Captivating Real Life Aura Into Skin Using Realism Tattoo Art

Realism tattoos have started to adorn mankind’s skin to announce the modern tattoo designs era. Adding a completely new perspective, this tattoo art form has been soaring in popularity. A whole new realm opens up for you when you choose to get a realism tattoo for yourself. 

The possibilities of creating artistic masterpieces on your skin are really high and you can realize even your wildest tattoo imaginations! With neverending prospects, you ought to get confused with picking the right photorealistic tattoo for yourself.

Fear not because we have you covered. Get yourself an authentic 21st-century masterpiece and also know the meanings behind them!

30 Realism Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Realistic tattoos are certainly breathtaking. This form of body art requires a lot of experience, and sound creative sense to bring to fruition. Even if you find an individual who has all those qualities you still need to overcome the mammoth task of picking the right tattoo design for yourself! Well, guess what? We bring you 30 realism tattoo designs with their meanings to ease your journey to the world of realism tattoos.

Micro Realism Tattoo

Micro tattoos are loved by everyone. They are very easy to hide in case your workplace has restrictions on body art. Other than that, they also look great on your skin. The simpler the better they say. Check out all the cool micro-realism tattoos that we have selected for you below.

  1. The Golden Apple
Micro Realism Tattoo 1
Source: jooa_tattoo

Looks like the forbidden fruit of Eden. Having this would make you just as much forbidden for the world, we are just kidding. The detailing on this tattoo is top-notch. Look at how well the reflections have been incorporated.

2. The Queen’s Jewel

Micro Realism Tattoo 2
Source: jooa_tattoo

Theoretically tattooing a diamond brooch might just be cheaper than getting a real one. Thanks to realism tattoo art, this looks just as much authentic.

3. My Little Furry Friend

Micro Realism Tattoo 3
Source: mar.tatuadora

We all surely love our pets and keeping their memoirs around us. Why not just get a tattoo of your pet’s face on your body? An eternal tribute to man’s best friend.

Black And Grey Realism Tattoo

Two very dull colors, but what they can create is pure eye candy. Combining shades of black and grey makes it possible to create beautiful realism tattoo art. Consider taking a look at the black and grey realism tattoos below.

4. Medusa

Black And Grey Realism Tattoo 1
Source: steveupton_tattoo

We all have our fascination for Medusa but look at this tattoo of her on the man’s leg. Pure bliss and perfection, we surely want to get turned into stone by her.

5. The Viking

Black And Grey Realism Tattoo 2
Source: rheyvahntattoo

Vikings have taken up a corner in our hearts, thanks to the History Channel! Look at this rugged tattoo of a Viking on this man’s arm. Looks like someone used their office printer to get their tattoo done!

6. Gangster Vibes

Black And Grey Realism Tattoo 3
Source: steveupton_tattoo

Who doesn’t want to live with Gangster vibes? Well getting this tattoo helps, we believe. The crisp detailing and color shading are supreme!

Color Realism Tattoo

Adding colors to already perfect realistic tattoos, helps to bring forth a new reality. Colors make our lives beautiful, they also make tattoos look breathtaking. Check out these color realism tattoos selected only for you!

7. Dead King

Color Realism Tattoo 1
Source: tattoohelps

Another tattoo for your leg. An art right out of RPGs. Look at the Dead king’s skull probably lying in a dungeon. The perfect shading of colors helps this tattoo art to pop up really well.

8. Fruit Ninja

Color Realism Tattoo 2
Source: elmpixie_tattoos

This tattoo is yummy, fruity juiciness brought into life with color realism tattoo art. The detailing is so good that we are already hungry.

9. Little Angel

Color Realism Tattoo 3
Source: shell_station_tattoo

Butterflies are loved by everyone, and so are butterfly tattoos. They signify freedom and the power to transform yourselves. A great motivational tattoo to ink on your bicep.

Photo Realism Tattoo

Tattoos in the past were not very detailed and definitely could not replicate the real-life ambiance. Thanks to modern tech, this is now possible. You can choose to get any picture you want tattooed on your body, thanks to photo realism tattoo artists. Give a look at all the cool tattoos we have below.

