96 Gorgeous Black Rose Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women!

Although black rose tattoos were first used by sailors who didn’t know if they would come back from their journey, nowadays it’s more of a fashion and emotional expression statement.

These tattoos are a representation of death, suffering & pain. Usually, people who are going through a sad time get these tattoos to express their feeling.

Many variations of these tattoos are available for both men and women. Smaller and elegant designs are preferred by women and bold and aggressive designs are more suited for men.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best designs of rose tattoos drawn in black colors. So, let’s dive in and explore.


99 Black Rose Tattoo Ideas and Designs

There are numerous black rose tattoo designs and ideas. Among them here are some of the handpicked designs to inspire your thoughts. There are options for almost everyone regardless of their skin color and gender.


Small Black Rose Tattoo

Smaller black rose tattoos are mostly suitable for skinny arms, wrists & fingers. They tend to be on the affordable side & don’t take much time to get.


1. Black Rose Side Palm


Small Black Rose Tattoo 1
Source: charlieellis_tattoo

The side of the person’s palm is inked with a tattoo that has a rose. The rose is drawn in full black color. There are thorns coming out of the side of the rose branch. A wonderful black rose tattoo for such a small surface.


2. Tiny Forearm Rose


Small Black Rose Tattoo 2
Source: vam.ttt

A black rose is tattooed in an upside-down position. There are two small leaves just below the flower head. The pitch black color makes it look mysterious.


3. Black Outline


Small Black Rose Tattoo 3
Source: kkingpan.tattoo

A simple and elegant outline tattoo of a rose is sitting on top of this woman’s hand. The empty space on this tattoo creates a sense of depth. It’s suitable for females with a light skin tone.


Traditional Black Rose Tattoo

Traditional black rose tattoos have bold lines & colors. They are drawn from traditional beliefs. These tattoos are filled with meanings that are both ancient and philosophical.


4. Bold Edges


Traditional Black Rose Tattoo 1
Source: etceteratattoo

White borders on the edge of the flower pulps differentiate each pulp from one other. It makes it look like light is hitting it from an angle. A beautiful traditional black rose tattoo for the forearm.


5. Rose Piercer


Traditional Black Rose Tattoo 2
Source: ferraiolobrian

A sharp dagger is going through the center of this rose. It indicates a person with a broken heart. Without any mercy, the dagger went straight through the soft spot of this delicate flower. It’s suitable for people who had a fresh heartbreak.


6. Disguised Scorpion


Traditional Black Rose Tattoo 3
Source: gabbodubko

Although the top of this tattoo looks like a rose drawn with black ink the bottom part has a scorpion tail. it’s a danger disguised as a charm. A combination of black rose & scorpion tattoo.


Black Rose Hand Tattoo

Hands are one of the most common places to get black rose tattoos. The use of negative space is very noticeable in these designs. Both men and women can get these designs.


7. Gorgeous Black Rose

Black Rose Hand Tattoo 1
Source: seoneul_tattoo

This black rose on the side of this man’s hand looks absolutely stunning. The simple touch of white color makes it even more gorgeous. The white leaves create a contrast against the black flower.


8. Detail Less


Black Rose Hand Tattoo 2
Source: roswell.tattoo

Usually rose tattoos have a lot of details on them but this black rose tattoo doesn’t seem to have any details on the inner section. It simply looks like a black rose that was flattened. If you have a skinny forearm this will look great on you.


9. Curved Stem


Black Rose Hand Tattoo 3
Source: blockyy_tattooer

The stem of this rose is curved like an “S”. There are thorns poking out of it. Anyone who tries to grab it will have to face the consequences. The flower itself looks good in this black color.


Cover Up Black Rose Tattoo

Sometimes you might have a tattoo on one of the body parts that you want to hide. A coverup tattoo with a black rose can be a great option. Since the majority will be inked with black color there won’t be any indication of the previous designs.


