80 Dark Mark Tattoos Anyone Who’s Obsessed With Harry Porter!

The dark mark tattoos are used as a symbol that represented Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters from Harry Potter. It has inspired a lot of designs that symbolize death.

Many variations of these tattoos are used to express deeper meaning and commemorate death. It is also a very popular choice of tattoo among Harry Potter fans.

These symbols were sent up at the place of a death caused by the death eaters. It is also known as the signature of the Death Eaters.

In this article, we’ll go through what they mean, different types of dark mark tattoos, FAQs, and interesting facts about them. We’ll also learn about the Death Eaters and their roles in these tattoos.


What does the dark mark tattoo mean?

The dark mark tattoo means that the person with the tattoo has formally joined the Death Eaters. It could also mean that they might like tattoos of skulls and snakes. The dark mark represents a fundamental part of the Harry Potter franchise. It is used to represent evil and death.


1. Blue And Green Dark Mark tattoo

realistic dark mark tattoo
Source: neronskitattoo

A highly detailed snake is coming out of the skull of the dark mark tattoo. The skull represents death and the snake is used to represent fear.


2. Cracked skull dark mark tattoo

dark mark tattoo keene
Source: the_egyptian_magician

The cracks on the skull are visible and the snake Snake is going through the eye socket of the dead man’s skull. The jaw is also not visible on this dark mark tattoo.


3. Symbolic Dark mark tattoo

dark mark harry potter tattoo
Source: leveluptattoos

A dark mark tattoo with a symbol on the forehead. The symbol is made of a triangle and a circle that is used to represent Harry Potter. The symbol is enhancing the significance of the tattoo.


4. Broken skull dark mark tattoo

harry potter dark mark tattoo
Source: cshel_tattoos

The right portion of the head is missing in this tattoo. There is a Harry Potter symbol at the front which is made out of bone and attached to the forehead. The snake’s tail is inside there somewhere.


5. Flaming dark mark tattoo

 voldemort tattoo dark mark
Source: sphinxskull

Both the snake and skull of the dark mark have a flame around their bodies. This indicates the anger associated with the tattoo bearers. It also tells us about the nature of the Death Eaters.


6. Dear and Ghost Dark mark

dark mark harry potter tattoo
Source: rafael13tattoo

A spirit of a deer is on top of the dark mark. There is also a scary spirit on top of the mark. The snake has made a knot with its body and has its mouth closed.


7. Colorful Dark mark tattoo

dark mark temporary tattoo
Source: tattoodoula

This dark mark tattoo is very colorful and vibrant. The snake and skulls are glowing in color. We can also see some sparkle around the tattoo as well. It hides the danger posed by the dark mark.


8. Glowing Eyes

dark mark tattoo snape
Source: stoutshouseofpain

All eyes present in this tattoo are glowing green in color. The snake has its mouth wide open and tries to bite something. It really catches the attention of the viewers.


9. Sharp Jaws

tattoo realistic
Source: christian.fl.98

The teeth of the skull are very sharp and the snake is coming out of the sharp jaws. There are venoms coming out of the teeth of the snake. The venomous nature can be seen totally with this tattoo.


10. Opposite Views

Source: cynereo

There is a red symbol on top of the dark mark and a green symbol at the bottom. The bottom one has the Harry Potter symbol and the top one has a flower.


11. Dark Mark on belly

the dark mark tattoo
Source: merakitattoo_piercingzaandam

A Highly Detailed and concise tattoo of the dark mark at the center of a man’s belly. The Details on the snake’s body are created with the help of negative spaces.


12. Forearm Dark mark tattoo

 tattoo voldemort
Source: esperanzainktattoos

An Iconic dark mark tattoo on the forearm. There is a slight glow of red on top of the head of the tattoo. The snake is just surrounding the skull and hasn’t entered any holes yet.


13. Shaded Dark mark tattoo

tattoo darco malfoy
Source: eddiethepumpkin

This tattoo is a combination of details and shadow. There is a lot of shading going on. The outlines are highly shaded with a dark color that enhances the beauty of the tattoo.


14. Liquefied Dark mark tattoo

the dark mark tattoo temporary
Source: vladmorgantattoo

At the first glance, the tattoo looks as if it was liquified after being drawn. The shapes and structures are still there but the colors look distorted. It gives this tattoo a more scary look.


