84 Top Notch Bear Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women!

The Bear tattoo has been popular for quite a while now. And they seem to be growing in popularity. Some people have them permanently, and some people get them temporarily. 

People get tattoos of bears because they are cute, but also because they are fierce and intimidating. Bears are big and scary at first, but when the time comes for you to have a tattoo, you can make it personal and special. 

When choosing your bear tattoo, you should choose something that looks good and has meaning. So in this article, we have compiled a list of the top bear-themed tattoo designs and meanings.

Here Are The Top 84 Bear Tattoo Designs and  Meanings:

The tattoo of a bear has come long since its roots in the 1800s. Military personnel, law enforcement officers, people from the country, and various ethnicities have all used it. This article outlines some best bear tattoo designs and what they mean.


Bear Claw Tattoo

Bear claw tattoos have a variety of meanings, but commonly they symbolize strength, protection, and connection. They have also become a popular symbol for Native Americans.


  1. Dark Claw
Bear Claw Tattoo 1
Source: michaelnsarahbowe

A detailed bear’s claw that appears to be quite lifelike is seen here. And the color pattern and shadow of this tattoo are fantastic. This dark claw tattoo symbolizes resilience in the face of adversity.


2. Five Circle Bear Claw

Bear Claw Tattoo 2
Source: rivera_ink

This bear claw is hidden behind a wooded area and contains five circles representing the bear’s five fingers. This tattoo represents a man’s fearlessness in life, demonstrating that he is not afraid of challenges.


3. Claw Family

Bear Claw Tattoo 3
Source: guaysart

It appears like a mother bear, and her three bear cubs are having a good time together. This tattoo represents the importance of family and one’s devotion to his mother. And the claw symbol on this tattoo is awesome.


Polar Bear Tattoo

The polar bear tattoo is a challenging but rewarding design to complete. It’s a popular design, and the polar bear-themed tattoo symbolizes strength. These tattoo designs are often of realistic bears but are also found in abstract, tribal, and abstract designs with geometric shapes.


4. White Bear

Polar Bear Tattoo 1
Source: electricladyink

A large white bear walks across a frigid environment in search of food. This tattoo symbolizes how one works hard to earn a living in a difficult environment.


5. Mother Love

Polar Bear Tattoo 2
Source: catlolitattoo

A bear mother adores her one and only child and lives happily. This tattoo reminds us of our mother’s love for us as children and her effort to keep us safe from harm’s way.


6. Three Bear Kids

Polar Bear Tattoo 3
Source: jenpowertattoo

A bear mother and her three youngsters appear to have a wonderful time together. This tattoo depicts a bear family living in the arctic region and emphasizes the importance of family bonds in living a happy life.


Teddy Bear Tattoo

Teddy Bear Tattoos are the perfect way to show the world that you are one of a kind and to make a lasting impression. Choosing the perfect one for your personality can be hard with many designs. We would love to share some of our favorite Teddy Bear styled Tattoos.


7. Blue Bear

Teddy Bear Tattoo 1
Source: eyeconinktajshu

A little adorable blue bear doll is ideal for young children. This bear doll is adorned with love symbols. This tattoo represents affection for a newborn baby and is ideal for a new father and mother.


8. Sad Bear

Teddy Bear Tattoo 2
Source: thirdgardenstudio

A baby bear doll who has been hurt and is distressed. The body of this bear is bandaged. This tattoo denotes that the individual is unhappy or has lost loved ones.


9. Cute Bear

Teddy Bear Tattoo 3
Source: sincerelyc94

A lovely bear is laying on the ground with incredibly sparkly eyes and appears quite innocent. This tattoo represents the charm and innocence of a newborn. This bear-inspired tattoo also has a nice design pattern.


Grizzly Bear Tattoo

The grizzly bear is a creature you may want to consider getting tattooed on your body if you’re a fan of them. It is a timeless design that will be around for a long time. And, The grizzly bear is a powerful image that stands tall and strong.


10. Fighting Bear

Grizzly Bear Tattoo 1
Source: cameron_jonker

A fully grown black bear is ready to battle, and leaping to launch a vicious assault looks fantastic. This tattoo is suitable for a man’s chest and indicates that he is serious about his life and is always prepared for life’s obstacles.


11. Angry Bear

Grizzly Bear Tattoo 2
Source: kingofthehillstudio

Here we see an angry bear face that is enraged and ready to fight or be wounded by someone. This bear-themed tattoo is ideal for a boy’s upper hand sleeve, as it demonstrates a man’s strength and ability to face problems.


12. Bear Force

Grizzly Bear Tattoo 3
Source: arnaz_disaster

A bear has just emerged from the woods, hunting its prey and looking enraged. This tattoo has a lot of cool color decoration and very realistic detailing. 