10. Dizzy Flower Tattoo


Cover Up Black Rose Tattoo 1
Source: manusiniestro

There is a pattern of the black lines that looks somewhat like a wave. They are right beside the rose outlines. It covers the entire sleeve of this young man. It’s used to cover up the side of his forearm nicely.


11. Black Shadows


Cover Up Black Rose Tattoo 2
Source: farbstation_ben

This rose is inked with a light color but there is a shadow on the bottom. It makes it look as if the flower was floating over her white skin. If you have clear skin that’ll look great on the outer side of your hand.


12. Thick Rose


Cover Up Black Rose Tattoo 3
Source: brainmagicstudio

Both the black roses on this man’s forearm are thick in shape. The stiff has an unusual width. The leaves don’t look even close to rose leaves. A tattoo that is made of a combination of flower parts.


Black Rose Tattoo Sleeve

Sleeve tattoo designs are always in trend and show dedication to the craft. Sleeve tattoos with a black rose looks gorgeous & attention-grabbing. Most often they are accompanied by some other elements or objects to give new meanings to them.


13. Realistic Rose Sleeve


Black Rose Tattoo Sleeve 1
Source: tattoosbykurt

The design on this sleeve is so detailed and textured that it looks like real roses. it nicely covered his hand with no space in between the tattoo. The top-down view looks phenomenal. If you want a sleeve definitely give this one a thought.


14. Rose & Clock


Black Rose Tattoo Sleeve 2
Source: tattoosbykurt

The dark roses have a clock hidden in between them. The watch in the middle adds an antique look to this design. The shine on the clock makes it even more stunning to look at.


15. Black Chaos


Black Rose Tattoo Sleeve 3
Source: kaungmyathponewai

This man’s entire arm is inked with this series of roses that look like a mess. Through the empty spaces, some part of his skin can be seen. The black roses make it feel like chaos and disruption.


Black Rose Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos with black rose represent tragedy & death. These tattoos are a symbol of grief and mourning. If you are looking to express your grief for something they are a great choice.


16. Peaking Skull


Black Rose Forearm Tattoo 1
Source: edulima.tattoo

A skull is peaking from the side of this man’s half sleeve black rose tattoo. The skull reminds us of death but the rose indicates a happy death.


17. Dove In Rose


Black Rose Forearm Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbykurt

A white region is flying in the middle of this tattoo. The black roses on the top and bottom are in the background.


18. Black Moth


Black Rose Forearm Tattoo 3
Source: charlieellis_tattoo

A tattoo of a moth is a symbol of rebirth and transformation. The black moth indicates that the person had a dark past but now is transformed into a pure being like the rose.


Black And Purple Rose Tattoo

The black color symbolizes sadness and pain but the purple color symbolizes elegance & love. Sometimes these colors are combined together to create elegant tattoo pieces that also show sadness & suffering.


19. Purple Rose


Black And Purple Rose Tattoo 1
Source: mixed.ink.studio

A mysterious look on this rose is visible to the audience. The combination of black color adds a sense of darkness to this tattoo. The inside of the forearm is covered nicely with this piece.


20. Black Leaves


Black And Purple Rose Tattoo 2
Source: dredpool

The rose tattoo on this woman’s thigh is colored with a delicate purple tone. However, the leaves are painted completely black. The light brush of white in the middle makes it look more authentic.


21. Dew Drops


Black And Purple Rose Tattoo 3
Source: london_on_the_tatts

Three simple drops of dew are on three pulps of this black and purple rose. The leaves are however drawn without any color. They are slowly dripping to the center of the flower.


Black Rose Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are a sign of dominance and aggression. When combined with a black rose that represents death and pain, it creates some of the most dominating and gorgeous neck tattoos.


22. Shaded Rose On Neck


Black Rose Neck Tattoo 1
Source: tatuajesbynefi

A monochromatic black rose neck tattoo is drawn on this man’s side of the neck. The use of negative space and light shades creates some contrast in this piece.