15. Lovely nose dark mark

Source: dinkytowntattoo

The nose on the dark mark is shaped like a heart symbol. There is also a Harry Potter symbol on the forehead but it is starting to fade away. It means that he is developing feelings for someone and is letting go of the past.


16. Snake and leach Dark mark tattoo

tattoo dark mark
Source: gray_sergi

In this tattoo, a leach can be seen on the upper side of the skull. The snake is coming out of the mouth and the eyesocket of the skull. The tongue of the snake is curled like a ring.


17. Greenish Dark Mark

Source: hammerhouseofarttattoo

The Death eaters mark is surrounded by some green and yellow colors. The snake has a deep black design on its body. The symbol of Harry Potter is way bigger than the proportion of the skull.


18. Floral Death Eaters Mark

realistic dark mark tattoo
Source: romacarmellatattoos

The symbol used to represent the Death Eaters can be seen among many flowers. This doesn’t hide the fact that the snake is still there and can be very dangerous at any time.


19. Closed Dark mark

realistic dark mark tattoo
Source: wam_private_tattoo_shop

The eyes of the skull on this tattoo are drawn as if they were closed. The end of the tail is gently resting on top of that and the rest of the body of the snake is beneath that.


20. Old Dark mark

Source: jamiedonnellytattoos

A very old skull has been used to describe this dark mark. The age can be noticed by the fallen teeth of the skull. The snake on the other hand is looking very lively and young. High contrast between the two main elements o this amazing tattoo.


Who are Death Eaters?

The Death Eaters are characters from the Harry Potter series movies and books. Their group consists of conjurers and sorceresses who follow one leader. Dark Lord Voldemort is their leader. They cast about to cleanse the magical community by barring wizards and witches born to non-magical parents.


21. Ancient Dark mark On hand

Source: yilin.zhu

The huge eyes and big teeth indicate that this is an ancient and underdeveloped species. The symbol on the forehead is b=very small which reflects the lack of brainpower and knowledge.


22. Skake Bitter

Source: vivcrogstattoos

The skull of the dark mark symbol has its jaws closed and the snake is trapped between them. He is facing an enormous amount of pain and screaming with his mouth wide open.


23. Dark mark and arrow

Source: bigjustintattoos

There is an arrow that is going straight through the snake. The spike is barely avoiding the snake’s body. The tail of the snake has a spike at the end. The skull can also be seen as burning.


24. Blood dripping dark mark tattoo

dark mark tattoo
Source: amaltheatattoos

The snake and the skull on the dark mark symbol have blood dripping out of the sides. The background is red and yellow in color. There is also a slight tint of green surrounding the red and yellow colors.


25. Double-headed

Source: codeine_tattoos

The head of the snake in this death eater’s mark is unusual. There is another head inside the snake’s head. The jaws have spiked teeth that look far from the usual snake teeth. Also, there is a shark fin-like part in the snake’s body.


26. Burning marks

Source: paule_ink

This iconic tattoo is a great representation of the death eaters’ members. The flame around the mark signifies the meaning and terror it has around everything. It is used to represent a burning soul.


27. Devilish dark mark

Source: aaronpullentattoo

The smile on this mark indicates something evil. It shows that it has been up to no good. The snake is pitch black with a white reflection coming from its body.


28. Leaves and dark mark

realistic dark mark tattoo
Source: aethetic.trash_

The green color of the snake blends nicely with the green leaves. The tail of the snake is almost identical to the leaves. The venomous dark tongue indicates its poisonous nature.


29. Splitting branches

Source: tattoosandtealeaves

The dark-colored snake has made a knot and the front side of it is splitting two sides of a branch in two different directions. There is also a diamond-shaped stone in the middle of the head.


30. Morsmordre mark

Source: itstayloratthedisco

The mark was most likely conjured by the use of the Morsmordre spell. The green colors are similar to the images that could be seen in the sky when Morsmordre was used. An amazing tattoo for the front arm.


31. Tiny Dark Mark ol leg

realistic dark mark
Source: wick.astaroth

The dark mark on a women’s leg is a small one. The design looks cute and dangerous at the same time. Although the design is small that doesn’t hinder the significance of this tattoo.


