90 Best Candle Tattoo Ideas to Express Your Inner Flame!

Candle tattoo designs are quite popular among young females. In fact, if you look at tattoo shape and color trends, you will quickly realize how popular they are. However, if you want to get into this trend but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. 

These tattoos of candles are more than just a way to show off your body; they are a way to show off your personality. They are a way to express yourself. 

Candles are a common symbol of faith, joy, and hope, so what better way to show off your spiritual side than with a beautiful tattoo of a candle?  However, if you want to get into this trend but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. 

We have gathered several unique and fashionable candle style tattoos for you, such as burning at both ends, traditional, candle finger, skull, minimalist, realistic, and so on. This blog will look at ideas for creating your own candle theme tattoo designs and ideas.

Here Are The Top xx Candle Tattoo Designs And Ideas:

Candle tattoos are a great way to show your significant other how much you care about them. This blog will show you some of the most popular candle designs. Will you choose a realistic tattoo of candle design or a more abstract version?

Candle Burning At Both Ends Tattoo

Candle burning at both ends tattoo designs and ideas are simple, but they are sure to make a statement. If you have a tattoo that you want to create with a simple design and style, then this is the option for you.


  1. Candle In Hand


Candle Burning At Both Ends Tattoo 1
Source: aaronfrancione

A candle in hand with two heads that are burning is remarkable. Around this tattoo, we can see several stars and moon symbols representing optimism for a brighter future.


2. Ring Candle


Candle Burning At Both Ends Tattoo 2
Source: drew_govan_tattoo

There is a golden ring that sparkles brightly in the center of this burning candle. This tattoo represents a man’s dedication to obtaining something great in life.


3. Candle Sun


Candle Burning At Both Ends Tattoo 3
Source: alicat_art

A candle with two heads burning, and the candle fire has a spherical crimson shadow that resembles the sun. This tattoo symbolizes the need to make a sacrifice to give something to others.


Traditional Candle Tattoo

Traditional candle tattoo designs are a popular and beautiful way to commemorate a loved one. These tattoos are also a great way to honor the deceased.


4. Two Flower Candle


Traditional Candle Tattoo 1
Source: mammothamerican

A candle is burning on a stand, and its flame is surrounded by a red circle. Again, this tattoo of a candle’s two flowers represents the death of a loved one.


5. Fire S Candle


Traditional Candle Tattoo 2
Source: tonyfascitattoos

If you look closely at the flame of this candle, you will notice an S pattern. This tattoo of a candle expresses affection for someone whose first letter is S.


6. Candle on Hand


Traditional Candle Tattoo 3
Source: weissraum.tattoo

A blazing candle is perched on a girl’s hand, and candle wax is melting. This tattoo is devoted to mothers who make sacrifices to raise their children.


Candle Finger Tattoo

A candle finger tattoo is a thing of beauty. It’s an intricate design that takes time to complete. This kind of tattoo also shows your personality. 


7. Burning Fingers


Candle Finger Tattoo 1
Source: tattooidea4u

Eight fingers blazing like candles represent a man’s eight years of misery. This tattoo depicts a man’s struggle to achieve greatness in a very realistic manner.


8. Fighter Hand Candle


Candle Finger Tattoo 2
Source: nofacetattoo

A fighting hand with a blazing candle on it appears to be quite aggressive. The yellow flame in this tattoo represents the concept of friendship.


9. Four Finger Burning


Candle Finger Tattoo 3
Source: macks_pain_tattoo_shop

A man’s four fingers are lit up like candles, and there are some zodiac signs on his finger. This tattoo of candles expresses someone’s love for the zodiac and its signs.


Minimalist Candle Tattoo

Minimalist candle tattoo designs are the newest trend in tattoo art. They offer a new way to express yourself and your love for your significant other. It’s a timeless and modern trend.


10. Just A candle


Minimalist Candle Tattoo 1
Source: tatt.gabi

A candle painting that is created in a basic manner looks fantastic. This tattoo can be applied on one’s legs. This candle’s shadow & details are incredibly precise and authentic.


11. One Candle


Minimalist Candle Tattoo 2
Source: honeybeetattoo_leo

This candle reminds me of Aladdin’s magical lamp, which has the ability to fulfill a desire. This tattoo is straightforward and may be readily tattooed on a man’s thigh.


12. Love Candle


Minimalist Candle Tattoo 3
Source: weareyoung.tt

A candle on a love sign represents the romantic scenario of a candlelit dinner with your girlfriend or wife. This tattoo would make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for your wife.


Skull Candle Tattoo

A skull candle tattoo is a great way to keep the spirit of a loved one. The design symbolizes the passage of time. You can use this skull design for a family member who has passed or someone who has a birthday.