23. Stranded Rose


Black Rose Neck Tattoo 2
Source: studio13_tattooshop

This dark rose on this man’s neck doesn’t have a single leaf attached to it. Few extended thorns are sticking out of the stem. It makes it difficult for anyone to get close to it.


24. Rose & Symbol


Black Rose Neck Tattoo 3
Source: makaowen.tattoo

This tattoo is freshly inked right beside the symbol on top. Although the rose is inked at a distance it’ll influence the meaning of this black rose tattoo heavily.


Black Rose Wrist Tattoo

These black rose wrist tattoos tend to be small compared to other styles. Mostly they are favored by females who want a small and elegant piece that shows their feminine side.


25. Red Tint


Black Rose Wrist Tattoo 1
Source: ver_inktattoo

A minimal touch of red tint color is available in this small black rose wrist tattoo. The red touch adds a feeling of feminism.


26. Insect Black Rose


Black Rose Wrist Tattoo 2
Source: robymarciano

This tattoo is a bit disturbing to look at. The center looks like a jaw of an insect. The black stings and the eye-like shape create a horror black rose design.


27. Textureless


Black Rose Wrist Tattoo 3
Source: atilabzrtattoo

The surface of this rose is very smooth. The absence of texture makes it look unnatural. The artificial look however looks unique. It’s suitable for people who want a modern black rose design.


Black Rose Face Tattoo

Sometimes a portion of the face is covered with tattoos of black roses. They create an intimidating look. They can create issues in professional life. Not to mention the pain associated with these pieces.


28. Black Rose Side Face


Black Rose Face Tattoo 1
Source: jb_tattoos

The side of this man’s face is inked with a massive rose tattoo. The artist only used black ink to draw this piece. The skull looks gorgeous but painful at the same time. You should try this only if you have a high pain tolerance.


29. Hairy Beauty


Black Rose Face Tattoo 2
Source: adamgraytattooer_dmc

This dark-themed rose has lots of hair-like strands coming out of it. It is drawn upside down on a young man’s face. The tiny bud on the side indicates a new beginning for him.


30. Diamond & Rose


Black Rose Face Tattoo 3
Source: pridetattoostudio

A shineless diamond is tattooed just beside the dark rose on this man’s cheeks. The diamond refers to his strong will and mind. The rose on the other hand indicates the pain in his heart.


