Top 80 Fullmetal Alchemist Tattoos For Anime Lovers

With the rise of Japanese culture adaptation through arts and designs, Fullmetal Alchemist tattoos are at the peak of interest right now. This fantasy-inspired Japanese manga/anime series has brought a lot of new perspectives and ideas to life.

There are a lot of amazing tattoos based on this manga/anime series that are sure to grab everyone’s attention and also send a strong message to the world.

The tattoos have different meanings and values. They also describe the series and the characters’ problems and try to combine them with reality which is a pure display of artistic genius.

In this article, we will go through different variations of these tattoos, their meaning, what we can learn from them, their symbols, some amazing facts on this topic, and many more. So, buckle up and get ready to be blown away by these masterpieces.


What Does Fullmetal Alchemist Tattoos Mean?

Although Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime series it has a lot of meaning and gives us some lessons. The main meaning of these amazing tattoos is there’ll always be flaws in us and those flaws are the things that make us human. We must keep moving forward and try to improve ourselves. These tattoos also mean that you believe in the philosophy of there will be pain and suffering in life if you want to be the best. Sometimes they can also mean that you are willing to accept your flaws and try to improve day by day.


  1. Scars Tattoo

scar fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: ola.tattoos

A gorgeous copy of the tattoo from the character Scar of the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. It has Latin writing on it which roughly translates to ” After the land of Adam, the voice of God “.


2. 3D Brotherhood

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood tattoo
Source: vicky_blackbunny

A simple tattoo of Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric on a forearm tattoo that looks like a 3d model is coming out of the frame. A great resemblance of brotherhood between the two main characters.


3. Youthful Charms with Ouroboros

fullmetal alchemist ouroboros tattoo
Source: mimzyink

An Edward and Alphonse tattoo when they were young and cheerfully. The ouroboros symbol is at the bottom and Edward is in the middle and Alphonse is on top.


4. Blood Duo

fullmetal alchemist alphonse tattoo
Source: leks.tattoogeek

The powerful duo of the Elric brothers with a Blood seal symbol at the top. It shows their bond and determination for protecting each other.


5. Threatening Edward

brotherhood fullmetal alchemist tattoo

A tattoo of one of the main characters Edward Elric with a Blood Rune symbol on the bottom. He has a threatening look in his eye and points with his finger. There is a glaze of vengeance on his eyes.


6. Sad Alphonse

ouroboros fullmetal alchemist tattoo

Alphonse is sitting on the grass and looking down in sorrow. We can also see that he has lost one of his arms which reminds him of Edward when his brother lost this arm performing alchemy.


7. Ouroboros  Tattoo

alphonse fullmetal alchemist tattoo
Source: terrycjs

A colorful red tattoo of the Ouroboros tattoo on a man’s chest. It represents the eternal life cycle and the person believes in the full life cycle with his heart.


8. Greed’s Transformation

fullmetal alchemist scar tattoo
Source: sarcastic.sparkle

Greed is standing sideways with one of his hands curled and shows the back of his arm with the Ouroboros symbol and at the bottom is his transformed ultimate form that is mirroring him in the opposite direction. It’s showing his both forms in one amazing calf tattoo.


9. Alphonse Elric with Cats

brotherhood tattoo
Source: cpo_ink

Alphonse Elric is holding an orange and a white can on both of his hands and they look very happy with a Blood rune symbol at the back. It means he’s trying to protect them from any danger.


10. Gorgeous Transmutation

 ouroboros tattoo
Source: animes.megaa

A gorgeous upper tattoo of Edward Elric and Alphonse is standing behind a transmutation symbol. Edward’s hand has transformed into a sword and Alphonse is looking aggressive with spikes coming out of this shoulders.


11. Lightning Edward and Alphonse

alphonse tattoo
Source: mikesgarbageart

Edward has lightning coming out of his hands that look like blue flame and Alphonse is on the back with The Flamel symbol on his left shoulder. They both are using alchemy to get these powers.


