barb Wire Wrist Tattoo 3
Source: green666annie

Two layers of barbed wires wrap nicely on your skin. This leaves really survival marks. It makes its wearer a true survivor of obstacles.


Barbed Wire Cross Tattoo

Usually, a barbed wire signifies something dangerous. And when it comes to the cross signs, nothing can get more stunning and scary. Below are the most intense tattoos you’re going to witness.

13. Wire of Faith

Barbed Wire Cross Tattoo 1
Source: tat2casey

The cross sign represents faith in Christianity. If it’s made of barbed wire, it indicates protection as well. Wearing it to your arm will simply make you a person of trust.

14. Thorn of God 

Barbed Wire Cross Tattoo 2
Source: smabbygail

The sharp cross sign reminds us of the great Jesus Christ. And you can sacrifice your body to this tattoo by the name of almighty. A gigantic print on the back of this tattoo will make you look stronger.

15. Bound by Grace 

Barbed Wire Cross Tattoo 3
Source: ldttattoos

This tattoo shows a holly cross which is surrounded by the Barbed wires. Simply it may represent a sense of sacrifice. Yet, if you sacrifice your body for this tattoo, it’ll be bound by grace.


Barbed Wire Sleeve Tattoo

A Barbed Wire Sleeve Tattoo will give your sleeve an aesthetic look. It can be a stunning way to cover your sleeve. The tattoos come in deep black, so it’ll be vividly noticed in white complexion.

16. Harmonious Pain 

Barbed Wire Sleeve Tattoo 1
Source: elonielopes_tattoo

The way this tattoo has been designed; it’ll look like the thorns are sticking deep into your skin. This simply triggers the sense of pain yet the mysterious faces on the upper part of this tattoo bring harmony to this design. You can interpret any definition of this tattoo as you wish.

17. Centipede’s Curse

Barbed Wire Sleeve Tattoo 2
Source: missvampira

You surely grew up with the fear of hell and the centipedes that wander there. Why not diminish the fear by bringing hell to your body? This tattoo is certainly a piece of hell with the venomous centipedes.

18. Paradise Lost 

Barbed Wire Sleeve Tattoo 3
Source: cowb0ykai

Since you’ve got the touch of hell in the previous tattoo, why not have a little paradise on your body now? This tattoo has the same theme as John Milton’s poem, “Paradise Lost.” The shrub you are seeing here is probably that forbidden tree. And the figure that’s coming from behind is perhaps going to make the first mistake in history and cause the ‘fall of men’ from heaven.


Barbed Wire Tattoo Design

Do you want to bless your eyes with some more creative designs? This section is going to be the most thrilling for you. So, keep your eyes open for a bit and let them get charmed.

19. Twisted Wire 

Barbed Wire Tattoo Design 1
Source: byrze_

All our lives are twisted and tangled. This lone barbed wire also represents the floating lives of ours. If you feel the same, grab this tattoo anywhere on your body.

20. Snail Mail 

Barbed Wire Tattoo Design 2
Source: catkingstontattoo

A snail, a tree, a skull, and a barbed wire define nothing yet many things are undefined. The chaotic design of this tattoo is what you may seek. To get something really unique, this Snail Mail tattoo can be a perfect match.

21. Freedom 

Barbed Wire Tattoo Design 3
Source: breadloaf___

A bird surrounded with barbed wire still flying is a symbol of freedom. This tattoo shows that even the wires couldn’t resist the bird from its freedom. If you want such liberty, bring this tattoo to your body.


Traditional Barb Wire Tattoo

Traditional Barbed Wire Tattoos are more fascinating. You’ll certainly like them because of their combination of colors.

22. Barbed Demon 

Traditional Barb Wire Tattoo 1
Source: team_fullgas

A demon face on the top of barbed wire symbolizes some black power. It may also represent some tribes besides the borders who worship the demon. This mysterious tattoo would look nice on the chest of your body.

23. Petal and Thorns 

Traditional Barb Wire Tattoo 2
Source: gilly_tattoo

Flowers and thorns are two opposite materials. Yet this tattoo combines these things in a beautiful design. This represents the harmony and pain at the same time.

24. Ribbon and Reptile 

Traditional Barb Wire Tattoo 3
Source: chris_lynch_tattoos1

A snake, a doll, and a barbed wire together makes another chaotic tattoo in our list. If you can face the doll on the open side of your body, this tattoo will shine brightly. Your leg can be the appropriate place for this tattoo.

Barb Wire Tattoo Around Arm

Barbed Wire Tattoo around your arm will surely make you look glamorous. So, watch out for these tattoos for a more amazing look.

25. Barbed Armor 

Barb Wire Tattoo Around Arm 1
Source: syrensong

A chain of Barbed wire is as simple as a tattoo design. But it creates a classy look and makes you look muscular. This tattoo is certainly going to be painless and less expensive as it is too simple to art.


Barb Wire Tattoo Around Arm 2
Source: c_arvi93



Barb Wire Tattoo Around Arm 3
Source: sorrymumtattoos



So, that was all about the barbed wire tattoo. If you have picked your design by now, call the nearest professional and have it in an appropriate space. As these tattoos don’t need much place, you can have other tattoos around them.



Q: Where can I get barbed wire tattoo?

A: You can get barbed wire tattoos anywhere on your body. Most of these tattoos take little space to get printed. This is an advantage. So, you can have that flexibility to get them.

How much does a barbed wire tattoo cost?

A: The size matters in the case of barbed wire tattoo costing. A medium-sized tattoo will cost you $150 to $450. The estimated price of a tattoo artist is $120 to $150 per hour. So, the longer that tattoo takes to sketch the more it is costly.

Q: How long does a barbed wire tattoo take to heal?

A:  A barbed wire tattoo is considered a simple and easy tattoo to heal. It usually takes about two to four weeks for a barbed wire tattoo to heal completely. However, this may depend on how well you take care of your tattoo and how your body reacts to it.

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