99 Best Pokemon Tattoos Designs for Evergreen People.

Pokemon has been an integral part of our lives growing up. With new versions and interactive games making their way in the world right now, Pokemon tattoos are getting a lot of hype recently.

The tattoo designs of Pokemon are a representation of our childhood memories and help us to express ourselves through these beautiful creatures. And it also helps us to connect with the characters we saw growing up and bring a sense of comfort.

Now, there are hundreds of Pokemons out there, each with its characteristics. And this means that the possibilities of Pokemon tattoos and designs are endless. So, let us dive deep and take a look at some of the best Pokemon tattoos.


99 Pokemon Tattoo Ideas And Meanings

Although many people think that Pokemon tattoos are childish, these tattoo designs come with a deep and nice meaning. On top of that, the cuteness of these designs is hard to beat. Here, we will see the Pokemon tattoo ideas and meanings.


Pokemon Ball Tattoo

You cannot catch Pokemon without a Pokeball and every Pokemon enthusiast loves the concept of these Pokemon balls. So, let us take a look at some of the top Pokemon ball tattoo designs.


1. Catching Pokemon


Pokemon Ball Tattoo 1
Source: alextattoonis

Pokeball reminds us of our childhood in the 90s and the excitement of watching Pokemon. This Pokemon tattoo is a representation of the love we had for this show.


2. The Ghostly Mimikyu


Pokemon Ball Tattoo 2
Source: daniellevicks

While Mimikyu is known to be the saddest Pokemon, the tattoo has a deep meaning behind it. The Pokemon tattoo symbolizes that we often disguise our true selves to be loved, just like Mimikyu does.


3. Swirly Pokeball


Pokemon Ball Tattoo 3
Source: manhattaninkuk

Get this unique-looking Pokeball inked on your skin as a reminder of the love and excitement we had for Pokemon as a kid!


Ariana Grande Pokemon Tattoo

Popular artist Ariana Grande got the beautiful and cute Eevee tattooed on herself and the world is in awe. So, let us talk about the adorable Ariana Grande Pokemon Tattoo.


4. Eevee


Ariana Grande Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: ariana.grande.tattoo

Turn heads towards you wherever you go with this super cute Pokemon tattoo. Nothing can beat the cuteness of the pretty and big eyes of Eevee.


5. Minimalistic Eevee


Ariana Grande Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: vraks_

Who will not fall in love with this pretty Pokemon tattoo? Known for evolution, the tattoo represents growth, love, and success.


6. The Ariana Grande Ink


Ariana Grande Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: arian.agrande5

Express your love towards your favorite Ariana Grande and the beautiful Eevee. This Pokemon tattoo is a symbolization of adoration, respect, and tribute.


Pokemon Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos with Pokemon are an interesting take on both art and creativity. Not only do these tattoos have a unique design but they represent the tribal culture as well. Here, we will see a few examples of Pokemon Tribal tattoos.


7. Mystical Umbreon


Pokemon Tribal Tattoo 1
Source: austin.fineline

Get this tribal Umbreon Pokemon tattoo as a tribute to the Tribal culture and their struggles. The dark-type Pokemon is a symbolization of the beauty of moonlight and moon waves.


8. Tribal Charizard


Pokemon Tribal Tattoo 2
Source: vanna.tatt

As kids, we all had a connection with Charizard due to its presence in the world of Pokemon. The Charizard tattoo design represents the love for Pokemon and respect towards tribal culture.


9. Tribal Ninetales


Pokemon Tribal Tattoo 3
Source: zactattoojones

Ninetales is one of the legendary Pokemons with nine tails and a golden coat. This tattoo represents longevity as it is believed to live a thousand years.


Simple Pokemon Tattoos

Nothing beats the simplicity of tattoos, even when it comes to Pokemon. These simple Pokemon tattoo designs are extremely stunning, so let us take a look at these outstanding styles.


10. The Magical World Of Pokemon


Simple Pokemon Tattoos 1
Source: reevetattoo

Show your love for the impact Pokemon had on your life during the golden days of childhood. This Pokemon tattoo is a symbolization of the beauty of these creatures and our love for them.


11. Pikachu and Raichu


Simple Pokemon Tattoos 2
Source: txttoo

Pikachu is the most classiest and popular creation of the Pokemon world. The tattoo of Pikachu and Raichu is a tribute to their contribution to Pokemon.


12. Sandshrew and Pokeball


Simple Pokemon Tattoos 3
Source: rigo4k

Grab all the attention towards you with this super pretty Sandshrew Pokemon tattoo. It is a cute representation of simplicity, cuteness, and love.


Minimalist Pokemon Tattoo

Representing the beauty of Pokemons in minimalist tattoos is a challenge for all artists. Let us see a few examples of minimalist Pokemon tattoos below.