12. Blood Rune Cycle

scar tattoo
Source: camztattoo

A combination of The Ouroboros symbol and the Blood Seal symbol. The blood rune is surrounded by the dragon of the Ouroboros which indicates that the blood rune goes in circles and will never end until broken.


13. Grumpy Alphonse

brotherhood ouroboros
Source: manuel_memorink_moretti

Although Edward looks determined with his metal fist clinched that has lightning coming out of it, Alphonse is looking rather uninterested and grampy in the background. It shows the different types of personalities in both brothers.


14. Roy’s Transmutation Tattoo

brotherhood alphonse
Source: blackamethysttattooco

Mustang’s Flame Alchemy tattoo on foot. The flame helps him to create fire and the salamander at the bottom represents a creature that can fight in the fire. It can be seen on his gloves and he can’t create flames without them.


What is the Fullmetal Alchemist symbol?

The Fullmetal Alchemist symbol is known as the Flamel. It has a cursed black snake and it crawls around a cross symbol. Usually, the black snake refers to as Alchemy. It’s heavily inspired by the Caduceus, which is the staff of the Greek god of Alchemy. The symbol also has a crown and detached wings on top of the symbol. Both Edward and Alphonse have this symbol as well as their teacher. It represents the persons who have practiced alchemy.


15. Forbidden Blood Rune

brotherhood scar
Source: animemasterink

A Ketsuin symbol tattoo on a women’s back that has hands from the gates of hell surrounding it. It indicates that Although someone is trying to protect her she can’t escape from the grasps of hell. She is dealing with her own demons.


16. Elrics Nuclear Transmutation

ouroboros brotherhood
Source: azulario

Edward Elric is performing a transmutation while wearing a red cape. Alphonse is in his back and has a fighting stance. The Symbol on the back suggests that there is already a transmutation in progress.


17. Glimpse of Potential

ouroboros alphonse
Source: animes.megaa

A Chest and hand tattoo of the anime Fullmetal alchemist with the Flamel symbol in the middle of the tattoo. Alphonse & Edward are on different sides of the symbol with a dragon ball Z referenced Design on Edwards side while Alhnonse’s side has the ouroboros symbol.


18. Fullmetal Leg Tattoo

ouroboros scar

A tattoo of the main two characters of the anime Fullmetal Alchemist with a transmutation symbol on the bottom that is depicted with minimal design on a person’s leg.


19. Peaceful Elrics

alphonse brotherhood
Source: omarzimio

The Elrich brothers are enjoying their peaceful money. Alphonse is chilling with five cats and Edward is meditating with his eyes closed. they are also surrounded by beautiful flowers.


20. Devilish Smile

alphonse ouroboros
Source: rolembergsama

Ling Yao aka the greed has a devilish smile on his face which indicated that he is onto something and might have some devilish thoughts. His inner greed is pouring down with his smile.


21. Sealed by Blood

alphonse scar
Source: davide.bolla_bubi

Edward looks hurt from a fight and blood is coming out of his bruises. Alphonse is on his back while a Blood seal is in the background. Although he is hurt he doesn’t want the ones he loves to get hurt in the process.


22. Empty Lighter

scar brotherhood
Source: laurelupo

Roy Mustang is holding a lighter in his hand with a determined look in his eyes. The lighter is empty but that doesn’t mean there won’t be fire. He doesn’t care if it’s empty or full Because he trusts his powers over anything else.


23. Lightning Alphonse

 scar ouroboros
Source: crushcaptaintattoo

Alphonse’s eyes are glowing red but his body is covered in blue lightning. It is a common sign of Edward ut in this case Alphonse is doing that. It tells us that you should try new things even though you might fail.


24. Main Cast Tattoo

 scar alphonse
Source: juanpakotattoo

A superb Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo of the main characters of the anime on a man’s back. The use of negative space is phenomenal. The shadows on the tattoo give it a more realistic look with a good sense of depth.