Mama Bear Tattoo

Mama Bear Tattoos are body art tattoos that honor a mother’s, selfless love. For mothers with a new baby, a Mama Bear-themed tattoo is a way to remind their new baby that they are loved and cherished.


13. Mom’s Love

Mama Bear Tattoo 1
Source: palettetattoo

A bear is very kind to its youngsters and lives quietly in a flower garden. This tattoo symbolizes how much every mother on the planet loves her children and wishes them a happy and safe life.


14. Happy Family

Mama Bear Tattoo 2
Source: tattoos.by.em

A bear family with two baby bears and one mama bear looks fantastic. Mama bear is looking after her children. This tattoo is ideal for expressing gratitude to one’s mother or all mothers worldwide.


15. Family Love

Mama Bear Tattoo 3
Source: blasfamousart

Here we see a mama bear going with her two bear children behind her, which appears to be a beautiful affection for the mother. This tattoo shows that we must obey our mother since she would never harm us.


Bear Chest Tattoo

The bear chest tattoo symbolizes strength, showing that the bearer has been through many hardships but has come out on top. These tattoos are most common in Native American culture but can also be seen in many other cultures.


16. Blue Eyes bear

Bear Chest Tattoo 1
Source: wolfandwrentattoo

A bear with blue eyes and two axes on top indicates a battling spirit. It is a bright tattoo that is ideal for the chest and provides your chest with a modern look.


17. Moon Bear

Bear Chest Tattoo 2
Source: danhof.tattoos

On a moonlit night, a bear escapes from jail by breaking its chain and appears insanely enraged. This tattoo’s design pattern is incredibly unusual and gives it an eye-catching vibe. This sort of bear-themed tattoo demonstrates the strength of masculinity.


18. King Bear

Bear Chest Tattoo 3
Source: rottenbonestattoo

A king bear rules its kingdom, but it has been challenged by another animal, which has made it upset. This tattoo includes a unique color combination of white and light blue and a gorgeous crown design.


Bear Constellation Tattoo

Bear constellation tattoos are a popular choice for both men and women, who see them as a symbol of protection, power, and wisdom. Actually, they are used in a variety of cultures with different meanings.


19. 7 star Bear

Bear Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: novaluna_ink

A bear is wandering alone and has a constellation sign with seven stars on its body, which looks extremely nice. This tattoo depicts how a believer in a constellation sign seeks protection from the stars.


20. Ocean Blue Bear

Bear Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: hushanesthetic

A bear is ocean blue in hue, with numerous dots of constellation signs on its body. This tattoo style is ideal for constellation believers and looks great on men’s hands.


21. Bear Faith

Bear Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: anna_b_nana

A large bear is covered in many star signs, making it appear to be something constellation-related. People who believe in constellations might have this tattoo on their hands to demonstrate their admiration for the constellation signs.


Bear Face Tattoo

Bear Face tattoos have a long history. They have been used for centuries by Native Americans to represent mother bears and their cubs. And these tattoos are typically used as a symbol of protection or to ward off evil spirits.


22. Love Bear Face

Bear Face Tattoo 1
Source: btn_tattoos

A bear face in the shape of a love sign appears quite unique. And the bear’s eyes are very appealing. This tattoo tells us to believe in love’s power and defend our loved ones.


23. Pyramid Bear

Bear Face Tattoo 2
Source: shezeepeezee

A screaming bear with a pyramid and moon sign appears to symbolize Egyptian civilization. This bear tattoo is excellent for the hand and symbolizes reverence for the Egyptian Gods.


24. Orange Eyed Bear

Bear Face Tattoo 3
Source: inkloversnewbridge

A black bear with orange eyes indicates that it has been wronged and wishes to exact its vengeance. The intricacy of this tattoo is superb, and the bear’s fangs appear quite realistic.


Bear Forearm Tattoo

Bear Forearm Tattoos are a great way to commemorate the bear tattoo uniquely. Several of these tattoo designs may be for a loved one, while others may be for a passion.


25. Knight Bear

Bear Forearm Tattoo 1
Source: lucatestadiferro

We notice a bear that comes out at night and tries to protect it in the woods. And this tattoo features a crystal pattern design pattern. If you draw this tattoo on our upper hand sleeve, it will undoubtedly attract others’ attention.