13. Burning skull Candle


Skull Candle Tattoo 1
Source: noidolsnyc

A scarlet skull which is actually a candle & it is glowing brightly. This tattoo indicates that you miss someone who is no longer with you yet cannot forget him/her.


14. Burning Dark skull


Skull Candle Tattoo 2
Source: themactatty

A black skull with spooky eyes and a blazing candle looks one-of-a-kind. This tattoo depicts someone who has a lot of responsibilities and works struggling to ensure them.


15. Cold Skull Candle


Skull Candle Tattoo 3
Source: blackspadetattoo

A skull candle with a cold blue color looks very eye catchy. People who love tattoos of candles will love it on their calf.


Candle Hand Tattoo

The candle hand tattoo design is simple enough for anyone to do. This design is perfect for those who want to get a tattoo but cannot decide on what design to get. It can be done with a needle in a matter of minutes.


16. Candle Girl


Candle Hand Tattoo 1
Source: lilousangre

A girl is holding a candle that is burning and illuminating the scene. This tattoo represents the sacrifice of girls in our society as they give birth to a new baby.


17. Dead Hand Candle


Candle Hand Tattoo 2
Source: _signatureink

This tattoo shows the theme of sacrifice that a man gives his life to save people. Here we can see a skull hand holding a candle, giving us light.


18. Eye In Hand Candle


Candle Hand Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosnob

An eye in hand and the fingers are candles that are burning and look very cool and mysterious. This tattoo is one of the most popular candle tattoos among young people.


Melting Candle Tattoo

If you are looking for a unique tattoo design, you should consider a melting candle design. Choosing the wax color, the design, and the amount of wax that you want on the design is up to you.


19. Dark blue candle


Melting Candle Tattoo 1
Source: joscha_johnson

A dark blue candle is burning, and the light it emits symbolizes sacrifices. This tattoo’s wax melting looks really genuine and awesome.


20. Volcano Candle


Melting Candle Tattoo 2
Source: northernglorytattoos

A candle that burns like a volcano and has a very short life period. This tattoo may be used to cover up previous tattoos and is perfect for a girl’s hand.


21. Moon Fire Candle


Melting Candle Tattoo 3
Source: blandine_diotima

A red candle with a moon sign on it and blue smoke around it looks extremely wonderful. This can be tattooed on a women’s back.


Realistic Candle Tattoo

Realistic candle tattoo can be a great way to light up your life. People often use these designs to improve their moods and to have a calming effect on themselves.


22. Butterfly Candle


Realistic Candle Tattoo 1
Source: umgak_tatt

A genuine house candle with an orange circle is burning. And if you look closely at this tattoo, you will notice a little orange butterfly representing faith.


23. White Smoke Candle


Realistic Candle Tattoo 2
Source: jakeriebtattoos

A candle fights the darkness, and its white smoke represents peace. This tattoo reminds us that we must bring harmony no matter what obstacles come our way.


24. Five Candle Stand


Realistic Candle Tattoo 3
Source: yoda_ink

A royal candle stands with five candles that are illuminated. This tattoo represents hope, love, peace, confidence, and respect.


Double Sided Candle Tattoo

When it comes to making a double-sided candle tattoo, a lot of people are trying to come up with their own designs. Some ideas are below to make it easier to come up with your own designs.


25. Smoke Snake Candle


Double Sided Candle Tattoo 1
Source: crappy_name

A double-sided candle with dark smoke moving the candle’s body like a snake looks fantastic and stylish. 


What does a double sided candle tattoo mean

A double-sided candle tattoo reminds you to slow down. An old saying says that if you burn the candle at both ends, you will burn out.