25. Angry Roy Mustang

 scar fullmetal
Source: arcos_noir_tatts

Roy Mastung Is looking very angry and injured at the same time. He has his fingers ready to snap and burst out the fire. His fire transmutation symbol is shown in the background. A good illustration of his nature and power.


26. Hell Escaper

tattoo ouroboros fullmetal
Source: animemasterink

A figure is sitting just outside the gates of hell with a smile on his face. The hands of hell are trying to take it in but are failing to do so. meaning he was able to escape the bonds of hell.


27. Flaming Ouroboros 

 brotherhood fullmetal
Source: mindseyetattoonuneaton

The Ouroboros symbol is radiating red flames while Edward and Alphonse have attended look on their face. The symbol is surrounded by some gibberish signs and shapes.


28. Begging Alphonse

brotherhood alchemist
Source: xanthianmoon

Alphonse is begging with both hands clamped together his entire body has a blue tint but his eyes are glowing in anger. he is so angry that there’s lightning forming around his metal body.


29. Inner Soul

ouroboros fullmetal
Source: animemasterink

Alphonse is standing between a Ketsuin symbol and a massive eye on his back. he has a flame going around his body while the eye is having apeek inside his soul.


30. Flaming Brothers

ouroboros alchemist

Edward with his metal hand is facing backward while being on top and Alphonse is at the bottom. There is a fire surrounding them while a red flame is coming out of Alphonse’s eyes.


Difference Between Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood.

First of all the main difference between the two anime series is the adaptation type Fullmetal Alchemist is a loose adaptation of the original manga series and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is a more manga-focused adaptation and follows the series closely. The Brotherhood series follows the original events throughout the series but Fullmetal Alchemist doesn’t do that. Fullmetal Alchemist has all 50 original characters from the manga series but Brotherhood introduces a few new characters which can take some time to catch up with.


31. Blood Rune Symbol Tattoo

alphonse fullmetal
Source: hattitattoo

The Blood Rune symbol is seen a lot throughout the series. When someone’s soul is bonded with this to a metal object they don’t feel tired, pain, or hungry. It is used to protect from harm but the downside is the bond itself is vulnerable.


32. Alphonse Colorful Tattoo

alphonse alchemist
Source: best_anime_tattoo

A majestic vibrant tattoo of Alphonse with a blood seal symbol on the bottom and a cat on his head that looks scared. The details on this tattoo can be noticed from a distance and surely be admired by others.


33. Monochromatic Alchemists

alphonse tattoo alchemist
Source: fullmetalalchemisttattoo

A single-colored tattoo of the main character Edward and another person on the bottom who has a mask that has a Transmutation symbol on it. The dumpster behind Edward has a flaming fireball on it.


34. Fullmetal Tattoo

 alphonse tattoo fullmetal
Source: katharinak_art

A detailed Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo is drawn on a women’s body although the characters don’t have any color, the blood seal symbol is drawn with red color which represents blood.


35. Hellbound Alphonse

alphonse tattoo brotherhood
Source: priscassiotti_tattoo

Although Alphonse is in a blood stamp symbol there are hands of hell trying to pull him into hell. He doesn’t seem to be bothered about it. metaphorically it could mean that he is trapped in his own personal hell.


36. Happy Days

alphonse tattoo ouroboros
Source: callmethas

All the characters in the tattoo are smiling and one of them is holding two kids who are having a great time with them. The man in the blue jacket has a picture that looks like one of the kid’s childhood photos. A happy vibe spreading tattoo.


37. The Ouroboros

alphonse tattoo scar
Source: oyasumi.tto

The Ouroboros tattoo is drawn as a back of the arm tattoo. The dragon is biting its own tail which indicates an eternal cycle of life. It represents the infinite life and death circle.


