90 Best Constellation Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women!

Constellation tattoos are one of the trending styles in the tattoo culture. And there is definitely something special about this genre. The way the constellations are inked on our skin helps us to connect with the stars and is undeniably attractive. And the best part is that these designs are distinct with unique and deep meanings.

In this blog, we will help you to discover some of the best constellation tattoo designs, including Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, and many more. So, go on and take a look at some of the most trending tattoos to guide us through the stars.


90 Constellation Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Getting a constellation tattoo is an awesome way of expressing love for the stars and the sky. Discover the most popular tattoos featuring the constellation and other unique elements.


Scorpio Constellation Tattoo

The Scorpio zodiac sign is believed to be one of the most disliked signs. But the beauty of the constellation representing the sign says otherwise. The design is often styled with beautiful intrications and symbols. So, let us see a few examples of Scorpio constellation tattoos.


1. The Scorpio World


Scorpio Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: dibujosenelsotanotattoo

The Scorpio constellation is a simple yet intriguing tattoo design for both men and women. The sun, moon, and Scorpio signs make the design look unique and meaningful.


2. Alien Invasion


Scorpio Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: namastetattoo_

If you are a Scorpio with a knack for alien life and findings, this constellation tattoo is perfect. The stars are replaced with tiny alien-related designs to match your interest.


3. The Starry Scorpio


Scorpio Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: jurgurgur

Nothing beats the classic look of the Scorpio constellation decorated with the stars. It is a pretty design with a simple look and is perfect for both men and women.


Aries Constellation Tattoo

The Aries constellation is a small one with 4 stars, making it a great choice for small tattoo lovers. Representing courage, boldness, and inspiration, the design is perfect for the Aries sign. Here are some of the top Aries constellation tattoo styles.


4. Aries Belief


Aries Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: saffletattoo

Get this cute and stunning Aries constellation with the zodiac sign replaced as one of the stars. The design is unique and represents the personality of the sign.


5. The Symbolic Constellation


Aries Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: tsconstantin_ink

The constellation design passing through the Aries zodiac sign is a pretty artistic tattoo design. It shows the boldness, passion, and competitive nature of both men and women.


6. Iconic Aries


Aries Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: tattoopiercingisa

Give yourself a boost of confidence with the small constellation design of the Aries. The moon and the surrounding tiny stars give the tattoo a more sophisticated and cute look.


Cancer Constellation Tattoo

Cancer constellations are shaped like a crab, giving the tattoos a cute and unique look. So, let us give you a tour of some of the top Cancer constellation tattoos.


7. The Worldly Cancer


Cancer Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: ksmithtattoo

Express your inner self with the beautiful zodiac sign and constellation, Cancer. The artistic design with the sun, moon, and surrounding stars looks particularly attractive on the girl’s hand.


8. Cute Cancer Crab


Cancer Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: sharp_pokes

The Cancer zodiac sign is represented by a cute crab. This tattoo design of the constellation with a tiny crab is a perfect choice for males and females. The style will look exceptionally pretty on the back of the arms.


9. The Constellation Sky


Cancer Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: tuttopintotattooartist

Give yourself a complete Cancer sign package with this tattoo style. The moon, sign, and symbolization combined with the constellation represent your fiery and strong inner self.


Gemini Constellation Tattoo

Gemini constellation tattoos are widely famous among people with the Gemini zodiac sign. The connection between the stars is pretty with a deep meaning behind it. Let us see a few awestruck examples of Gemini constellation designs.


10. Dancing Gemini Twins


Gemini Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: michalska.tattoo

Express love and care with the beautiful and unique Gemini constellation tattoo. The beauty of the design looks like a pair of dancing twins. And this design displays a pretty look on the arm of all Gemini people.


11. The Twin Trouble


Gemini Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: patrz.dorsz

The twin connection of the Gemini constellation is expressed by the pink and blue cats. It represents the two parts combined into one piece or both sides of a single personality.


12. Flowery Constellation


Gemini Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: pichichi_tattoos

A unique take on the Gemini constellation and flowers make the design attractive. It is an artistic piece of art that will look undoubtedly good on the a woman’s chest.


Leo Constellation Tattoo

Represent the beauty of the Leo constellation and its meaning with a stunning tattoo design. Some of the best examples of the Leo constellation are discussed below.


13. Prideful Leo


Leo Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: letsleepingdragons

The Leo constellation connects with the pride and arrogance of the Leo zodiac sign. The simplistic design is a great addition to arms and hands for both women and men.


