Top 80 Kingdom Hearts Tattoo Designs for 2023

Well, you have heard about Kingdom Hearts Tattoo is a famous Japanese-themed tattoo artwork. It is designed on the body to show off a fan’s devotion to the series, a fantastic way to show off your uniqueness as well as your beloved digital animated characters.

If you ended up playing the Kingdom Hearts series of games, you had a fantastic youth! It is a series of games that really is simple to enjoy because of its endearing protagonists, lovely soundtracks, and intriguing tale.

Heads up: picking only one Kingdom Hearts tattoo idea will be difficult! You will find several of the most notable styles and designs tattoos from the classic Kingdom Hearts here.


Kingdom Hearts Tattoo Meaning:

The Kingdom Hearts is a game series that employs a large number of recurrent patterns, some of which are unique and others of which borrow from actual world origins, all of which have significant meaning for the plot and protagonists. The serial drew in a large number of fans. Tattoos can depict in a variety of ways in Kingdom Hearts.


1. Kingdom Hearts Heartless Tattoo


Kingdom Hearts Symbols
Source: charlie66tattoo

A heartless is a terrific design for people who seem to prefer something darker and edgier. Although, it displays a lack of feeling and can present in various shapes and sizes. The majority have materialized hearts that are emotionless to depict their actions.

It is excellent for those who prefer something even more gloomy and edgy. The little black human figure with yellowish orb eyeballs and bug-like antennae expresses a feeling a bit lost for an upside-down heart in the chest.


2.  Heart crown

hearts crown tattoo
Source: fishiegoblub

In the artwork, three icons are well-connected. At the top, the crown placement shows power over cruelty; and crosses over a grey-shaded edgy arrow. The red heart interlinks with the black filler heart, which attaches like a pineapple head.


3. Heart Under Monster Control

crown tattoo
Source: lor_bobo

Some people like slightly pitch-black concepts to express inner suppressed emotion. A spooky-creepy appearance holds an upside-down heart as if feeling a little misplaced.


4. Heart Pineapple Head Outlined

symbols hearts tattoo
Source: oddmaree

A well-designed bold artwork. The dark-filled heart with pineapple crown form sends a message of the gloominess in the heart. The thin black border line protects the filling of the black shape.


5. Galaxy Heart Pineapple Head

 crown hearts tattoo
Source: j.haustattooer

The brawny appearance of the devil is shackled in a galactic planet where the heart lives. The black infill heart emphasizes the red heart’s outline, indicating the melancholy from within and the devotion from outside.


Kingdom Hearts Paopu Fruit Tattoo

Paopu Fruit is star-shaped fruit that is unique to the Destiny Islands. It looks like a star. It is sometimes known as the five fingers, a powerful symbolic value. They are commonly related to the different Worlds that make up the realm and in the darkness of space are exceptionally distinct icons, faraway Worlds that fade away with time.

It is said to help companions form relationships that traverse several worlds. The fates of two individuals become entangled when they share one. Whatever happens, they will always be present in each other’s life.


6. Tale of paopu fruit

kingdom hearts heartless tattoo
Source: kupoaticenix

The tale of yellowish-orange petals with two green leaves signifies a long-term relationship, making it the pinnacle of friendship symbols. The three black seeds shape with one missing out.


7. Coloured Flower Two Leave 

symbols crown tattoo

It sends a vibe of internal connection message that defines the modest and simplicity. It links to green-shaded foliage, and a black line surrounds to emphasize protection.


8. Water Colored Flower 

 symbols wayfinder tattoo
Source: jesie.tattoos

The plain and elegantly contrasted yellow-orange are attached with green shaded define the relationship statement. It is surrounded by a black line that is splashed with red and blue water presenting happiness.


9. Dotted Line Paopu Fruit

crown symbols tattoo
Source: brini_pkmn7

Not only does the shape carries a symbolic value, but it also creates lovely patterns. The shape is drawn with a single stroke of line presenting an unbreakable connection attached with the dotted line in the midpoint. This type of tattoo is perfect for siblings.


Kingdom Hearts Wayfinder Tattoo

The Wayfinder is a whole new option. It is preferable to have one of the classic fortunate charm emblems that everyone has seen. Though it comes in different sizes and patterns, the structure remains the same. It appears that a star-shaped pattern is thoughts to bring travelers good fortune. The 5-pointed star form composes of Thalassa shells with a token holding them together in the center. The popularity can attributes to this emotional attachment. It also contains brown stitching and a knotted brown thread on the northernmost portion.


