90 Superb Virgo Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women

Virgo tattoos are usually inspired by the sixth constellation on the zodiac. Many tattoo artists and enthusiasts love to interpret this astrological sign in different variants of tattoos.

They are also known as the earth element tattoos. Mostly they are drawn in colors that give them the cold and dry vibe.

These tattoos are also seen to contain a maiden which is the symbol of the Virgo constellation. She is used for representing the myths that peoples believe in about ancient Virgo.

In this article, we’ll go through the meanings of these Virgo tattoos and their meanings. We’ll also go through some amazing designs that’ll surely make you fall in love with them.


What is the meaning of Virgo?

The word Virgo originated from the Latin word “maiden”. It is used to describe a beautiful and young unmarried woman. In astrology, the word Virgo is used to represent a constellation. In Greek mythology, it was used to connect the goddess of food and agriculture.


90 Virgo Tattoo Ideas

Back in the day, Virgo was used to describe the change in seasons. There are a lot of Virgo tattoos with a mix of styles that represent seasonality, beauty, and, characters.


  1. Vibrant Flower

Source: leejacktattoo

The small and colorful flower is the signature flower of the Virgo. The above flower has vibrant blue and purple colors. The symbol at the bottom is representing the Virgo zodiac sign. A superb tattoo with great colors.


2. Minimal Constellation

Source: trueink_tattoos

Minimalism is the key point of this tattoo. The stars have aligned in a formation that looks like a Virgo symbol and the earth is in the middle of it. Just like the element of this Zodiac this tattoo has the earth in the middle.


3. Ornamental Mountain

Source: sabilmohan_gnd

A mountain is drawn at the top of an ornament-like object. The circle of the jewelry has the official sign of Virgo. The tattoo has a combination of filigree style and the zodiac sign. They both compliment each other.


4. Seductive Virgo

Source: rty6106

A young woman with gorgeous eyes is looking straight at the person in front of the tattoo. There is a beautiful rose at the bottom. Her body language is very seductive. There is magic in her glazing eyes. A seductive representation of a maiden.


5. Ornament Virgo Tattoo

Source: officialtimboink

A set of earrings are drawn as tattoos. The moon is connected with the sun that has a very small contact point. The symbols in the middle of the sun give it an iconic look. The flowers are an indication of the nature of Virgo which is to bloom agriculture.


6. Gorgeous Beauty

Source: yggdrasil.tattoo.studio

An outlined princess is drawn at the side of the arm with highly detailed flowers. The girl looks so beautiful and she has a butterfly sitting on her hair. The sign on her chest is a great indication of her innocent and virgin spirit.


7. The deadly fruit

Source: prolific.dtla

An apple has a spooky wax over it. The background has a cold blue color which is used to represent the Virgo sign. A colorful hand tattoo with good details. It reminds me of the capture of the goddess’s daughter.


8. Sparkling Flowers

Source: prolific.dtla

The sparkles of these tattoos are like the zodiac constellation of the Virgo. The flowers are drawn with the help of negative space. Most of all the symbol is popping out in this tattoo.


9. Outlined Sign

Source: casabonne_tattoos

The official sign that is used to represent the maiden is drawn on a women’s thigh. The sign looks like a cutout from a cargo cloth. It blends with nature easily, just like the goddess of agriculture.


10. World Carrier

Source: inkbyari

A Goddess can be seen holding the world in her hand. She looks like the one who was believed to be the one responsible for the greenery on this planet. This tattoo shows that nature and her carrying the world only enhances the fact.


11. Maiden In Flower

Source: courtneyc_tattooartist

A gorgeous young lady is depicted on this tattoo on a woman’s arm. She has a small bird over her finger and there are flowers under her. The tattoo is drawn with just the outlines. Her beauty and youth suggest she is a Virgo herself.


12. The Luna Cycle and Virgo

Source: clubtattoo

Throughout the month, the moon can be seen on many stages. This luna cycle shows different stages of the moon. In the middle, there are some abstract colors and the sars have created the Virgo constellation.


13. Clean Typography

Source: retrosmitsink

The word VIRGO which is used to describe a virgin young lady is written on a women’s back of the arm. The tattoo is simple and only uses clean typography. This indicates her beliefs in astrology.


14. Floral Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Source: flowerprint_princess

Small and vibrant colors are the flowers of Virgo. In this tattoo, we can see a lot of different colors of small flowers that are used to create the constellation of Virgo. A tattoo that leaves a bold statement.


15. Constellation On Forearms

Source: cosmicinktattoos

A man’s forearm can be seen with a tattoo that is inspired by the maiden. The mountain in the bottom has good shadings and there’s a constellation sign. The mountain in this tattoo is representing the element of this zodiac sign which is earth.


16. Clashing Colors

Source: a2thao

Three different colors are clashing in this tattoo. There is an eye-like shape on the left side of the tattoo. The placement on the lower side of the hand makes it a compact and handsome tattoo.


17. Thunder Aubductor

Source: elaine.tattoo

A UFO can be seen to take a man inside it. There is a thunder shape on this tattoo. There are two outlines on this thunder tattoo one is red and one is blue. There is a combination of the stars that indicates that it might take it to some other place.


18. Romantic Virgo Quote Tattoo

Source: noearthwithout_art

The quote from this tattoo says, “For you, I’ll fly”. It is such a romantic phrase on a hand tattoo. Both hands have combined together to form this tattoo.


19. Brittany On Heart

Source: blizziecat

A wonderful tattoo on the chest of this woman. There is a moon at the center of the tattoo. The name Brittany over the chest indicates that she is a Virgo herself. A beautiful tattoo for a woman.