13. Simple Cubone


Minimalist Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: ghostly_bat_art

Cubone is a cute but lonely creature who puts the skull of his mother on his head as a reminder of her. This Pokemon tattoo shows love and respect to all mothers.


14. Scarily Cute Gengar


Minimalist Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: rudabroda.tattoo

Spread cuteness with this very cute Gengar Pokemon tattoo. It is a symbolization that scary things and fears are also an integral part of life.


15. Cutie Clefairy


Minimalist Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: charlie.j.tattoo

With this cute tattoo, express your love and admiration towards love and the world of Pokemon. It represents cuteness, love, and charm.


Cool Pokemon Tattoos

Pokemon is undoubtedly one of the coolest creations and so are Pokemon tattoos. Here, we will take a look at some of the best and cool Pokemon tattoos.


16. Roaring Charizard


Cool Pokemon Tattoos 1
Source: animes.megaa

Attract eyes wherever you go with this blazing Charizard tattoo on your head. It is a representation of power, strength, and courage.


17. Leaping Arcanine


Cool Pokemon Tattoos 2
Source: zombriii

Bring the beauty of Arcanine to life with this unique and detailed Pokemon tattoo design. It symbolizes courage, beauty, and strength.


18. Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee


Cool Pokemon Tattoos 3
Source: itaitattoo

Get these two Pokemons inked on your skin as a reminder of struggles and problems in life. This fighting Pokemon tattoo represents the fighting spirit in people.


Cute Pokemon Tattoos

Pokemon are cute and we do not doubt that even for a second. So, let us dive into the world of cute Pokemon tattoos.


19. Chik-Chik-Chikorita


Cute Pokemon Tattoos 1
Source: ichasebadgers

Get yourself a cute Chikorita tattoo as a reminder of all the good things in life. It symbolizes the cuteness, love, and beauty of life.


20. The Initial Trio


Cute Pokemon Tattoos 2
Source: selborumbatattoo

The Pokemon trio has been an integral part of the Pokemon games. This Pokemon tattoo is a nostalgic reminder of our childhood and the entertainment.


21. Baby Pikachu


Cute Pokemon Tattoos 3
Source: roxydoll_art

Showcase the love you have for Pokemon by getting the mighty Pikachu tattooed on your arm. It is a reminder that strength is not always visible, but it is integrated inside us.


Traditional Pokemon Tattoo

There are a few iconic and traditional Pokemons that hold a special space in our hearts. So, let us see a few top examples of traditional Pokemon tattoos.


22. Happy Bulbasaur


Traditional Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: rob2morrow

Who can resist the cuteness of this small and happy Bulbasaur? It represents the beauty of nature and our love for the Bulbasaur.


23. Floral Eevee


Traditional Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: webster.tattoo

Show love to yourself and Pokemon with this stunning and cute Eevee tattoo. This Pokemon tattoo symbolizes personal growth along with the beauty of Eevee.


24. The Psyduck Circle


Traditional Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: brudnetatuaze

While Psyduck is not a preferred creature in the Pokemon world, the meaning behind the tattoo is deep. It is a symbolization of playfulness, charisma, and unique powers.


Ghost Pokemon Tattoo

The ghost Pokemons are an integral part of the Pokemon world. They are incredibly cute and the tattoos undoubtedly do justice to their style. Here, we will see some of the top ghost Pokemon tattoo designs.


25. Scary Gengar


Ghost Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: anna.tattoos

Express your fighting spirit with this beautiful and little scary Gengar Pokemon. The tattoo showcases the demons and darkness around us.


26. Shadow Bomb


Ghost Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: alyschendliktattoos

While Gengar looks cute, their attacks are strong and vicious. This Pokemon tattoo is an expression of power, fighting ability, strength, and bravery.


27. The Ghostly Trio


Ghost Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: marie_sm_tattoos

Unleash your inner beast and fighting spirit with the ghost Pokemon tattoo trio. It symbolizes power, growth, evolution, and the fight against darkness.


Haunter Pokemon Tattoo

Haunter is one of the top ghost Pokemons and is a favorite amongst a lot of people. Let us see a few examples of Haunter Pokemon tattoos.


28. Haunter Attack


Haunter Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: nyu.tattoo

With this Haunter Pokemon tattoo, you will attract eyes everywhere you go. It is a realistic presentation of an attractive and interesting tattoo with a smart look.


29. Shadow Ball


Haunter Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: rigortattooart

Haunter is known for its menacing and strong attacks that knock down enemies. The Pokemon tattoo symbolizes strength, courage, and determination in us.


30. Shadow Claw


Haunter Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbymo

Get yourself the attacking Haunter Pokemon tattoo and show your love for Pokemon. It showcases the power, fighting spirit, freedom, and courage.