10. 2 Steel Stars Connected 

kingdom hearts paopu fruit tattoo
Source: sarahctattoos

It is a unique design. The 5-pointed red-colored with a piece in the center keeps them connected, and other tiny three-colored ties to a brown rope.


11. Splattered Wayfinder Color

 kingdom hearts crown tattoo
Source: rott3ntattoo

It is a one-of-a-kind piece.  The star is painted with a sky blue color represents anguish. It is surrounded by splatters of orange or violet color to show bliss in the heart.


12. Water Coloured Wayfinder

kingdom hearts keyblade tattoo
Source: khfan2414

An elegant masterpiece yet effortless where everything is bound together. The star and its surroundings are smeared with various colors, indicating a shift in the connection.


13. Wayfinder symbol

kingdom hearts wayfinder tattoo
Source: tattooedunicornstudio

It is a simple yet lovely work of art. A brown cord with another small star is around the five opened petal mouth-shaped blue-filled-colored star. It signifies a gesture of friendship emotionally.


14. Dark Toned Wayfinder

hearts symbols tattoo
Source: kat_attack_tattoo

The tattoo is a subtle yet stunning piece of design. The five curved leaves and a turquoise star with an extended petal’s mouth denotes an act of compassion emotion. The pattern is drawn with a dark-toned black line to reflect positivity.


15. Sharp-edged Wayfinder

heartless tattoo
Source: blacksacramenttattoo

A beautiful and understated design. A big star attaches with a mini-sized star on a warm brown thread is affixed. It features five turquoise curled leaves and a mouth made out of expanded petals. It intuitively signifies a kind gesture.


16. Glowing Orange Wayfinder

kingdom heartless
Source: whiteguysayinhi

The design is lovely and modest artwork that the glowing orange star depicts the significance and pleasure in the relationship connects with a tiny star indicating security and direction. A brown thread that binds the two stars together represents a good indication of connection.


Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Tattoo

A Keyblade is a classic and well-known pick. Another great style is that features Sora. Keys frequently appear throughout the story, owing to the main protagonists’ reliance. They are more than simply weapons. People with a strong spirit can draw this design to have a Kingdom Heart Tattoo on your body.

Such enigmatic weapons and transfer their abilities to the next dynasty. They can release any vault and grant the possessor a variety of extraordinary powers with the Keyblade. For illustration, the capacity to dispel darkness and so prevent demon powers from governing the planet.


17. Light Strike Keyblade

kingdom hearts tattoo
Source: frankiegrados

When there are multiple tat options in hand, it is better to go after a trendy and typical choice in a short period to decide. An electrifying violet radiance that glows boldly within. It defines the removal of darkness and barrier via the force of inner strength and courage.


18. Magical Keyblade

kingdom symbols tattoo
Source: videogametatts

The design is a top destination for its epic and color. A small chain is attached to the key. Its assortment of scintillating sparkles can handle by a strong-willed personality.


19. Two Majestic Keyblades

kingdom heartless tattoo
Source: nox.lux

A collection of tattoos showcases the Keyblade in a plethora of different concepts and implementations. With the precision of portrayal and majestic, unique style, the combination of structure and sharp tone for these weapons adds to the weapon’s mystery.


20. Admirer Keyblade

kingdom paopu fruit tattoo
Source: tattooer_nicky

The icon appears in a variety of conceptions and interpretations in a portfolio. Such themes are sure to satisfy any admirer. They can be as comprehensive or as simple, however, to be combined.


21. Floral Keyblade

kingdom keyblade tattoo
Source: uhhhhtaco

The pattern emerges in a multitude of thoughts and applications in a variety. It is also known for its florals, keyblade, and snake. This tattoo is intricate and takes some amount of free area to design.


22. Sophisticated Keyblade

 kingdom wayfinder tattoo
Source: tomahawk_tattoo

The design fascinates with its creativity and sophisticated appearance in a range of themes and applications. The heart and weapon position beneath the supremacy crown; the placement of icons has done a fantastic job inking a complex set using calming hues.


