25 Best Anubis Tattoos for 2024: Honor Belief & Ensure Protection

Whether you are fascinated by Egyptian mythology or appreciate Anubis, this is for you. It is where we’re going to delve deep into the details of Anubis tattoos.

To start, Anubis appeared as the guardian of the dead in Ancient Egyptian mythology. Further, those canine features with the head of a jackal provide both splendor and terror.

Therefore, inking an Anubis tattoo would depict something majestic, powerful, and intimidating.

Besides, it may depict the wearer’s need for support when facing difficulties or transformation. Further, in spiritual terms, it represents regeneration, the afterlife, and protection.

No matter what, Anubis tattoos perfectly reflect aesthetics and the energy of the divine. Having said that, let’s take a look at some inspirations for Anubis tattoos. 


25 Anubis Tattoo Designs and Meanings

It is possible to associate many different things with an Anubis tattoo. In most cases, however, it represents protection. In addition, it may exude powerful energy. Therefore, it can be worn as a symbol of strength and power. 

Moreover,  the jackal head and sharp features, as well as the mysterious features, make it look magnificent. Thus, it would be a great way to demonstrate your eddy outlook. 

Furthermore, individuals who believe in spirituality, such as afterbirth, often sport Anubis tattoos. Finally, if you have a knack for Egyptian mythology, you may find it interesting.


Anubis Horus Tattoo

Horus is the half-brother of Anubis, descending from the same jackal god Duamutef. Additionally, Horus is often depicted as a falcon or with the infamous Horus eye.  Similar to Anubis, the eye of Horus also signifies protection. Moreover, a tattoo with both gods side-by-side can serve as a symbol of immunity from evil. Besides, it is also an expression of the spirit world.


1. Falcon Horus and Anubis


Anubis Horus Tattoo 1
Source: markalfordtattoos

The tattoo illustrates both Horus and Anubis. The size further makes it visually intimidating. Besides, Horus features both a Falcon and an eye. All these elements could provide confidence for the wearer.


2. Anubis And The Eye of Horus


Anubis Horus Tattoo 2
Source: _javisensacion

Due to the charcoaling effect, the jackal head Anubis appears far more intimidating. Besides, It features Horus’s eye and Pyramid. Hence, forearms appear more imposing as a whole.


3. Bright Anubis and Falcon 


Anubis Horus Tattoo 3
Source: dan_gelicotattoo

Despite the coloring of Anubis, the Falcon’s fine-line inking makes this tattoo distinct. While the Anubis may resonate with compassion, the falcon may symbolize the stern reality. Likewise, the flame embodied life and destruction.


Anubis Tattoo Design

Anubis’ most popular tattoo is the jackal head. Moreover, due to Anubis’ sinister appearance, the color is predominantly black. It is also possible to find the Ankh, a sign of Anubis. Despite Anubis’s grim appearance, it offers protection, regrowth, and positivity. Furthermore, Anubis is often seen with Horus or with other Egyptian motifs.


4. Anubis, Horus Eye, and Scarabs 


Anubis Tattoo Design 1
Source: widanaari

This tattoo depicts an ominous Anubis with Horus’ eye and the Scarabs beetle. They are all symbols of resurrection. Besides, inking the intimidating look of Anubis can portray a powerful guardian.


5. Anubis With Scripture


Anubis Tattoo Design 2
Source: tattoosbygaurav

This drawing of Anubis with scripture is distinct. Moreover, it lacks the sharp appearance. However, it maintained its graveness with deathly eyes and the Ankh. Further, the B&W tattoo is curved gracefully around the forearm.


6. An Artistically Detailed Anubis


Anubis Tattoo Design 3
Source: fleetwoodtattoo.co

You could sense the wearer’s reverence for artistic detail. While Anubis symbolizes protection and hope, Ankh denotes life. Moreover, biceps tattoos with this kind of size and detail are sure to stand out.


Anubis God Tattoo

In Egyptian mythology, Anubis is revered as a protector and patron of death. Hence, a tattoo of Anubis would impart a stern and mysterious aura. Besides, it would serve as a guardian throughout the wearer’s ups and downs. In addition, people ink Anubis to convey their belief in the afterlife and resurrection.  


7. Colorful Yet Fierce-Looking Anubis

This tattoo is striking for its golden hue all over. In addition, the aura emanates intense energy. Along with the majestic Anubis head, the Scarabs and the ring, all speak of life, protection, and resurrection. 

Anubis God Tattoo 1
Source: molinartattoos


8. Anubis in Striking Ink Technique 


Anubis God Tattoo 2
Source: leo_maniac_tattoo

The dot-inking monochrome design on this Anubis God tattoo gives it an artistic flair. Furthermore, it holds the Ankh and flail, depicting protection and caregiving throughout life. Plus, black may represent death. 