20. Viral Constellation

Source: blizziecat

A few cartoonish-looking viruses can be seen on this tattoo. The stars are also there in forming a constellation. One star is labeled as “mine” it indicates that he/she is a sick person and is a true believer her astrological sign is responsible for that.


21. Small Virgo Tattoo

Source: inkspiration_studio

A small tattoo of the zodiac sign Virgo is drawn on the side of a woman’s chest. The stars have been replaced by small flowers. A good choice for ladies who are looking for a small tattoo.


22. White Flower Constellation

Source: nmartin513

Usually, the flowers that represent Virgo are colorful and vibrant. However, in this tattoo, the flowers are all white. but they have created a form that indicates the symbol of virgins.


23. Virgo Thigh Tattoo

Source: bea.iglesias.tattoo

A woman’s thigh has been inked by a gorgeous galactic tattoo. The stars are highly visible and there are flowers all around them. The abstract background gives this a unique look.


24. Binary Astrology

Source: jawnwinchester

The astrological sign in this tattoo is companied by some binary digits. Two different forms of tattoo styles are combined in this tattoo. It suggests that despite having an opposite view they can create something meaningful.


25. Ankle Flowers

Source: gulsahcindaruk

A young energetic girl can be seen with a tattoo of a flower that has a partial zodiac sign. Although the tattoo itself doesn’t scream a maiden the subject is an indication of exactly that.


26. Angelic Blue

Source: unbroken.crue

A splash of blue color can be seen on this vibrant tattoo. The blue color looks like a water-based shape and the stars have created a simple yet detailed look. A cute tattoo for girls.

27. Dotted Signs

Source: kachnina_inks

The connections that are formed in this tattoo are connected by simple dots. There are also other elements such as the moon and other stars around it. It indicates that the connections are not permanent and can tear at any time.


28. Floral Filigree Virgo

Source: township31

A breathtaking young woman has a floral styles tattoo on her chest. The tattoo is combined with filigree style and small sparkling objects have formed a nice mixture. It is representing the fertile nature of a Virgo.


29. Virgo And Moon

Source: mrsholland21

A small moon can be seen beside a maiden symbol. The subject is a woman and her having this tattoo suggests that she is a strong believer in astrology.


30. Virgo Globe

Source: phil_contreallee

A hexagon-shaped map of the world is in the middle of this tattoo. The stars are going through the map which divided the map into three parts. It means that beliefs can make separations between the organized as well.


31. Resting Flower

Source: gabibarratattoo

A beautiful flower can be seen resting on the curve of the moon. The top end of the moon slightly touches the star’s formation. It represents the caring nature of the moon and the symbiotic nature of the Virgo.


32. Modern Life

Source: namastetattoo_

The activities of modern life are connected through dotted lines. They are as basic as taking food to travel in an airplane. The tattoo rests on the back of a woman’s triceps. A wonderful tattoo with ordinary elements.


33. Jewels And Flower

Source: jurgurgur

Two red crystals in the middle of this tattoo take all the attention. There is a flower at the top and a disconnected Virgo sign on this tattoo. The jewels give this tattoo a girly look.


34. Virgo Dance

Source: jenburt23

Two long-tailed fish can be seen at this tattoo. Both of them are dancing with each other. Two maiden signs suggest that they both represent a Virgo. This shows the bond and match between two kinds of creatures.


35. Crowned Virgo Sign tattoo

Source: analyn.amparo

The iconic symbol of the most compatible astrological sign can be seen with a crown on this tattoo. The crown indicates the dominance of this group of people.


36. Pointy Virgo Sign 

Source: fono_da_artist

The edges of this mark are pointy. It looks kind of like a bent arrow. The sharp edges indicate a vicious nature which is totally opposite of a Virgo. A wonderful clash between two qualities.


37. Marked Finger

Source: eelstattoos

A Virgi sign is drawn at the ring finger of an engaged person. The symbol on that finger indicated that he/she is committed to a relationship with a maiden.


38. Invisible Symbol

Source: medusenoire_tattoo

The symbol on this tattoo is drawn with the help of negative space. The flowers around this symbol are heavily detailed and shaded. The symbol itself is invisible in a sense.


39. Devil Tailed Virgo Sign Tattoo

Source: josie.tattoos

The tattoo on this man’s shoulder is supposed to represent a Virgo glyph but the way it is depicted indicates evil. The curved part looks like the tail of the devil and the claws of a life-taking weapon. overall, an evil-looking tattoo.


40. Virgo Symbols Tattoo

Source: fatboy_og

A tattoo that contains the symbols that represent the earth, mercury glyph, and the glyph symbol are both present in this tattoo. It is sowing the elements and nature of this constellation. A symbolic tattoo indeed!!



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Source: catnip_farmer


Source: mementopublishing


Source: leona_tattooer


Source: royalbitch.tattoos


Source: she.tattz


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Source: lilaggie_tattoos


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Source: blackdroptattooart


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Source: inkaholictattoo.isla


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Source: constance.tattoo


Source: saltyparrotcaptain



Source: superrgeek


Virgos are used to represent love, fertility, nourishment, etc. Hopefully, these Virgo tattoos were able to convey those messages through their unique style.

If you are looking for a tattoo that is recognized by a majority of people and is a firm believer of the astrological signs, then consider giving them a try. Also if you were born in a Virgo month they could be a good way to express that. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these tattoos with other styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What God is Virgo?

Virgo is the God of Agriculture.

Who is the Virgo goddess?

In Greek mythology, Demeter is the Virgo Goddess.

What symbol is a Virgo?

The symbol used to describe Virgo is a Virgin.

What is a Virgo Maiden?

Virgo Maiden is an ancient virgin.

What is the Virgo animal?

The Virgo animal is a bee.

What is the Virgo flower?

Bright and small flowers ie: Buttercup and Veronica are known as Virgo flowers.

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