Double Sided Candle Tattoo 2
Source: redeyetattooz




Double Sided Candle Tattoo 3
Source: the_ink_cherub


Candle Light Tattoo




Candle Light Tattoo 1
Source: non_lee_ink




Candle Light Tattoo 2
Source: tattooist_solar




Candle Light Tattoo 3
Source: kayandaya


Negative Space Candle Tattoo




Negative Space Candle Tattoo 1
Source: needlejonny




Negative Space Candle Tattoo 2
Source: ennui_goth_




Negative Space Candle Tattoo 3
Source: jastrzabska_tattoo


Candle Neck Tattoo




Candle Neck Tattoo 1
Source: house.inks




Candle Neck Tattoo 2
Source: zacktatu




Candle Neck Tattoo 3
Source: kota_marysue


Birthday Candle Tattoo




Birthday Candle Tattoo 1
Source: lucette_atelier.d




Birthday Candle Tattoo 2
Source: cohv_ink




Birthday Candle Tattoo 3
Source: raynamiyagiwalker


Blown Out Candle Tattoo




Blown Out Candle Tattoo 1
Source: tattoosnob




Blown Out Candle Tattoo 2
Source: mitchwolfftattoons




Blown Out Candle Tattoo 3
Source: nickxbennett


Candle Flash Tattoo




Candle Flash Tattoo 1
Source: tomhamel_tattoo




Candle Flash Tattoo 2
Source: yoshi_tattooer




Candle Flash Tattoo 3
Source: lewisparkertattoo


Candle Holder Tattoo




Candle Holder Tattoo 1
Source: dzeone




Candle Holder Tattoo 2
Source: harryhuntertattoo




Candle Holder Tattoo 3
Source: benjarongtattoo_family


Candle Lantern Tattoo




Candle Lantern Tattoo 1
Source: hannahspencertattoo




Candle Lantern Tattoo 2
Source: cfarm_errr




Candle Lantern Tattoo 3
Source: longstorytattoo


Candle Sleeve Tattoo




Candle Sleeve Tattoo 1
Source: robescot




Candle Sleeve Tattoo 2
Source: katco2_katco2




Candle Sleeve Tattoo 3
Source: mortintattoo


Candle Smoke Tattoo




Candle Smoke Tattoo 1
Source: lukaszbejtu




Candle Smoke Tattoo 2
Source: adrixell_tattoos510




Candle Smoke Tattoo 3
Source: ego_md


Candle Stick Tattoo




Candle Stick Tattoo 1
Source: dollheart.tattoos




Candle Stick Tattoo 2
Source: rubydoo_tattoo




Candle Stick Tattoo 3
Source: soi.sauce_


Candle Throat Tattoo




Candle Throat Tattoo 1
Source: rarebreed_tattoo




Candle Throat Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosnob




Candle Throat Tattoo 3
Source: nocturnal_blood


Gothic Candle Tattoo




Gothic Candle Tattoo 1
Source: tayler.joy.tattoos




Gothic Candle Tattoo 2
Source: ballistixz




Gothic Candle Tattoo 3
Source: pateperro.ink


Religious Candle Tattoo




Religious Candle Tattoo 1
Source: evilkolors




Religious Candle Tattoo 2
Source: todd_b_ink_movement




Religious Candle Tattoo 3
Source: jimmyhtx


Lit Candle Tattoo




Lit Candle Tattoo 1
Source: zerohatt




Lit Candle Tattoo 2
Source: deos__tt




Lit Candle Tattoo 3
Source: slabzz_artist


Old School Candle Tattoo




Old School Candle Tattoo 1
Source: ratgregfield




Old School Candle Tattoo 2
Source: serwal.tattooer




Old School Candle Tattoo 3
Source: enes_tattoo_rj


Babylon Candle Tattoo




Babylon Candle Tattoo 1
Source: __brokyomind




Babylon Candle Tattoo 2
Source: ennui_goth_




Babylon Candle Tattoo 3
Source: miss_skeletor_tattoo


Candle Clock Tattoo




Candle Clock Tattoo 1
Source: rajesh_bhattachjee




Candle Clock Tattoo 2
Source: deliriousread




Candle Clock Tattoo 3
Source: prime_ink_tattoo_karlsruhe


Candle Crystal Tattoo




Candle Crystal Tattoo 1
Source: thetattoocloud




Candle Crystal Tattoo 2
Source: dzo_lama




Candle Crystal Tattoo 3
Source: jen_ink


Candle Dove Tattoo




Candle Dove Tattoo 1
Source: gracie.tattoos




Candle Dove Tattoo 2
Source: tattoo_martens




Candle Dove Tattoo 3
Source: tattoomanyalcin


Candle Dripping Wax Tattoo




Candle Dripping Wax Tattoo 1
Source: setchellart




Candle Dripping Wax Tattoo 2
Source: 7eyes_zean




Candle Dripping Wax Tattoo 3
Source: inspirebodyart



We hope you enjoyed our blog post about candle tattoo designs and ideas! There are a lot of different candle theme tattoo designs and ideas out there, so it’s hard to figure out which one is the best. 

If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot, you can check out our article for tattoo ideas that will keep your cost low. We hope you find this article helpful; feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments!


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a candle tattoo symbolize?

A candle tattoo signifies that light triumphs over darkness, and good triumphs over evil. Also, it can symbolize honor and wisdom during darkness.


What does a big candle flame mean?

A big candle flame represents a person’s willpower and patience.


What is meant by burning candle?

A burning candle means working from early morning until late at night and getting very little rest.

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