38. Alphonse’s Diamond

scar tattoo alchemist
Source: killerbeesn

Alphonse is trapped inside a Diamond shaped object that has a blue skylike background and a blood rune symbol over his head. He is separately trying to get out of the trap.


39. Different Views

scar tattoo fullmetal
Source: mar.suigin

Both Edward and Alphonse are looking in two directions while Edward looks colorful ad has a flame symbol on his jacket Alphonse is looking colorless. There’s also an alchemy symbol on top of their head.


40. The Flamel Hand tattoo

scar tattoo brotherhood
Source: yutattooist

The Flamel symbol on a man’s hand. It can be seen at the back of Edward Elric’s jacket. The black snake that represents alchemy is crawling around the cross symbol. It looks a lot like the staff of Hermes.



scar tattoo ouroboros
Source: nananes_tattoo


 scar tattoo alphonse
Source: arcadetattoobar


brotherhood tattoo fullmetal
Source: emil_knighthunter


brotherhood tattoo alchemist
Source: salas_artecorporal


brotherhood tattoo ouroboros
Source: yulssgarcia


brotherhood tattoo alphonse
Source: inkbysho


brotherhood tattoo scar
Source: ngordao.artes


ouroboros tattoo fullmetal
Source: seracktattoo


 ouroboros tattoo alchemist
Source: ryanhalvorsenart


ouroboros tattoo brotherhood
Source: cesarmontana333


ouroboros tattoo alphonse
Source: maikongoslar


ouroboros tattoo scar
Source: tattoo_slinger


fullmetal tattoo brotherhood
Source: homunculuslust


fullmetal tattoo ouroboros
Source: watercolourtattoonottingham


fullmettal tattoo alphonse
Source: layordau


 fullmetal tattoo scar


alchemist tattoo fullmetal
Source: animemasterink


alchemist tattoo brotherhood
Source: canehotattoo


alchemist tattoo ouroboros
Source: petra.bausch


alchemist tattoo alphonse


alchemist tattoo scar
Source: lostatuajesdespider


tattoo fullmetal
Source: xsmol_taigax


 tattoo alchemist
Source: tatuinque


tattoo brotherhood
Source: cosmobotic


 tattoo ouroboros
Source: tattoos.otaku


tattoo alphonse
Source: nnicoherrera


tattoo scar
Source: noatattoo


tattoo scar fullmetal
Source: peko.tattooer


 tattoo scar alchemist
Source: jhowtattooink


tattoo scar brotherhood


 tattoo scar ouroboros


 tattoo scar alphonse
Source: dijahtattoos


 tattoo alphonse fullmetal
Source: animemasterink


tattoo alphonse alchemist
Source: andreonetattoo


tattoo alphonse brotherhood
Source: the_tattered_gh0st


tattoo alphones ouroboros
Source: py3rr


tattoo alphonse scar
Source: trentonpointtattoo


scar alchemist
Source: delicz.ttt


 tattoo ouroboros alchemist
Source: diegocalderon_tattoo


tattoo ouroboros brotherhood

Bottom Lines

Although there are many adaptations of the original manga series of Fullmetal Alchemist in animes and other movies. The core values are always the same. The amazing tattoos help in expressing the meanings of those principles with amazing designs and messages. Fullmetal Alchemist tattoos will always surprise us with new adaptations and meanings as artists combine their own tastes with them. Overall a great choice for expressing your thoughts and beliefs with the animes characters and scenarios.


Frequently Asked Question


What does Riza Hawkeye tattoo mean?

It means the research for his father’s flame alchemy symbol that Roy Mastung uses.

What does the transmutation circle mean?

The Transmutation circles mean the understanding of the structures of alchemy and its application cycle

What is the Meaning of Alchemy?

It is known as the process that is used for transformation, creation, or combination of metals.

What Does Ouroboros tattoo Mean?

It means the infinite life cycle of life and death.

what language is scar’s tattoo on fullmetal alchemist?

Scars tattoo language is Latin.

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