71 Horseshoe Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

The horseshoe tattoo is a simple but memorable symbol. Like any other symbol, the interpretation of these varies with the person wearing it and the other symbols that are displayed beside it. The horseshoe is an enduring symbol, and we know how much it means to you because it is permanently imprinted on your skin or displayed prominently in your home.

Read on to learn the significance of the horseshoe as a tattoo design or a necklace pendant. The significance of the horseshoe tattoo and its many iterations will also be discussed. After reading this, you should feel better equipped to make decisions regarding whether or not to have a horseshoe tattoo.


71 Horseshoe Tattoos Designs and Ideas

In spite of its out-of-the-ordinary focus, the horseshoe’s symbolic significance is actually quite positive. It is considered a good omen to discover a horseshoe on the side of the road. Due to advancements in technology, a horseshoe is now extremely rare to come across. As a result, many opt for a horseshoe tattoo. The traditional meaning of the horseshoe tattoo is one of good fortune, achievement, and financial well-being. This style can be worn by both sexes, making it quite adaptable. This tat not only represents fortune but joy as well. Additionally, the horseshoe tattoo is often accompanied by additional designs, such as a star, dice, four-leaf clover, or flower.

Intricate horseshoe designs are included in the horseshoe with vines tattoo, which also includes a tangle of leaves. A majority of people choose to place this design on their backs because it appears best there when printed in black and when enlarged. The addition of green ink on the vine by some tattooists makes the pattern stand out.

A minimalist horseshoe tattoo is another unique design pattern that is often inked on the wrist, inner bicep, or upper chest. There’s some artwork of a horseshoe on it, but it’s really subdued and uses a pointillism or vector style. And, it’s more aesthetically pleasing in a monochromatic black or grey scheme.


Traditional Horseshoe Tattoo

Horseshoes are used by those who wish to ward off harm in the real world. Traditionally, males have been portrayed as stalwart, fearless guardians of the cosmos. However, who safeguards them? All men have fears, uncertainties, and past failures hiding beneath their outer layers of skin. Even the most powerful man needs protection, and a traditional horseshoe tattoo can provide that.

Here are some traditional horseshoe tattoo designs for protection-


  1. Oasis
Source: heath.tattoos

The design is quite a colorful one. The palm tree at the end of the golden sand field suggests Hope. Along with hope, the upward-facing horseshoe enunciates good luck. And the two white lilies further add to its aesthetics.


2. Shod Horse

Source: luckyluketattooer

This monochrome design with a horse head inside the horseshoe emits a pure traditional vibe. The design is very symmetric and the floral attachment at the bottom makes the design looks so vintage.


3. A&N

Source: zarahdiezitronetattoo

This design can be a memento or a tribute to your muscly friend. It’s a simple design with just a horseshoe ornated with a rose. The shoe has a metallic shade to it which makes the design very appealing.


Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo

Placing a horseshoe with the points facing upward is thought to attract any luck that may be in the vicinity. Some believe that displaying a horseshoe with the points facing downwards is unlucky because doing so releases the good fortune that had been stored up in the object.

If you also want to collect some good luck then these are the designs that will suit you best-


4. Lucky Star 

Source: bendaviestattoo

This particular piece is filled with splashes of colors. The mixture of red and yellow along with tiny stars and shiny metal bodies gave it a Mexican cowboy vibe. This piece can be a fine choice for you if you like the colorful vibrance.


5. Royal Emblem

Source: crookedvillainchris

This one is rather aristocratic. The gold-plating on black metal with a mixture of elegant daisy flowers gave this piece a subtle touch of aristocracy. This can be a great choice for people who love elegant designs.


6. Tribal Beat

Source: drug.store.cowgirl

As for the last design of this section, this monochrome piece is quite an enchantment. The design, on the back of arm, is ornated with Samoan style pattern which looks superbly col with the monochrome figure.


Simple Horseshoe Tattoo

Horseshoe tattoos are generally worn on the lower legs pointing upwards. It is said that the U shape collects the good luck that is floating around. The simple horseshoe tattoos are simplistic in design with one horseshoe and a flower at the bottom. These designs can be colorful or monochrome, and the patterns within can be a bit more intricate, complex, eye-catchy, and vibrant.

Here are some inspirations if you’re looking for one-


7. Boomerang

Source: amp_tat2

This tattoo is vibrant in color and design. The artist inked it in such a colorful way that it gives an ethnic flavor. And with the floral design at the bottom, this tattoo, designed on a woman’s sleeve, will surely catch some eyes.


8. Metallic Rose

Source: elisarusso000

This design is just perfect for any metalhead for it is ornated with vibrant red and pitch black color. Its compact size is precisely designed for upper ankle placement. Overall, this piece is gothic and vibrant at the same time, making it bold but subtle.


9. Pink Pony

Source: mortuarytattoo

The inking method is based on water-coloring. This piece is fluently colorful with light blue and yellow which makes it a treat for the eyes. Wherever on your body, you decide to ink it on, it will complement your body.


