87 Best Motorcycle Tattoo Ideas for Bike Lovers

There’s nothing like the freedom of the open road. There’s nothing like breathing in the fresh air, seeing the sun in the sky, and feeling the wind in your hair and the pavement at your feet. 

There’s nothing like motoring down the highway, speeding past cars and trucks, and feeling the power of your 650cc machine as you hit 80mph. 

Motorcycle tattoos depict this beautifully. You’ll see it on the biker’s chest, the backs of their hands and feet, and anywhere else they can put it on their skin. So we bring you some motorcycle gear, traditional, Indian, helmet, heartbeat, skull, etc types of tattoos.

It’s a beautiful reminder of the freedom motorcycle riders feel. Here are the top motorcycle tattoo designs and ideas for you to check out.

Here Are The Top 87 Motorcycle Tattoo Designs and Ideas:

Motorcycle tattoos have been a part of American culture for a long time. And even if you don’t have a motorcycle, you can still get a great motorcycle tattoo. Here are some of the best motorcycle-themed tattoo designs and some ideas for what you can do with a motorbike tattoo.

Motorcycle Gear Tattoo

The motorcycle gear tattoo may symbolize freedom, the number of miles, a motorcycle club, or a bike brand. These tattoos are popular because they are easy to make, and they can be customized to whatever you want.


  1. Skull Gear
Motorcycle Gear Tattoo 1
Source: he_who_walks_behind_the_rows

A motorcycle gear based on a flaming skull looks incredibly cool and stylish. In addition, the tattoo has swirling fire flames created in black and white.


2. 65432N1 Gear

Motorcycle Gear Tattoo 2
Source: theluna__

A particular number 65432N1 in a circle of motorcycle chain reminds someone of their favorite bike. People who have a strong attachment to their motorcycle would appreciate this tattoo.


3. Speed Meter

Motorcycle Gear Tattoo 3
Source: carlos.kristof

We can see motorcycle gear and a motorcycle speed meter here. And the meter shows that the bike is running at 140+ mph; this tattoo represents a man’s free existence.


Traditional Motorcycle Tattoo

A traditional motorcycle tattoo is timeless; every design is unique and tells a story. However, there are so many different designs that it can be hard to decide which design you want.


4. Holiday

Traditional Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Source: chrismahoneytattoos

People like riding their motorcycles to a beach and relaxing with friends and family. This tattoo depicts a man’s desire to relax in a beach environment.


5. Happy Rider

Traditional Motorcycle Tattoo 2
Source: rob2morrow

A skull rider rides a motorcycle on a hellfire highway, smiling and laughing. It symbolizes life as a fiery path, yet we must keep pushing forward with a smile on our faces.


6. Rain Cutter

Traditional Motorcycle Tattoo 3
Source: mrxdana

A terrible storm wants to scare a rider, but he is riding his motorbike at full speed. The tattoo reminds us that many people will try to stop us from doing good, but we must persevere.


Indian Motorcycle Tattoo

Indian Motorcycle Tattoo designs are a great way to express yourself and the uniqueness of your personality. We have provided some of our favorite Indian Motorcycle themed tattoo designs.


7. Bird Feather

Indian Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Source: billconner

A man wearing a hat shaped like a bird feather looks fantastic. And in that feather is written “Indian Motorcycle” words. This sort of native American tattoo symbolizes love for liberty.


8. Couple Ride

Indian Motorcycle Tattoo 2
Source: champion.club.taipei

A lovely couple going on a motorcycle ride, and in the sky, there is an Indian Motorcycle bike motor logo that looks unique. This tattoo shows how a motorcycle can make life easy for a small family.


9. Old Bike

Indian Motorcycle Tattoo 3
Source: motornjenn

An ancient motorbike model with an Indian brand logo shows a glimpse of old Indian motorcycle culture. This tattoo is appropriate for vintage bike enthusiasts or those who operate a vintage bike riding organization.


Motorcycle Chain Tattoo

A motorcycle chain tattoo can add a bit of originality to a biker’s ensemble. There is a range of design options, but the focal point is always the same – the motorcycle chain.


10. Star Chain

Motorcycle Chain Tattoo 1
Source: manuelita.tattoo

A star symbol made of five pieces of motorcycle chain appears superb. This tattoo is ideal for famous motorcyclists who have accomplished something noteworthy in their careers.


11. Circle 13

Motorcycle Chain Tattoo 2
Source: head2toetattoo

A circle formed of a motorcycle chain with the number 13 written inside it. This tattoo portrays a 13-member biker gang that will stick by one another in times of trouble.


12. Lenny Leo

Motorcycle Chain Tattoo 3
Source: scottycrypt

Here we can see a curb motorcycle chain named Lenny and Leo on a man’s leg. This type of tattoo represents love for lost ones. However, the details of this tattoo are quite realistic.