Black Rose Shoulder Tattoo




Black Rose Shoulder Tattoo 1
Source: tattoosbykurt




Black Rose Shoulder Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbykurt




Black Rose Shoulder Tattoo 3
Source: p.migot_tattoo


Black Rose Silhouette Tattoo




Black Rose Silhouette Tattoo 1
Source: tattiffany




Black Rose Silhouette Tattoo 2
Source: travstattoos




Black Rose Silhouette Tattoo 3
Source: melioofer


3D Black Rose Tattoos




3D Black Rose Tattoos 1
Source: reynaldogram




3D Black Rose Tattoos 2
Source: jillyrose.ink




3D Black Rose Tattoos 3
Source: dreamline_ink


Black Dead Rose Tattoo




Black Dead Rose Tattoo 1
Source: desty_ult




Black Dead Rose Tattoo 2
Source: medu.ttt




Black Dead Rose Tattoo 3
Source: monstermishtattoos


Black Rose And Dagger Tattoo




Black Rose And Dagger Tattoo 1
Source: tommipdc




Black Rose And Dagger Tattoo 2
Source: zaxwiebe




Black Rose And Dagger Tattoo 3
Source: travstattoos


Black Rose And Skull Tattoo




Black Rose And Skull Tattoo 1
Source: smileydoggtattoo




Black Rose And Skull Tattoo 2
Source: yantattooer




Black Rose And Skull Tattoo 3
Source: tattoo_show


Black Rose Chest Tattoo




Black Rose Chest Tattoo 1
Source: suwonink




Black Rose Chest Tattoo 2
Source: kingmollusk




Black Rose Chest Tattoo 3
Source: copperheadbodyart


Black Rose Foot Tattoo




Black Rose Foot Tattoo 1
Source: wielebnytattoo




Black Rose Foot Tattoo 2
Source: tatts_by_ant




Black Rose Foot Tattoo 3
Source: oldtimescollective


Black Rose Hip Tattoo




Black Rose Hip Tattoo 1
Source: tattoos.by.deana




Black Rose Hip Tattoo 2
Source: inkstitutiontattoostudio




Black Rose Hip Tattoo 3
Source: jordanferguson25


Big Black Rose Tattoo




Big Black Rose Tattoo 1
Source: tyna_tattoo




Big Black Rose Tattoo 2
Source: skoglund_tattoo




Big Black Rose Tattoo 3
Source: tattoolouis


Black Panther Rose Tattoo




Black Panther Rose Tattoo 1
Source: richardlnagy




Black Panther Rose Tattoo 2
Source: guimo_01




Black Panther Rose Tattoo 3
Source: miguelangelcalavera


Black Rose Bud Tattoo




Black Rose Bud Tattoo 1
Source: claudiatattoos




Black Rose Bud Tattoo 2
Source: paleneptune




Black Rose Bud Tattoo 3
Source: frankzitowarnedyou


Black Rose Dragon Tattoo




Black Rose Dragon Tattoo 1
Source: eastmanilaink_ca




Black Rose Dragon Tattoo 2
Source: jimmyvalderaz1980




Black Rose Dragon Tattoo 3
Source: allayna_tattooist


Black Rose Full Sleeve Tattoo




Black Rose Full Sleeve Tattoo 1
Source: needles15




Black Rose Full Sleeve Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbykurt




Black Rose Full Sleeve Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbykurt


Black Rose Spine Tattoo




Black- Rose Spine Tattoo 1
Source: skinstylink_tattoo




Black Rose Spine Tattoo 2
Source: injectionstattooing




Black Rose Spine Tattoo 3
Source: nethacreationtattoo


Black Gothic Rose Tattoo




Black Gothic Rose Tattoo 1
Source: craig.reid.tattoo




Black Gothic Rose Tattoo 2
Source: blackdaggertattoonorwich




Black Gothic Rose Tattoo 3
Source: andrev_goodboy


Black Lace Rose Tattoo




Black Lace Rose Tattoo 1
Source: tattoocassie




Black Lace Rose Tattoo 2
Source: bo_mademoiselle




Black Lace Rose Tattoo 3
Source: eddisons.tattoo.emporium


Black Long Stem Rose Tattoo




Black Long Stem Rose Tattoo 1
Source: ashmoretattoos86




Black Long Stem Rose Tattoo 2
Source: mattortiztattoo




Black Long Stem Rose Tattoo 3
Source: allie_tattoos


Black N Grey Rose Tattoo




Black N Grey Rose Tattoo 1
Source: leonnietattoo




Black N Grey Rose Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbyjayc




Black N Grey Rose Tattoo 3
Source: goldenyetiart


Black Realistic Rose Tattoo




Black Realistic Rose Tattoo 1
Source: cbtattoos_




Black Realistic Rose Tattoo 2
Source: vividinkhagleyrd




Black Realistic Rose Tattoo 3
Source: inkfixertattooz


Black Rose Tattoo On Ankle




Black Rose Tattoo On Ankle 1
Source: catenailaria




Black Rose Tattoo On Ankle 2
Source: karen_tattooist




Black Rose Tattoo On Ankle 3
Source: jadamsjames


Black Rose Tattoo With Water Drops




Black Rose Tattoo With Water 1
Source: diamond_tip_tattoo




Black Rose Tattoo With Water 2
Source: zen_dictator




Black Rose Tattoo With Water 3
Source: ben_f_grateful


We hope these gorgeous black rose tattoos were able to spark some new ideas in your creative minds. If you have a skinny body you should stick to some of the slim designs and avoid anything with bold lines. Women who want to achieve a feminine look should opt for small tattoo designs or wrist designs. Finding an artist with prior experience is always recommended.

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