Dainty Horseshoe Tattoo

Tattoos are always cool. But it can be cooler with a bit of personal touch. A little addition of extra something like some floral design or gothic structure to the original design can ace the aestheticism. After all, who doesn’t love a little extravaganza, right? Well, in this section, we bring you some intricate masterpiece of horseshoe tattoos that looks way cooler and a bit dainty.

Here are the ideas-


10. Floral Flow

Source: fairyontheprairie

The design is a bit irregular but in a good way! This piece is distinctively monochrome with a soft and sympathetic tone. In addition, the subtle floral design added an extra brisk to it!


11. Fiona

Source: justincariaga

The whole piece is richly decorated with flowers and veins. It’s monochrome, it’s intricate, it’s shiny, it’s slender, and it’s gorgeous! All of these while being subtle. Talk about sheer artistry!


12. Black Rose

Source: kanetattooer

Rose is always about elegance and poetic beauty. This piece is no less than that. The stencil is hidden under the thorny black rose with a grainy art style. Which looks very alluring, elegant, and a bit tragic.


Horseshoe Tattoo Stencil

The stencil refers to the metal U shaped horseshoe. In stencil horseshoe tattoo designs, the center piece of the design is the stencil itself. However, as decorative parts, there can be flowers and rapid coloring. These designs are eye catchy but quite subtle and are perfectly suitable for both males and females.

Here are a few amazing ideas-


13. Crispy Sea

Source: pakotattooclassic

This piece is rapidly explosive with color. The two roses at the bottom are also very vibrant and thorny. And as an extra artistic touch, it is designed with sea scenery between the horseshoe.


14. Sublime Shoe

Source: stephanie_melbourne

With the soft violet and pink flowers, this design has a meditative tone to it. And the shoe is also softly colored without any extravaganza. This mixture of meditative softness made this design alluring and perfect for women bodies.


15. Afro Wilderness

Source: chemilieon.tattoo

This particular piece has a wild African flavor to it. Its vibrant and atonal coloring made this design appealing with vibrance. And the wild floral design added some extra crisp to it.


Sailor Jerry Horseshoe Tattoo

Sailor Jerry was the most renowned face of old-fashioned tattoo design in America. During his Navy years, he was astonished with the Southeast Asian artistry and later he adopted that into his designs. He is well known for designs of snakes, motor heads and pistons, nautical stars, pin-up girls and many other. He followed the hand-pricking method originally.

However, those days are long past, but the legacy continues. Today, Sailor Jerry is the name of a renowned tattoo shop that dedicated the shop to the legendary Sailor Jerry. They follow Jerry’s footstep in old-fashioned tattoo art and as matter of fact, nailing it!

So, here are some old-fashioned sailor jerry styled horseshoe tattoo design ideas from Sailor Jerry-


16. Monochrome Luck

Source: jalda_tattoo

This horseshoe tattoo is facing downwards as the indication of it is throwing out all the bad luck. It is designed with a vintage tone and floral decoration.


17. Vibrant Luck

Source: mariebucktattoo

This design is the colorful adaptation of the previous one. It is also facing downwards and depicts the meaning of getting rid of bad luck.


18. Dark Knight

Source: rachel_meister_art

This one is rather a meaningful one. One side of the shoe is portrayed as a magnet that is attracting good luck. But the downwards placement indicates the wearer is getting the bad luck out. Overall, it’s a very thoughtful design and pretty appealing one too.


Horseshoe Tattoo Design

Horseshoe tattoo design can be placed anywhere on the body. These designs are usually placed upwards or downwards. These tattoos look vintage and alluring on both sexes. And mostly portrays luck. If you’re looking for some eye catchy and appealing designs then follow this section-


19. Earring

Source: czarna_wdowa_tattoo

The placement of this design is subtle and cool. The piece is tiny but fairly detailed. It is facing upwards and indicating the good luck collection. And its placement behind the ear makes it look like an earring.


20. Wrist Band

Source: jhonnymtattoo

This design is very subtle. The wrist band design along with other ornamenting pieces, features a tiny horseshoe. The horseshoe is facing downwards which indicates, the wearer is getting rid of bad luck.



Source: sinisterspud

This design has a county vibe in it. Its serious black color along with shiny metal gave it a subtle gothic look. and the floral bottom added some extra appeal to it.


Old School Horseshoe Tattoo

Sailor Jerry is the father of the old school horseshoe tattoos. These designs feature an old-school vibe in its overall design, artistry, and coloring. They are often vintage and wrapped with ethnic flavor. These designs are cool looking and quite rich in symbolism.

Here are some inspirational designs for you-


22. Vintage Black

Source: ilpipitattoo

The classic combination of red and black. This design is subtle, gothic, and sheerly eye-catchy. Wherever you want it to get inked, it will be a compliment to your skin.


23. Red Indian Horse

Source: serwal.tattooer

This piece has a tribal and ethnic flavor to it with its intricate coloring method. It is colored with the classic red Indian tribe color- red, yellow, and black. This crispy and rapid coloring made this piece just perfect for the spiritual bunch.