32. Buffed Snake

Source: smudge_ink_

The snake on this death eater symbol is looking very buff. The top side of him is also smooth and shiny. There is a crack at the center of the skull of this tattoo. And the jaws are disconnected from the rest of the structure.


33. Blue Dark mark

Source: kimiatatts

The blue color is highly visible on this tattoo. The skulls and the snake both have this on their body. A gorgeous-looking tattoo of the top side of the arm.


34. Crazy snake

 Voldemort sign
Source: tiscar_tattoo

The snake on the dark mark tattoo is acting like crazy. It has lost its control and looking to bite anything that comes in its way. The ruthlessness of the snake is clearly seen in this one.


35. Dissolving Snake

Source: avinatattoos

The head of the snake is looking normal but the tail part is slowly getting vanished into the thin air. The Skull on the other hand is looking as if it was screaming. A sign that both of them are not happy about the situation.


36. Map of the Dark

Source: corinne.clapper.tattoo

A map is drawn in a women’s hand. The map contains the dark mark symbol with the number seven written on top in roman letters and a quote on the bottom that says ” Fight of Death”. A masterpiece to look at.


37. Realistic dark mark

Source: stickybirtd

The dark mak looks like real 3D paint on the lower arm. There is a  flower on both sides of the skull. The snake looks very thin compared to the skull.


38. Backwards Heart

 dark mark snake
Source: tattooine00

The dark mark is glowing. The conjures might have cast a spell. It has caused the mark to glow in green light. It means that the death eaters are trying to capture wizards.


39. Terrifying NEWS bringer

Source: willfrancis_art

An old piece of newspaper with the dark mark symbol on it is depicted on the full length of the arm. The headline heads the following ” Dark Mark Sparks Panic “. An indication of the fear cast by the Death eaters and Voldemort.


40. Back of the arm Dark Mark

Source: tattooavo

The tattoo on the back of the arm is looking breathtaking. The details on the snake’s skin and the definition on the teeth of the skull indicate that it is a high-end piece. The Symbol will grab anyone’s attention who cares about the franchise of Harry Potter.



Source: industrialinkestudio



 voldemort tattoo
Source: szron.poznan



Source: darkspectretattoos



dark mark temporary
Source: goldlightsaber



dark mark tattoo snape
Source: easttattoos



Source: astrantstamper



voldemort realistic dark mark
Source: tattooprodigies



dark mark on hand
Source: meg_macabre_tattoo



Source: lowbarart



Source: marina_sadra



voldemort dark mark tattoo on hand
Source: kaat.tinta.sagrada



Source: joeyblackart



voldemort dark mark
Source: yulright_tattoo



Source: vic_vai_tattoo



Source: poncho_tattoo_mx



Source: sof_inks



Source: goodcleanfunskincare



Source: belairtattoo.dk



Source: domcartertattoo



Source: inksploitationhexham



slytherin dark mark tattoo
Source: rereeka.tattoo



slytherin dark mark tattoo
Source: jenniferkovach



Source: toreynicole.tattoos



Source: theoriginalgoldtooth



Source: carolinev_tattoo



Source: mrartistpainterman



Source: monika_frks



Source: lolla_ink



Source: knibelink



Source: fallensparrowtattoos



Source: diihfavaretto



slytherin dark mark
Source: lindamillicenttattoo



Source: jademeyertattoos



Source: dadbod_rising



Source: caramba.estefania



realistic dark mark
Source: tattooprodigies



Source: inkmortaltattooinst



Source: chicotattooist



Source: chowdahbowl



Source: handsm_sweets


Final Words

These amazing tattoos are used to represent the death eaters and the dedication they have toward the Dark Lord Voldemort. They also give the feeling of fear and control over any situation. They are an inseparable part of the Harry Potter franchise and play a huge role in the storyline. If you are looking to get a tattoo that is inspired by this franchise and you don’t care about what other people think about you then this could be a great option for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Who has the dark mark in Harry Potter?

The members of the Death Eaters brand have a dark mark.

Did Draco Malfoy have a Dark Mark?

Yes! Draco Malfoy has a dark mark.

How much does the dark mark tattoo cost?

A decent dark mark tattoo should cost somewhere around $200. Depending on the artist and details it can be a lot more.

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