Motorcycle Helmet Tattoo

A motorcycle helmet tattoo is a great way to show your love of riding. Whether you have a Harley Davidson or a Suzuki, a helmet tattoo is a cool way to show your passion for motorcycles.


13. Yellow Helmet

Motorcycle Helmet Tattoo 1
Source: amandajaynetattoos

A yellow motorcycle helmet sits inside a racing lane, indicating a racing event. This tattoo symbolizes a great champion rider who won this race.


14. Old 87 Helmet

Motorcycle Helmet Tattoo 2
Source: lucasmascangni

An elderly skull with a beard and a motorcycle 87 helmet appears to be antique. It also has red eyes and a sun symbol behind it. This tattoo symbolized a man’s peak career in 1987.


15. Just Ride

Motorcycle Helmet Tattoo 3
Source: juancalderontattoo

A dark-colored motorcycle helmet with the phrase “Just enjoy the ride” written on it. This tattoo is ideal for those that enjoy taking lengthy rides.


Motorcycle Heartbeat Tattoo

The motorcycle heartbeat tattoo design usually features a motorcycle with a heartbeat line running through it. This tattoo signifies a person’s love for motorcycles and the freedom of riding them.


16. Bike Heart

Motorcycle Heartbeat Tattoo 1
Source: garzatattoo.art

A human heart rate with a motorcycle pattern indicates that a biker cannot live without his motorcycle. This tattoo is ideal for both females and boys who enjoy riding motorcycles.


17. Pulse Rate

Motorcycle Heartbeat Tattoo 2
Source: garajess_traditional_tattoos

We can notice one’s pulse indications here, which has accelerated for a motorcycle. This motorbike tattoo, on a woman’s hand, expresses admiration for American biking culture.


18. Big Heartbeat

Motorcycle Heartbeat Tattoo 3
Source: redstattooparlour

A motorcycle is speeding up a racing track, and underneath it has a number 1 N 2 3 4 5 6 that appears to be quite interesting. This motorcycle-themed tattoo is ideal for a man’s hand.


Motorcycle Tribal Tattoo

Motorcycle tribal tattoos are colorful and show a vibrant and detailed representation of a tribal icon. These tattoos are usually found on a person’s upper body and sometimes on the back, but they can also be found on a person’s legs.


19. 3 M A

Motorcycle Tribal Tattoo 1
Source: bullett_ink

If you look closely at this motorcycle tattoo, you will notice three letters: 3 M A. And the rich black tone of this tattoo adds to its style.


20. J K P Tiger

Motorcycle Tribal Tattoo 2
Source: tattooemregop

Here we can see a red motorcycle with a tiger logo on the front and a JKP sign inside. This tattoo depicts a tiger’s fierce speed and a confident man’s aura.


21. Arrow Bike

Motorcycle Tribal Tattoo 3
Source: hoglegstattoos

A motorcycle with a tribal design pattern and some tribal arrow design seems wonderful. This motorbike tattoo is distinguished by its dark color and intricate design and is best for people’s calves.


Motorcycle Skull Tattoo

There are many motorcycle skull tattoo designs, but the most popular is a skull with flames coming out of the eye sockets. This is a popular design because it symbolizes the passion for the ride that all riders share.


22. Blue Jeans Skull

Motorcycle Skull Tattoo 1
Source: youngraytattoo

A Skull wearing blue jeans and riding a motorcycle at high speed appears to be a motorcycle gang member. This tattoo’s workmanship and color scheme are stunning.


23. Fire Skull

Motorcycle Skull Tattoo 2
Source: tattooer_dh

A skull riding a fire-breathing motorcycle and a chain that spreads flames look cool. This tattoo is reminiscent of the film Ghost Rider, starring Nicolas Cage.


24. Star Rider

Motorcycle Skull Tattoo 3
Source: thematchboxhuddersfield

People are celebrating the success of a skull motorcycle racer who came first in a bike race. This tattoo is ideal for remembering one’s success in a race. And the blue and the black color combination is great.


Motorcycle Tattoo Designs

Motorcycle tattoo designs are a popular trend. They are typically very large, bold, and detailed. If you get a tattoo, you might as well get one that will last for a long time.


25. Mountain Home

Motorcycle Tattoo Designs 1
Source: edwinshaffer

This motorcycle theme tattoo expresses a person’s affection for his motherland, which is located on a mountain. So, whenever he had free time, he rode his bike to see his folks.