23. Grayscale Keyblade

hearts kingdom tattoo
Source: johnny_mink14

The Keyblade enthralls with its ingenuity and refined design. The flower intertwined with the key has been nicely produced by the black ink. It incorporates conventional techniques and creates shadows contrasted hues. The entanglement of flowers and keys depicts the embarkment new adventure.


24. Blooming Flower Keyblade

 hearts wayfinder tattoo
Source: rabbitsdentattoo

The artwork captivates with its originality and exquisite style. The growing flower surrounding the key has been beautifully created. It uses traditional ways to generate shadows with vivid colors. Watercolor tattoos of high quality might be tough to get, yet they are all stunning.


25. Keyblade Enticed with Flower

 hearts tattoo
Source: jelllysquids

The motif mesmerizes with its uniqueness and beautiful form. The composition is well balanced, and hues have added an extra glamorous look to the concept. Its position is in the center of a vivid floral that entices its surroundings.


26. Liberate Keyblade Power

wayfinder tattoo
Source: frankiegrados

The element is a unique weapon that uses to liberate power. It showcases the forms in a variety of ways, with a variety of artistic concepts and applications. It looks intriguing and has a wide range of execution. The Keyblade is a unique weapon that can be used to liberate power. This tattoo showcase the Keyblade in a variety of ways, with a variety of artistic concepts and applications. It looks intriguing and has a wide range of execution.


27. Bloodshed Keyblade

heartless symbols tattoo
Source: saxy_saxophonist_


The blade is a one-of-a-kind sword that wields to free the kingdom of the Heart’s influence. With a dash of blood crimson, the solid black ink creates to attract the key. This design truly pops because of the combination of dark tones and vibrant red embellishments.


28. Crimson Grayshade Keyblade


 heartless keayblade tattoo
Source: shawna_goettsche

The solid black ink is made with a splash of bleeding crimson blossom to draw the key. The mix of design and sharp color adds to the weapon’s enchantment with a depth of portrayal and heroic, innovative style.


29. Black Hue Keyblade

paopu fruit hearts tattoo

The crown is connected, revealing the conflict. The black and gray distinction spans the entire spectrum. Long and arduous fine line work, deep grayscale image shading, tiny thread blackness filling, and some outstanding execution of neat, crisp linework are all present.


30. War Zone Keyblade

 keyblade heartless tattoo
Source: jameskeithtattoo

The tattoo is one of the expressive designs that are criss-cross over one another. A five-letter alphabet is positioned vertically beneath the keyblades. The wildfire surrounded them. The concept’s length and width look fantastic on the forearm.


31. Two Keyblades Representation

keyblade paopu fruit tattoo
Source: tattooist_woo

The emblem is beautifully crafted and well-matched in hand. It is indeed a one-of-a-kind piece with a warm and manly style. The integrated upside-down crown and star are fantastic since it more clearly represents.


32. Ice-cream World 

crown kingdom tattoo

The representation is expressive. The ice cream and a flower that is tied to the key give out a positive vibe. The broader solid line expresses proportion and harmony to the riot of vibrant ink.


Kingdom Hearts Symbols

The heart symbols represent the beauty of the heart of all universes. It is a repository of incredible power and insight, and so many antagonists search for various purposes. However, it might become feeble and perhaps even give power. However, there is a brightness in the heart that never fades out within oneself, and one has an undeniably strong belief in the ability to bring harmony to the Kingdom.


33. Black Throne Heart

kingdom crown tattoo
Source: noirstudiotattoo

The consequence of strong-willed individuals turning heartless is gloomy; they are the hollow husk remaining behind after the hearts devour. They do, nevertheless, have the memories of the wreckage that has destroyed their soul.


34. Two Unlike Symbols Interconnected

heartless wayfinder tattoo
Source: therealinnerlip

In expressing an opinion in a meaningful way, the symbols would not need a comprehensive inking. Basic outlines are a great suggestion, particularly among people who prefer a simple look to their tattoo designs. Intertwining the red and black symbols creates a striking narrative and impact.


35. Strongly  Knotted Symbol

keyblade hearts tattoo
Source: justincariaga 

The two different sign is color in violet and black. End-to-end knots uses to link the symbols. With the addition of more hearts, knots densely draw to portray various feelings.