24. Fuck Luck

Source: clawww_tattoo

Generally, people get horseshoe tattoos for collecting good luck. However, in this design, the shoe is facing downwards and inked with the words “Fuck Luck”. So, this piece is going to be a masterpiece for people who don’t believe in luck or like the concept.


Horseshoe Tattoo Foot

Horseshoe tattoos are generally worn in foot or upper ankle.


25. Horse steps

Source: tatsbyavril

This particular piece is bit irregular for horseshoe tattoo design. The artist placed them sideways where the horse tattoos are generally placed upwards or downwards. However, the design looks pretty cool with subtle minimalistic touch.



Source: crawleyboyart



Source: melissakaycarter


Vintage Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: mr.sawdust.tattoos



Source: brianvisser



Source: mitch.oscar


Double Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: snakerivertattoo



Source: dadddymactats



Source: meganjeanstattoos


Good Luck Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: joemallardtattoos



Source: deriksnell_tattoos



Source: seoneul_tattoo


Upside Down Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: thaismenandro



Source: jdbabbs



Source: amandahowtattoo


Infinity Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: arizona.artistry



Source: vanessa_cohea007



Source: l.e.n.d.e


Lucky 13 Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: tats_by_hats



Source: tiba_tattoo



Source: killdeerpress


Realistic Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: johnnycarrara_tattoo



Source: ink.tattooist



Source: misterpickles.tattoo


True Religion Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: tattooist_asuri



Source: tattoo_mack



Source: tatsbykayla


Broken Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: northsidetattooz



Source: ebtattooer



Source: sloppyfolks


Floral Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: emma_mcd



Source: kelmonsterrr



Source: galaxytattoouk


Cross Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: better_be_inked



Source: skin_break_in



Source: seoneul_tattoo


Flower Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: earl_tattoos



Source: lanabagutattoo



Source: wisewoman.tattoos


Feather Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: earl_tattoos



Source: hereticinktattoos



Source: fineline.by.iris


Horseshoe Tattoo Cover Up



Source: vlad_octavian_tattooistandoldlondonroadtattoos



Source: yourgoddamnbud



Source: brett_el_tattoo


Celtic Horseshoe Tattoo



Source: beltattoo22



Source: letsleepingdragons



Our forefathers thought that a horseshoe’s form might ward off evil spirits while also bringing luck and fertility. These designs can vary from intricate pieces from simpler and minimalistic pieces. They come in rapid colorful designs and also in simple monochrome coloring. Whatever design from the above list you choose to get inked on, it will wrap you with an aesthetic appeal.

Just choose one of these designs and get it inked by a professional. We hope you find your good luck through these designs and may all your bad luck whooshes away!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does horseshoe tattoo mean?

Many people choose to get a tattoo of a horseshoe because they believe it to be a lucky charm. Horseshoes have long been seen as significant symbols of good fortune. The horseshoe tattoo that is placed upwards means collecting the good lucks that are floating around. And the tattoo that is facing downwards indicates throwing out the bad lucks.

There are other symbolisms of horseshoe tattoos that is appurtenant to the distinguished designs. For example, the double horseshoe tattoo denotes protection from witchcraft and evil spirits; this symbol is now commonly used as a charm, often combined with another for increased security and good fortune.


2. What way should a horseshoe tattoo face?

A horseshoe tattoo can be worn in either of two prevalent styles. Placing the horseshoe so that the feet point upward is thought to bring good fortune. People who are receptive to good fortune feel that its U-shape can help them amass and store it. So, what way should a horseshoe tattoo face, depends on the insight of the wearer.


3. Where do you put a horseshoe tattoo?

It depends on the wearer actually. You can wear a horseshoe tattoo wherever you may want according to its size and shape. But it’s a common practice to wear a horseshoe tattoo on the foot or on the upper ankle as it is said to bring good luck.


4. What does upside down horseshoe mean?

It is believed that a horseshoe hung vertically in a “U” configuration will deter evil spirits and welcome good fortune into the home. If hung the other way around, however, bad fortune will leave your house. Whether or not you buy into the myth, a fortunate horseshoe hanging on the wall over the entrance makes for an intriguing decorative element.

Additionally, in body arts, it is considered unlucky to display the horseshoe upside down, as this is thought to drain the good fortune it has accrued. Others believe that the good fortune contained within the horseshoe will be lost if it is turned upside down.


5. What does double horseshoe mean?

For hundreds of years, the horseshoe has stood as a sign of luck and safety. Made mostly of iron, a metal that could withstand fire, they were designed to shield the hooves of horses as they carried their riders into combat. Today, the symbol has been turned into a charm and joined side by side with another for extra protection and good luck, as well as because it is thought to ward off witches and demons.


6. What does a star in a horseshoe mean?

The luck contained within the horseshoe is directed in the correct direction, as is appropriate for such a common emblem of good fortune. In Pennsylvania Dutch “Barn Hex” patterns, the star with one point up is sometimes used as a protective amulet against evil spirits and fires in the barn.


Happy tattooing!

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