9. Sleek Anubis Tattoo


Anubis God Tattoo 3
Source: jayest_tattoo

As in the previous example, this one also features dotted inking. Its unique stance is complemented by its slick and dark appearance. Further, the tattoo carries a strength that reflects the wearer’s strong spirit


Egyptian Anubis Tattoo

An Egyptian Anubis Tattoo would be unique due to its true representation of Egyptian aesthetics. Hence, if you love Egyptian mythology and prefer mythology-themed tattoos, these Anubis tattoos will appeal to you. Additionally, you may notice Anubis holding an Ankh, flail, or adorned with Egyptian elements. Truly, they are chic and show true love for majestic pieces while keeping up with the times. 

10. Ancient Egyptian Anubis 


Egyptian Anubis Tattoo 1
Source: d13tattoo

In detail, the tattoo seems to mirror the real-life Anubis. Moreover, Anubis appears softened, holding the flail and Ankh. With Anubis representing safeguarding, the flail and Ankh depict nurturing.


11. Hieroglyph-Inspired Anubis


Egyptian Anubis Tattoo 2
Source: chaos.tattoos.egy

The tattoo is modeled after a hieroglyphic pattern. Notice, how Anubis is holding a scale. It signifies weighing the hearts of the dead to determine their afterlife. Hence, wearers might find inspiration in the concept.   


12. Silhouette of Anubis Head


Egyptian Anubis Tattoo 3
Source: kikanvastattoos

Despite its simplicity, this tattoo conveys a sense of toughness. As well, pitch-black ink evokes a dreary feel throughout. However, the tattoo juxtaposes dark with an emblem of hope for the wearer.


Evil Anubis Tattoo

The evil Anubis tattoo’s meaning could be complex and multifaceted. It may vary from person to person. For some, the tattoo signifies their belief in the afterlife. For others, it may serve as a symbol of protection. Further, an evil Anubis may also represent power, strength, wisdom, death, and the unknown. In addition, Anubis would appear extremely intimidating.  


13. A Dreadful Anubis


Evil Anubis Tattoo 1
Source: tessa.von

This terrifying Anubis tattoo beautifully wraps around the upper arm. Additionally, it may indicate something unnaturally powerful. Hence, for protection against evil, nothing compares to this monstrous Anubis.  


14. An Enraged Anubis


Evil Anubis Tattoo 2
Source: dani_moreno_garcia

This is the second Evil Anubis tattoo in the series. It is equally horrifying. Further, enraging moments reveal nothing but strength. Therefore, it can serve as a shield and strength to the wearer. 


15. Anubis In Black and Blue


Evil Anubis Tattoo 3
Source: em__ro

Seeing Anubis in black creates an overwhelming sense of fear. Nevertheless, despite its expression of intensity, blue lighting can convey tranquility. Moreover, this tattoo embodies both power and serenity.


Anubis Hand Tattoo

If you enjoy loud ideas and you want something that demands attention, perhaps this Anubis hand tattoo is for you. Besides, the design encompasses the upper areas of your hand. Furthermore, the tattoo is perfectly positioned in this area. Additionally, with the size and placement of the tattoo, it may express dominance, and power, in addition to its usual meaning, of protection.

16. Anubis God Tattoo


Anubis Hand Tattoo 1
Source: venomink_tbc

The tattoo is quite the opposite of an Anubis’ grim demeanor. In fact, it emanates a more calming energy. Therefore, it may suggest that the wearer appreciates something sophisticated and subtle.


17. Anubis and Medusa


Anubis Hand Tattoo 2
Source: maxpetar

The wearer has Anubis on one hand, and Medusa on the other. The Anubis could thus be depicted as offering protection from evil Medusa. Alternatively, It could also mean enhanced protection for the wearer.


18. Anubis God on Hand


Anubis Hand Tattoo 3
Source: borderlinetattoos

Hand tattoos like this illustrate the head on the wrist and the body on the upper hand. Besides, it perfectly covers the area. With Anubis representing life and death, tattooing him symbolizes defense and courage.


Anubis Tattoo Ideas

As of now, we have seen several different ideas for the Anubis tattoo. Let’s explore more unique ideas. Aside from the inking technique and color, we can play with angle. Plus, incorporating elements of Anubis into the design will add more depth to the concept.


19. Anubis in Side View


Anubis Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: theelectricpentattoo

The side angle of the Anubis makes it unique. Moreover, the highly detailed inking gives it an eerie vibe. In addition, its imposing presence conveys a sense of defense and vigor.