Motorcycle Tattoo Designs 2
Source: diegoroart



Motorcycle Tattoo Designs 3
Source: tattookadeh


Motorcycle Engine Tattoo



Motorcycle Engine Tattoo 1
Source: darioberteil



Motorcycle Engine Tattoo 2
Source: urban_ink_tattoos_605



Motorcycle Engine Tattoo 3
Source: seanjaundice


Motorcycle Wings Tattoo



Motorcycle Wings Tattoo 1
Source: tat2sbyross



Motorcycle Wings Tattoo 2
Source: jean_se_vincent



Motorcycle Wings Tattoo 3
Source: blackbear_tattoo_studio


Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tattoo



Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Source: vi_king_tattoos



Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tattoo 2
Source: kevinmaxwelltattoos



Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tattoo 3
Source: pedradatattoopalace


Motorcycle Handlebar Tattoo



Motorcycle Handlebar Tattoo 1
Source: erikornstrom.tft



Motorcycle Handlebar Tattoo 2
Source: blockmagictattoos



Motorcycle Handlebar Tattoo 3
Source: atutattooist


Motorcycle Shift Pattern Tattoo



Motorcycle Shift Pattern Tattoo 1
Source: karlburtontattoo



Motorcycle Shift Pattern Tattoo 2
Source: scotty.yahmica_tattoos



Motorcycle Shift Pattern Tattoo 3
Source: yiink._


Motorcycle Wheel Tattoo



Motorcycle Wheel Tattoo 1
Source: inchiostro_tattoo_studio



Motorcycle Wheel Tattoo 2
Source: thirteenfeettattoo



Motorcycle Wheel Tattoo 3
Source: cavictattooland


Motorcycle Hand Tattoo



Motorcycle Hand Tattoo 1
Source: controltattoo



Motorcycle Hand Tattoo 2
Source: wal_d3



Motorcycle Hand Tattoo 3
Source: didis.artwork


Motorcycle Outline Tattoo



Motorcycle Outline Tattoo 1
Source: illvisualz_by_kg



Motorcycle Outline Tattoo 2
Source: autumnztatz



Motorcycle Outline Tattoo 3
Source: innerpunk


Honda Motorcycle Tattoo



Honda Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Source: whoiscid_tattoo



Honda Motorcycle Tattoo 2
Source: megtattoo



Honda Motorcycle Tattoo 3
Source: pazetto_


Motorcycle Chest Tattoo



Motorcycle Chest Tattoo 1
Source: yungg_chriss



Motorcycle Chest Tattoo 2
Source: xinyu.art



Motorcycle Chest Tattoo 3
Source: gordos_tradicio


Motorcycle Compass Tattoo



Motorcycle Compass Tattoo 1
Source: dead_man_worx



Motorcycle Compass Tattoo 2
Source: natantattoo.pl



Motorcycle Compass Tattoo 3
Source: abdtattoos


Motorcycle Pin Up Tattoo



Motorcycle Pin Up Tattoo 1
Source: andi.skuse.tattoos



Motorcycle Pin Up Tattoo 2
Source: sarahmarxxtattoos



Motorcycle Pin Up Tattoo 3
Source: thundabeast


Motorcycle Piston Tattoo



Motorcycle Piston Tattoo 1
Source: artandtattoobasel__official



Motorcycle Piston Tattoo 2
Source: lowriders_garage01



Motorcycle Piston Tattoo 3
Source: pk_tattoos


Motorcycle Speedometer Tattoo



Motorcycle Speedometer Tattoo 1
Source: kingtattoo2halllane



Motorcycle Speedometer Tattoo 2
Source: hammersmith_tattoo_london



Motorcycle Speedometer Tattoo 3
Source: love_that_sting


Grim Reaper Riding A Motorcycle Tattoo



Grim Reaper Riding A Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Source: cj_ugarte



Grim Reaper Riding A Motorcycle Tattoo 2
Source: midnight_tattootw



Grim Reaper Riding A Motorcycle Tattoo 3
Source: holyfoxtattoos_studio


Minimalist Motorcycle Tattoo



Minimalist Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Source: zara_leslie_walker



Minimalist Motorcycle Tattoo 2
Source: royalenfieldpoa



Minimalist Motorcycle Tattoo 3
Source: co.b.lean


Motorcycle Shoulder Tattoo



Motorcycle Shoulder Tattoo 1
Source: jeremylifseytattoo777



Motorcycle Shoulder Tattoo 2
Source: bosphorusink



Motorcycle Shoulder Tattoo 3
Source: andres.sinister


Motorcycle Travel Tattoo



Motorcycle Travel Tattoo 1
Source: el.patron.tattoo



Motorcycle Travel Tattoo 2
Source: victoriainktattoo



Motorcycle Travel Tattoo 3
Source: carlos_and.tattoo


Rat Fink Motorcycle Tattoo



Rat Fink Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Source: ghara_studio



Rat Fink Motorcycle Tattoo 2
Source: gnarlymagazine



Rat Fink Motorcycle Tattoo 3
Source: exem_or_die


Adventure Motorcycle Tattoo



Adventure Motorcycle Tattoo 1
Source: timewalkertattoostudio



Adventure Motorcycle Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosnob



Adventure Motorcycle Tattoo 3
Source: kashivipondart


Final Words:

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the top motorcycle tattoo designs and ideas! Whether you’re looking for something small and simple or big and bold, there’s sure to be a design out there that’s perfect for you. 

And if you’re still unsure what you want, remember that your artist can always help you come up with something custom. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get inked!


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