Bear Forearm Tattoo 2
Source: newlondonink



Bear Forearm Tattoo 3
Source: jahaliink


Bear Forest Tattoo



Bear Forest Tattoo 1
Source: inkedbynoy



Bear Forest Tattoo 2
Source: inkredibletattoostudiovzla



Bear Forest Tattoo 3
Source: sherifftattoos


Bear Head Traditional Tattoo



Bear Head Traditional Tattoo 1
Source: patwhistle_tradtattoos



Bear Head Traditional Tattoo 2
Source: valentinatattooartist



Bear Head Traditional Tattoo 3
Source: dedepremana


Bear Minimalist Tattoo



Bear Minimalist Tattoo 1
Source: nat.longhi



Bear Minimalist Tattoo 2
Source: juci.artistry



Bear Minimalist Tattoo 3
Source: baronart_john


Bear Mountain Tattoo



Bear Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: eve_inkked



Bear Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: dirtydiverdown



Bear Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbyaurajane


Bear Silotte Tattoo



Bear Silotte Tattoo 1
Source: _jose_g_p_



Bear Silotte Tattoo 2
Source: shazfg



Bear Silotte Tattoo 3
Source: permagrafix


Belly Tattoo Bear



Belly Tattoo Bear 1
Source: astroarttattoo



Belly Tattoo Bear 2
Source: pedro.pinero.tt



Belly Tattoo Bear 3
Source: willynavatt


Big Bear Tattoo



Big Bear Tattoo 1
Source: equinoxartcollective



Big Bear Tattoo 2
Source: dylhaz



Big Bear Tattoo 3
Source: inkdreamztattoo


Boo Boo From Yogi Bear Tattoo



Boo Boo From Yogi Bear Tattoo 1
Source: ladykatiecustom



Boo Boo From Yogi Bear Tattoo 2
Source: beirxtt



Boo Boo From Yogi Bear Tattoo 3
Source: ieshagoddentattoo


Brother Bear Tattoo



Brother Bear Tattoo 1
Source: louisekerr97



Brother Bear Tattoo 2
Source: euthanasia.ink



Brother Bear Tattoo 3
Source: arronptattoo


Bruins Bear Tattoo



Bruins Bear Tattoo 1
Source: jemoney647



Bruins Bear Tattoo 2
Source: matt_tatt



Bruins Bear Tattoo 3
Source: mrjayphoenix


Care Bear Heart Tattoo



Care Bear Heart Tattoo 1
Source: studiobysol



Care Bear Heart Tattoo 2
Source: roxyrydertattoo



Care Bear Heart Tattoo 3
Source: giant_kiz


Coke A Cola Bear Tattoo



Coke A Cola Bear Tattoo 1
Source: shawny_art



Coke A Cola Bear Tattoo 2
Source: stevenhitchcock3310



Coke A Cola Bear Tattoo 3
Source: yongyi_ink


Dancing Bear Tattoo



Dancing Bear Tattoo 1
Source: eights_aces_flip



Dancing Bear Tattoo 2
Source: thatsnice4dyce



Dancing Bear Tattoo 3
Source: j.b.tattoos


Dropout Bear Tattoo



Dropout Bear Tattoo 1
Source: 725graphic



Dropout Bear Tattoo 2
Source: bonbonbizarre



Dropout Bear Tattoo 3
Source: phlow.art


Geometric Bear Tattoo



Geometric Bear Tattoo 1
Source: twokingstattoostudio



Geometric Bear Tattoo 2
Source: inkboxbristol



Geometric Bear Tattoo 3
Source: johnnysamericantattoo


Happy Bear Tattoo



Happy Bear Tattoo 1
Source: johnnysamericantattoo



Happy Bear Tattoo 2
Source: an.malygos



Happy Bear Tattoo 3
Source: davide_famiglietti_art


Japanese Style Bear Tattoo



Japanese Style Bear Tattoo 1
Source: tigersharktattoostudio



Japanese Style Bear Tattoo 2
Source: tortuga.ink



Japanese Style Bear Tattoo 3
Source: demonkiller1


Koda Bear Tattoo



Koda Bear Tattoo 1
Source: tattoolou1980



Koda Bear Tattoo 2
Source: checcooldboy



Koda Bear Tattoo 3
Source: houseofladychappelle


Mother Son Bear Tattoos



Mother Son Bear Tattoos 1
Source: the_samazonian



Mother Son Bear Tattoos 2
Source: skribble83



Mother Son Bear Tattoos 3
Source: patcrump


Final Words:

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on bear tattoos. These tattoos are quite popular, but we wanted to shed some light on their meanings. 

This is a great blog for anyone considering getting a bear-themed tattoo. We think the meanings provided are really interesting and would love to hear your feedback!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us on social media or in the comment section. We would love to hear from you!


Frequently Asked Questions


Why You Should Get a Bear Tattoo?

I should get a bear tattoo because it represents power, confidence, and ferocious defense.


What is the meaning of a bear tattoo?

The bear tattoo symbolizes strength, courage, and endurance.

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