20. Anubis And God’s Eye


Anubis Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: stefan_pinaink

The front view of Anubis is strong and compassionate at the same time. Observe, that there is an all-seeing eye. It could serve as a reminder that God is always watching humanity.


21. Side View of Anubis and Scarabs 


Anubis Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: inksociety_tattoostudio

With its all-over side view, the Anubis looks absolutely magnificent. In addition, it gives off an impression of modern armament. Furthermore, as an Anubis with Scarabs, he may provide protection and rebirth. 


Anubis Egyptian God Tattoo Design

Anubis tattoos are often chosen by people who believe in the afterlife or are connected to Egyptian culture. Moreover, other people use Anubis tattoos as a means of protection or guidance during difficult times.

When choosing a tattoo, some may choose a simple outline of Anubis, while others may prefer a more detailed and realistic design. Besides, typically, Anubis tattoo designs are seen on the chest, back, or arms of people.


22. A Gentle Yet Powerful Anubis 

Anubis Egyptian God Tattoo Design 1
Source: inkgarage_brooklyn

Unlike the stern Anubis God tattoos, this one is more delicate. In general, it presents an ethereal energy. Despite this, it remains highly influential. Hence, it provides protection, guidance, and courage. 


23. Anubis With Golden Accents


Anubis Egyptian God Tattoo Design 2
Source: jiro_painter

In the golden armor of Anubis, we see how majestic the deity is. In addition, pitch black combined with gold signifies strength and prosperity. Further, the size fits perfectly on the forearm. 


24. Anubis with Glowing Ring


Anubis Egyptian God Tattoo Design 3
Source: jooa_tattoo

Blindingly black, this Anubis exudes a powerful aura. Furthermore, the shining armor and glowing ring reflect the divinity’s dominance. A tattoo of this would symbolize profundity, as well as the protection promise of Anubis.


Anubis Eye Tattoo

The Eye of Anubis is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents protection, guidance, and the afterlife. It is often depicted as a human eye with a cobra hood. Moreover, it is sometimes associated with the god Anubis, who was the god of the dead. The Eye of Anubis is a popular tattoo design, and it is often used to represent strength, courage, and protection.


25. The Anubis Eye


Anubis Eye Tattoo 1
Source: lunab.tattoos

If you are overwhelmed by the Anubis jackal head tattoo, this eye might be the perfect fit. The tattoo illustrates Anubis’ eye. Also, it declares protection from evil, afterlife belief, and resurrection belief.



Anubis Eye Tattoo 2
Source: bluedevilsink



Anubis Eye Tattoo 3
Source: nandotattoo09


Anubis Forearm Tattoo



Anubis Forearm Tattoo 1
Source: eghontattoo_tacconi



Anubis Forearm Tattoo 2
Source: tato_adriano_tattoo





Anubis Forearm Tattoo 3
Source: darkdog.ttt


To Conclude

Anubis tattoos are a popular choice for many people due to their rich symbolism and significance. Anubis is the Egyptian god of the dead, and his image is often associated with protection, guidance, and the afterlife. 

Moreover, Anubis tattoos can be a powerful reminder of the importance of living life to the fullest, and they can also provide comfort and strength to those who are experiencing hardship. So, if you are considering getting an Anubis tattoo, be sure to do your research to find an artist who can create a design that is both meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.



1. Who Can Go For The Anubis Tattoo?

This tattoo is suitable for anyone who enjoys mythology or Egypt. Besides, if you like meaningful tattoos, large dominant characters, and older symbols with a lot of power, you’re going to cherish this.

2. What are the Best Areas for Anubis Tattoo?

You can sport this tattoo on the arm or the forearm, or biceps as well as the back part. Moreover, this tattoo will appeal to minimalists as well. Besides, place it over your neck and chest area. 

3. Is it OK to get an Anubis tattoo?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to get an Anubis tattoo. This would be a great idea if you are a mythology enthusiast, especially if you love Egyptian mythology. It discusses spiritual beliefs about life and death, as well as protection and power.

4. What is the Egyptian symbol of life tattoo?

Ankhs are symbols of eternity and life.  Moreover, Anubis is portrayed holding the Ankh in numerous tattoos as well.

5. Is Anubis Good or Bad?

Considering that Anubis protects and cares about life and death, he is a good god. In spite of his stern appearance, he serves the righteous and justice. 

6. Can Women Wear Anubis Tattoo?

Women can wear tattoos as well, even if they are illustrated as strong and masculine. Death and life are the domains of Anubis. Hence, tattooing an Anubis tattoo in both men and women gave them a sense of protection. Plus, they demonstrate their spiritual faith in life and death.

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