27 Trendy Demon Slayer Tattoo Ideas for Anime Lovers

Demon Slayer is one of the most hyped anime series of recent times. The familial bond between Tanjiro and Nezuko pushed this anime to be a worldwide hit and Demon Slayer tattoos became a trendsetter among anime watchers.

The heart-touching story of Demon Slayer anime revolves around two siblings, Tanjiro and his sister, Nezuko. In the story, Tanjiro’s family gets slaughtered by a demon named Muzan who turns Nezuko into a demon.

Tanjiro sets himself on a quest always carrying his baby sister on his piggyback to find a cure to turn his sister normal again and revenge for his family. Let’s dive in now into the world of Demon Slayer tattoos.


27 Demon Slayer Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Kimetsu no Yaiba tattoos come with a variety of themes. There are Demon Slayer character tattoos, sword tattoos, mark tattoos, or even chibi and kawaii tattoos. All of those tattoo designs will be discussed here so keep scrolling.


Demon Slayer Sword Tattoos

In the anime, are the primary weapon for the demon slayers which they use to produce various breathing techniques. Among the popular breathing styles, water, thunder, sun, flame, and breath of the moon are famous.


1. A Commitment to Protect

Demon Slayer Sword Tattoos 1
Source: jackofblades_zzz

This is a dynamic Demon Slayer tattoo design that has emotional attachments to it. Tanjiro and Nezuko are holding each other’s blood-soaked hands in this tattoo showing how strong a sibling’s love can be.


2. Tanjiro’s Mixed Breathing Style

Demon Slayer Sword Tattoos 2
Source: maddymaitattoo

Tanjiro uses water breathing and flame breathing style mostly but sometimes he also uses them combined together. This tattoo represents this very mixed breathing style. The design of this tattoo is also very lively and animatic.


3. Fire and Water

Demon Slayer Sword Tattoos 3
Source: capefeartattoowilmington

A colorful and vibrant breathing style tattoo from Kimetsu No Yaiba. This tattoo has a pure anime vibe to it and illustrates a mixed breathing style of fire and water used by Tanjiro to defeat the demons and protect his sister.


Demon Slayer Character Tattoo

There is a wide range of characters in Demon Slayer each with different personalities and vibes. Below you will see some exclusive tattoo designs of some main characters of Demon Slayer.


4. Cute Shinobu Kocho Tattoo

Demon Slayer Tattoo Simple 1
Source: das.i.ek

Wearing butterfly hairclips behind her hair, Kocho is one of the cutest characters of Demon Slayer. Her character is calm and she is humble towards her friends. But if you are a demon, she won’t think twice poisoning you with her blade.


5. Kyojuro Rengoku Tattoo with a Heart

Demon Slayer Tattoo Simple 2
Source: belzebubtattoo

Tattoo of Kyojuro Rengoku on a forearm. Rengoku is one of the most versatile characters of Kimetsu no Yaiba. He has a strong sense of justice along with a fearless attitude which makes him menacing in the demon real.


6. Inosuke Hashibira Crying Tattoo

Demon Slayer Tattoo Simple 3
Source: tomasan.tattoo

Hashibara is the most fun character of Demon Slayer. He wears a fully head-covering boar musk and makes funny poses throughout the series. If you have small siblings or children they will love this tattoo.


Demon Slayer Tattoo Designs

Just like any other anime tattoo, Demon Slayer’s body art also comes in bright colors and different styles. And just as heroes, villains are also popular as well when it comes to tattooing them.


7. Hashibara Giving a Funny Pose

Demon Slayer Tattoo Designs 1
Source: twila.moon

A funny back pose tattoo of Hashibara. It’s like he is on a fashion show competing for the first prize.  This tattoo will suit you if you are also a chill person like him who acts silly and likes to spread positive vibes around you.


8. Raging Nezuko Tattoo

Demon Slayer Tattoo Designs 2
Source: trickstersimp

Even though Nezuko is a small kid, whenever she sees her brother in trouble, she turns to her furious demonic self to save her brother. To protect and always be by the side of each other the promise between her and her brother.


9. Cute Nezuko Tattoo

Demon Slayer Tattoo Designs 3
Source: kromatique

A tattoo of Nezuko on the hand. Isn’t this tattoo just the cutest to even look at? Nezuko holding her toy and walking with her cute and adorable stare will surely delight anyone’s day.


Small Demon Slayer Tattoos

Small tattoos of Demon Slayer are not only space-friendly but also pretty and adorable. They look charming and will lock the eyes of anyone. Among small tattoos, Chibi-themed tattoos of this anime are the most popular.


10. Chibi Nezuko Tattoo

Small Demon Slayer Tattoos 1
Source: pigeonpokes_

This glittering tattoo of Nezuko will make everyone go in awe. There is a wooden mouthpiece in her mouth but by her expression, you can assume that she is smiling at you. Also, the blush on her face is just adorable.


11. Kawai Looking Mitsuri Tattoo

Small Demon Slayer Tattoos 2
Source: tatsbyemily

Just look at the cute stare of Mitsuri on this tattoo. She is one of the most lovable characters in the series and everyone adores her. The artist put her inside a heart to show love and care for her character.


12. Smiling Kyojuro Tattoo

Small Demon Slayer Tattoos 3
Source: zilde_kitagawa

This colorless tattoo is like a lively sketch that you can put on your forearm. The wide smile of Kyojuro is fearless and sparks a sense of strong justice and righteousness.


Demon Slayer Tattoo Pencil

If you are a fan of the art style of the Demon Slayer manga, you should take a moment and check out these lively pencil sketch tattoos of Demon Slayer.