14. The Lion-Leo Chronicle


Leo Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: ivantattoos88

The Leo constellation connects with the characteristics of a lion. This colorful tattoo of a lion is a portrayal of bravery, strength, pride, and the power that a lion possesses.


15. Constellation Beneath Flower


Leo Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: ddalgikkot_tattoo

Make your constellation tattoo attractive with colorful flowers and leaves. The flowers with the Leo constellation are perfect for those looking for a pretty and simple style.


Pisces Constellation Tattoo

Pisces constellation is a pretty and starry sight to enjoy in the sky. The designs are mesmerizing and perfect for the Pisces zodiac sign. So, take a look at the best Pisces constellation tattoo style.


16. Simplicity At Best


Pisces Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: hama.tattoos

Turn heads and express the Pisces constellation with a simple starry tattoo. The design will look great for both males and females, and the simplicity of the style depicts a nice meaning.


17. Pisces And Snakes


Pisces Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: ballofsunshin3

Spice up the design of the regular Pisces constellation with a simple snake in the middle. Both the elements in the tattoo have a connection based on duality and freedom.


18. Koi Connection


Pisces Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: leemalonetattoo

Since the beginning of time, the Pisces constellation is connected with koi fishes. Get this tattoo as a representation of the belief and meaning connected to the starry detail.


Taurus Constellation Tattoo

Taurus is known to be one of the strongest zodiac signs and the constellation is amazing to look at. Without further ado, let us see a few Taurus constellation tattoos.


19. The Strength Symbolization


Taurus Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: erinnicoletattoos

Taurus constellation has a strong connection with the bull. This tattoo is a symbolization of the strength and will of the bull along with the prettiness of the stars.


20. Fine Floral Taurus


Taurus Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: ewetattoo

Express beauty, love, and strength with this combination of flowers and the Taurus constellation. It is an eye-pleasing design that will enhance the features of the woman’s wrist.


21. Taurus In Moon


Taurus Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: hephajewelry

Get this Taurus design as a sign of love towards your zodiac sign and the universe. The unique design and colors make the tattoo different from the basic ideas.


Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Let us know and talk about the Virgo constellation. It is the second biggest constellation in the sky with a bright look and beautiful meaning. Check out a few examples of the Virgo constellation tattoo.


22. Lively Virgo


Virgo Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: namastetattoo_

Give the world an idea of your life, aspirations, and goals with the Virgo constellation design. This tattoo with stars replaced with various colorful symbols depicts our priorities and passion in life.


23. Flower Leaf Constellation


Virgo Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: jabbedbyjashi

Spread a loving vibe with the pretty floral Virgo constellation. It is a representation of innocence, beauty, and art. A super tattoo on a woman’s neck.


24. Universal Virgo


Virgo Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: annabakertattoo

Get this minimalistic Virgo constellation tattoo on your arm or shoulder. This design shows that beauty and artistic skills can be displayed with simplicity.


Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

Aquarius is known to be the 11th zodiac sign and has a mesmerizing constellation. So, let’s go and take a look at the top Aquarius constellation designs.


25. Constellation In Color


Aquarius Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: clairejacksonartwork

Make your Aquarius constellation more unique by adding a smudged watercolor effect to it. This design will look especially stunning on women’s thighs or arms.


26. The Aquarius Tribute


Aquarius Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: mamidecuatro._

Pay a tribute to a family member or loved one with this Aquarius constellation art. The design, on this woman’s side,  shows respect and love towards an Aquarius zodiac person.


27. Gifted Constellation


Aquarius Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: uh_mill_yuh

Give yourself a thoughtful gift and a boost of confidence with the Aquarius constellation tattoo. The design is suitable for both males and females and represents cleverness, optimism, and self-reliance.


Capricorn Constellation Tattoo

Let us talk about the Capricorn constellation. Known for its iconic goat symbol and unique traits, the tattoo designs are attention-grabbing as well.


28. The Dotted Goat


Capricorn Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: unbroken.crue

Get a uniquely designed Capricorn constellation tattooed over a dotted goat. The dotwork design speaks volumes in terms of the skills and creativity of the artist.


29. Candy Worm Constellation


Capricorn Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: blizziecat

Turn the regular constellation tattoo of Capricorn into a fun one with worms and candies. This style is a depiction of fun, art, and the goofy side of life.


30. The Overlapping Circles


Capricorn Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: kyasarincatherine

Enhance the beauty of the Capricorn constellation design by replacing the start with circles. The overlapping positions of the circles make the tattoo unique and creative.


Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo




Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: mglatattoo




Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: mglatattoo




Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: _bodyculture_tattoo


Orion Constellation Tattoo




Orion Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: lilemilyhk




Orion Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: goldvenomtattoo




Orion Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: alcyone_cr


Star Constellation Tattoo




Star Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: maiart.sticks




Star Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: wimbsie.art




Star Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: rhiannonstattooart


Zodiac Constellation Tattoo




Zodiac Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: bespoketattoos




Zodiac Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: madamharu_tattoo




Zodiac Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: maito_tattoo


Draco Constellation Tattoo




Draco Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: sami.beetattooed




Draco Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: amandacosta.tattoo




Draco Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: emde_marek_donocik


Flower Taurus Constellation Tattoo




Flower Taurus Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: tattoo.montenegro




Flower Taurus Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: heartpotiontattoo




Flower Taurus Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: becca_b_87


Constellation Freckle Tattoos




Constellation Freckle Tattoo 1
Source: savreyink




Constellation Freckle Tattoo 2
Source: magickbrows




Constellation Freckle Tattoo 3
Source: popleopod


Minimalist Constellation Tattoos




Minimalist Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: kalakaarshaggy




Minimalist Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: barbisurmantattoo




Minimalist Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: casabonne_tattoos


Moonchild Cancer Constellation Tattoo




Moonchild Cancer Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: icy.pada




Moonchild Cancer Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: faithhopelove1975




Moonchild Cancer Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: kelliewillo


Cassiopeia Constellation Tattoo




Cassiopeia Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: the.autumnbreeze




Cassiopeia Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: inkcup_




Cassiopeia Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: alan_tattoo_party


Flower Constellation Tattoo




Flower Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: abra_karbin_ceramics




Flower Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: liekdoro




Flower Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: diamonddozentattoo


Pleiades Constellation Tattoo




Pleiades Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: paranorma_




Pleiades Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: the_art_of_yivah




Pleiades Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: yangzhenlee


Big Dipper Constellation Tattoo




Big Dipper Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: nataliemae.ink




Big Dipper Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: kristinevodon




Big Dipper Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: ocelottreats_tattoos


Seven Sisters Constellation Tattoo




Seven Sisters Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: anastasiaosolin




Seven Sisters Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: oliviafercioni.tattoo




Seven Sisters Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: doterif_tattoo_lbc


Night Sky Constellation Tattoo




Night Sky Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: maky_amazink_tattoo




Night Sky Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: katdemon_ink




Night Sky Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: o.ri_tattoo


Dragon Constellation Tattoo




Dragon Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: monsteratattootr




Dragon Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: rezendesgina




Dragon Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: desperatelyseekingdragons


Fox Constellation Tattoo




Fox Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: skincredible_tattoo




Fox Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: pinkcosmetictattoo




Fox Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: pinkie_tattoo_


Horoscope Constellation Tattoos




Horoscope Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: moony.ink




Horoscope Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: da_vicino_gmbh




Horoscope Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: houseonmarsbeirut


Pegasus Constellation Tattoo




Pegasus Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: paralinetattoo




Pegasus Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: chewbaccatanzt




Pegasus Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: ineffable_days


Rose Constellation Tattoo




Rose Constellation Tattoo 1
Source: ninehearts.tattoo




Rose Constellation Tattoo 2
Source: momozawairezumi




Rose Constellation Tattoo 3
Source: tool4greta84



Constellation tattoos are unique and trending at the moment. With the beautiful additions and artistic touches, the looks of these designs are enhanced significantly. After going through the guide with us, I hope you now have chosen the tattoo you want according to your zodiac sign or preference.

Choose your tattoo design wisely and make sure to check the creativity and talent of the artist. And make sure to make any modifications or changes to the design per your choice.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Constellation Tattoos?

Constellations are a group of stars in the sky that come together to form a particular shape. These constellations are pretty and are often seen as tattoo designs.

What Does A Constellation Tattoo Represent?

Constellation tattoos have various beautiful meanings depending on the design. Typically, the constellation tattoos represent personality traits based on the sign and myth.

What are the Risks of Getting a Constellation Tattoo?

Even though constellation tattoos are pretty, there are a few risks involved as well. Allergies, infection, and ink fading are some of the common risks of a constellation design ink.

How to Take Care of a Constellation Tattoo?

Avoid water and keep the tattoo covered when the constellation tattoo is healing. Apply moisturizer to take care of the tattoo and contact a doctor in case of allergic reactions or infections.

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