36. Locked Heart

hearts keyblade
Source: lais_tattoo

The tat is consists of two symbols that have been richly defined and colored in red and black. The locked symbols provide a powerful message to those who behave without feeling but with a strong will to perform.


Kingdom Hearts Crown Tattoo

A crown carries a lot of meaning and connects with success, conquest, and power. They are a significant part of the representation. An entwined heart sign is another widely distinctive feature emblem in the sequence. Like most cases, it comprises multiple beautiful gemstones, which boosts its value and meaning. It depicts an aura, which represents the divine. Individuals that get a crown tattoo as a statement could include a cross or other religious representation in their artwork.


37. Angelic Heart Crown

 hearts kyeblade tattoo
Source: essetattoo

An angelic wing heart with a crown is stunning to define liberty. To embrace, experience, bravely soar beyond the ordinary, and multicolored shards from a heart signify discouragement to unleash the power of love.


38. Dynamic Boldness

symbols tattoo
Source: weetch_tattoo

An inner wrist mark with a classic black-filled crown is a clear message of elegance and excellence. It means to emit a spiritually uplifting aura that has profound sentimental value for the individual.


39. Curled Heart Crown

kingdom tattoo

One of the most fashionable options is the simplistic yet stunning curved blue heart and yellow crown design. The curled blue heart has a unique dualism to communicate passion and melancholy.


40. Jeweled Heart Crown

 keyblade tattoo
Source: kultureshockstudio

The elegance communicates its one-of-a-kindness and sovereignty from the inside. This artwork features four different colored inks to indicate little independence, as well as accurate details and a jeweled crowning above its head.



symbols keyblade tattoo
Source: videogametatts



 heartless hearts tattoo
Source: guada_tattoo



paopu fruit symbols tattoo
Source: hdreaper



paopu fruit heartless tattoo
Source: sarahs_tats



keyblade kingdom tattoo
Source: hansimakoto



keyblade symbols tattoo
Source: beckystartattoo



hearts heartless tattoo
Source: peaches_and_ink



hearts paopu fruit tattoo
Source: dmt.tattoos



paopu fruit tattoo



symbols kingdom tattoo
Source: romacarmellatattoos



symbols heartless tattoo



symbols paopu fruit tattoo
Source: scottadamstattoos



heartless kingdom tattoo
Source: tattoosbymanny



 heartless paopu fruit tattoo
Source: rocka.artt



heartless crown tattoo
Source: diegocalderon_tattoo



paopu fruit kingdom tattoo
Source: sir_pand.a.lot



paopu fruit keyblade tattoo
Source: bakajennah



paopu fruit crown tattoo
Source: taaatimachado



paopu fruit wayfinder tattoo
Source: taka.iro_ink



keyblade crown tattoo
Source: tanuki_ink



keyblade wayfinder tattoo
Source: pendra.san



 crown heartless tattoo
Source: chloebluetattoo



 crown paopu fruit tattoo
Source: jey_jey_tattoo



crown keyblade tattoo
Source: thedissociasystem



crown wayfinder tattoo
Source: danielratattoo



kingdom hearts
Source: caleblynchtattoos



 kingdom symbols
Source: brassknucklestattooclub



 kingdom paopu fruit



kingdom keyblade
Source: ochatattooart



kingdom crown
Source: andregarciaart



kingdom wayfinder
Source: dreaminkcolortattoos



 hearts symbols
Source: ghcstlyink



hearts heartless
Source: fountainink13



 hearts paopu fruit
Source: stabbyroseink



 hearts crown
Source: samtysontattoos



 hearts wayfinder
Source: big_jim_tattoo



symbols kingdom
Source: videogametatts



 symbols hearts
Source: sabbe2002



symbols heartless
Source: hobokellyart



symbols paopu fruit
Source: videogametatts



That was a hand-picked list of the best Kingdom Hearts tattoos around. The designs of all Kingdom Hearts tattoos differ depending on what you are looking for. There is a slightly higher complexity in design. Thus it is more expensive. In the eyes or keyblade, you can observe the subtle color mixing and details. The tattoo required longer than usual to complete and looks fantastic.

These tattoos are highly detailed, and their attractiveness stems from their attention to detail. Before wrapping things off, take a brief look at how the best professionally and beautifully tattoos are designed can use color to create amazing effects.

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