13. Intense Tanjiro

Demon Slayer Tattoo Stencil 1
Source: cortez.tattoos

A pencil sketch tattoo of Tanjiro with a unique design. He has made a promise to himself that he will kill any demon that comes into his way and protect his sister from them. You can see the absolutely determined eyes of Tanjiro here. 


14. Picturesque Akaza Tattoo 

Demon Slayer Tattoo Stencil 2
Source: finny.red

Akaza is a villain in the Demon Slayer series. His character adds depth and complexity to the story. He has intricate marks throughout his body which makes him look truly evil and you can sense his demonic aura from this tattoo.


15. Dumbfound Nezuko Tattoo

Demon Slayer Tattoo Stencil 3
Source: das.i.ek

A dumbfound adorable Nezuko tattoo on the side of the lower hand. She looks confused like she can’t understand what someone just told her. This tattoo expresses this cute side of her.


Demon Slayer Mark Tattoo

One specific feature of the characters of Demon Slayer is that many of them have marks, some throughout their bodies. These marks indicate high skill and strength. It implies that they are capable of defeating highly-ranked demons.


16. Mitsuri’s Mark

Demon Slayer Mark Tattoo 1
Source: rayneotis

Mitsuri is the most lovable and caring character in Demon Slayer and this is the mark that she has on the front of her neck. This body-mark tattoo represents the graceful and humble nature that she possesses in the series.


17. Cloud Mark Character Tattoo

Demon Slayer Mark Tattoo 2
Source: animemasterink

A cloud mark tattoo with a colorless sketch of Muichiro inside of it. He is a major character playing a supporting role in this series and throughout the series he goes through a character development arc. If you are also going through this phase this one’s for you.


18. Pretty Mark Tattoo

Demon Slayer Mark Tattoo 3
Source: aldea.tattoo

A simple red body mark tattoo of Mitsuri on a girl’s bicep. Mitsuri is known for her cheerful and kind personality, often offering support and encouragement to her fellow Demon Slayers. If you are also as graceful as her, this one is for you.


Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo

Swords are the primary tools that demon slayers use to activate their breathing techniques. One thing about the swords in this series is that they are all unique in their own aspects and have different characteristics.


19. Tanjiro’s Sword and Spider Lillies

Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo 1
Source: cat.inks

The red spider lily is recognized as a symbol of death in Japanese culture. Tanjiro throughout his journey to cure his sister encounters numerous demons that he had to kill. This tattoo is a statement from Tanjiro to demons that he is coming to kill them all.


20. Tengen’s Nichirin Sword

Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo 2
Source: bons.pond

Tengen Uzui’s Nichirin Sword is a uniquely designed weapon with exceptional capabilities. Its unique design allows him to attack from multiple angles and defeat multiple enemies simultaneously. The cherry petals in this tattoo add a cultural texture to it.


21. Tanjiro’s Musk and Sword

Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo 3
Source: laniiisworld

A tattoo of Tanjiro’s sword and cute Neko mask. Tanjiro uses his formidable water-breathing style with his sword and you can see this style being displayed in this tattoo. You can also a date in this tattoo making it more memorable for you.


Demon Slayer Tattoo Sleeve

Sleeves are one of the best places to get an anime tattoo. It’s because it has a lot of space and the tattooist can show his full potential here. Demon Slayer sleeve tattoo designs cover the whole essence of the characters and their themes.


22. Emotional Daki

Demon Slayer Tattoo Sleeve 1
Source: matsy__

This is one of the most vibrant and graphic tattoos that you will see here. You can see how emotionally wretched and enraged she is in this tattoo. The tattooist did a brilliant job of displaying the mixed emotions in this tattoo.


23. Attacking Tanjiro

Demon Slayer Tattoo Sleeve 2
Source: bankstattoo

A full-sleeve tattoo of Tanjiro attacking the demons. He is using his water-breathing ability here and below you can see his Neko mask. You can tattoo this canvas into your sleeve and show the world the power of the mighty Tanjiro-kun.


24. Rui’s Cold Look

Demon Slayer Tattoo Sleeve 3
Source: bankstattoo

A mesmerizing full hand tattoo of Rui who is a villain in the Demon Slayer world. Rui desires a stable family with strong bonds, despite enduring repeated abuse in his own. Though he is a villain, many have affection for this character.


Matching Demon Slayer Tattoos

In Demon Slayer there are a lot of characters who are siblings so this anime gives floor to a load of matching tattoos. You can try getting them with your loved ones for special meanings.


25. Daki and Gyutaro Sibling Tattoo

Matching Demon Slayer Tattoos 1
Source: f4rou_ink

Spoiler alert ahead! This tattoo contains an iconic scene from the Demon Slayer series. In this scene, Tanjiro and his friends finally defeat Daki and her brother Gyutaro by slashing their heads. Even in the end, the sibling bond between them was intact.



Matching Demon Slayer Tattoos 2
Source: animemasterink



Matching Demon Slayer Tattoos 3
Source: takko.san



Demon Slayer tattoos can hold personal attachments not only if you are a huge fan of the franchise but also if you can relate to the story as well. Precisely if you have beloved siblings these tattoos will remind you of them. 

Furthermore, the tattoos of Demon Slayer are animatic and look stunning in bright colors. So decide now which tattoo you wanna get and show your love for the franchise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do demon slayers have tattoos?

They don’t usually but they have a chance of developing marks and scars that may look like a tattoo and relate to their breathing style.

Is Tanjiro’s scar a mark?

Yes, it is a Demon Slayer Mark similar to the marks we see on the bodies of the demons in the series.

Is it OK to get anime tattoos?

Getting an anime tattoo is a personal choice, and whether it’s “OK” or not depends on your individual preferences, values, and circumstances.

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