Japanese Style Pokemon Tattoo




Japanese Style Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: nikii_neko_tattoo




Japanese Style Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: belleb_tattoo




Japanese Style Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: balootattooer


Mew Tattoo Pokemon




Mew Tattoo Pokemon 1
Source: bglass_tattoo




Mew Tattoo Pokemon 2
Source: rennietattoo




Mew Tattoo Pokemon 3
Source: inkedby.elaine


Eevee Pokemon Tattoo




Eevee Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: ariamaetattoo




Eevee Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: the_shop_okinawa




Eevee Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: madamecerisetattoo


Gengar Pokemon Tattoo




Gengar Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: jellybobellyink




Gengar Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: greenterrorstudio




Gengar Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: cousinslowhandz


Pokemon Gameboy Tattoo




Pokemon Gameboy Tattoo 1
Source: lauraanunnaki




Pokemon Gameboy Tattoo 2
Source: cobraclutchtattoo




Pokemon Gameboy Tattoo 3
Source: daviarts


Pokemon Go Tattoo




Pokemon Go Tattoo 1
Source: mb_bigone24




Pokemon Go Tattoo 2
Source: largedrpeppa




Pokemon Go Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosgeek_


8 Bit Pokemon Tattoo




8 Bit Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: joshcorlin_tattoo_art




8 Bit Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: _wasp_66




8 Bit Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: pokemoninvasion


Pokemon Card Tattoo




Pokemon Card Tattoo 1
Source: toriewartoothtattoo




Pokemon Card Tattoo 2
Source: mikesgarbageart




Pokemon Card Tattoo 3
Source: toriewartoothtattoo


Pokemon Couple Tattoos




Pokemon Couple Tattoos 1
Source: gamer.ink




Pokemon Couple Tattoos 2
Source: tat_togepi




Pokemon Couple Tattoos 3
Source: evil_rob


Pokemon Flash Tattoo




Pokemon Flash Tattoo 1
Source: will_tattoo47




Pokemon Flash Tattoo 2
Source: whatthehecker88




Pokemon Flash Tattoo 3
Source: sisu.tattoo


Halloween Pokemon Tattoo




Halloween Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: katiemoonart




Halloween Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: dredsoull




Halloween Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: charlotteannharris


Legendary Pokemon Tattoos




Legendary Pokemon Tattoos 1
Source: lilianraya




Legendary Pokemon Tattoos 2
Source: pokemontattoo




Legendary Pokemon Tattoos 3
Source: rachwilltattoo


Pokemon Avengers Tattoo




Pokemon Avengers Tattoo 1
Source: blackpeony_tattoo




Pokemon Avengers Tattoo 2
Source: blackpeony_tattoo




Pokemon Avengers Tattoo 3
Source: rosendo1984


Shiny Pokemon Tattoo




Shiny Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: newbold.tattoo




Shiny Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: wiseguytattoos




Shiny Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: j9illustration


3d Pokemon Tattoo




3d Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: thetattoogiant




3d Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: gamer.ink




3d Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: maison.kuma


Charmander Pokemon Tattoo




Charmander Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: alejandroparaje




Charmander Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: mantovani_tattoo




Charmander Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: binksytatts


Cubone Pokemon Tattoo




Cubone Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: mick_leclair




Cubone Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: picassodulartattoo




Cubone Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: drew_harris_tattoo


Ditto Pokemon Tattoo




Ditto Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: jft_tattoo_and_piercing




Ditto Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: nekogirltattoos




Ditto Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: flores_kr


Drunk Pokemon Tattoo




Drunk Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: tomfoolerytattoos




Drunk Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: efesgazyapar




Drunk Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: donut_bones


Entei Pokemon Tattoo




Entei Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: attenti_al_lupo_tattoo




Entei Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: siitattooist




Entei Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: minhkaiju


Gastly Pokemon Tattoo




Gastly Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: tiggytattoos




Gastly Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: scott_afterforever




Gastly Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: analu.tattoo


Ninetales Pokemon Tattoo




Ninetales Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: kacey_meg




Ninetales Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: dominiquedarko




Ninetales Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: inky_kimi


Pixel Pokemon Tattoo




Pixel Pokemon Tattoo 1
Source: janadeoliveiratattoo_




Pixel Pokemon Tattoo 2
Source: nataliemae.ink




Pixel Pokemon Tattoo 3
Source: talkcutetome



You can never go wrong with Pokemon tattoos. These tattoo designs are undoubtedly stunning and the meaning behind these styles is even more beautiful. We hope that you have now found the perfect Pokemon tattoo you want from the amazing selection above.

However, a small tip for you. Do not forget to pay attention to the credibility and experience of the artist before you get a tattoo done. Now, go ahead and get your beloved Pokemon inked on yourself and enjoy life!



Does Ariana Grande Have A Pokemon Tattoo?

Yes, Ariana Grande has a Pokemon tattoo of the beautiful and cute Eevee.

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