10. The Battle Roar

Photo Realism Tattoo 1
Source: inkbombtattoos

A great photorealistic tattoo of a lion on a man’s forearm. The detailing is spot on. Time for you to be battle-ready just like this lion.

11. Pet Photo Realism Tattoo

Photo Realism Tattoo 2
Source: timbecktattoos

Getting tattoos for your pet is certainly very thoughtful and cute as well. There can be no better way to show your love for these animals.

12. Dog Photo Realism Tattoo

Photo Realism Tattoo 3
Source: zhuodanting

Another Photo Realism Tattoo of a Dog on a man’s thigh. The addition of colors to the eyes has added doubt to our minds. Are those eyes tattooed or did they stick real eyes over there?

Lion Tattoo Realism,

Lions are the king of the jungle, and they are one of the best motivations you can get to succeed in life. Having a lion tattoo etched on your body is surely a great way to do this. We have selected some awesome realistic lion tattoos for you. You can also give a look at other lion tattoos we have by clicking here.

13. Jungle King

Lion Tattoo Realism 1
Source: acanomuta_tattoo_manos

The lion and the kingdom he rules are portrayed very nicely in this arm tattoo. With one half of this realism tattoo depicts a lion, and the other half depicts it having been made with leaves representing the Jungle it rules.

14. Lioness Power

Lion Tattoo Realism 2
Source: collinsnyderink

Lioness plays a huge role in hunting for the herd and providing for her cubs. Having a lioness realism tattoo is a great show of power for women. You can get this tattoo on the upper part of your arm!

15. Lioness Realistic Tattoo

Lion Tattoo Realism 3
Source: paulm_tattoo

Another Lioness tattoo for your beautiful skin. The detailing on this tattoo is much more compared to the tattoo giving off a photo realistic feel. A must-get!

Realism Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are considered to be a symbol of power and wisdom in a lot of cultures around the world. If you are a big fan of RPG games like Skyrim, you will know what we are talking about. We are sure you will like all the Realism Dragon tattoos that we have collected for you.

16. The Elder One 

Realism Dragon Tattoos 1
Source: karinako_tattoo

The placement of this tattoo gives it a very awe-inspiring look to viewers. This tattoo acts as a guardian with the dragon resting on your shoulder.

17. The Dragon’s Sword

Realism Dragon Tattoos 2
Source: titin_tattooer

Dragons are majestic mythical creatures, we really wish they existed. Check out this arm tattoo of a Chinese dragon wrapped around a red sword. The fine details adds a lot of value to this alluring tattoo.

18. Dragon Head Tattoo

Realism Dragon Tattoos 3
Source: arturo_calderon_tattoo_artist

Liked the first dragon tattoo but don’t want to get you arm inked? We have another one for you with the dragon etched on the chest. This dragon tattoo looks ready to bite, that is how real it is!

Realism Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flowers are a great symbol of love, youthfulness and a lot of other things. Plus they look good everywhere, even on your skin. We have a great collection of Realism lotus flower tattoos for you below.

19. Lotus Back Tattoo

Realism Lotus Flower Tattoo 1
Source: tali_lerner_tattoo

Back tattoos look really beautiful on women. This photorealism lotus tattoo on a woman’s back is simple but perfect in every detail.

20. Lotus Jewel Tattoo

Realism Lotus Flower Tattoo 2
Source: hendra_tattooss

Women love two things a lot, Jewellery and Flowers. Combining these two gives birth to this spectacular tattoo!

21. Lotus Mandala Tattoo

Realism Lotus Flower Tattoo 3

The beauty of Lotus when teamed up with Mandala art can result in awe-inspiring tattoo art. A perfect upper arm tattoo to grace a woman’s skin.

Realism Tattoo Ideas

There is no boundary to what you can achieve through realism tattoos. Literally anything can be etched on your skin through this art form. Loved all the realism tattoos you have seen up there? We have got some more breathtaking ones below.

22. Poker Realism Tattoo

Realism Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: aimee_rose_tatts

If you are a huge fan of poker and everything related to gambling, then this tattoo is catered for you. The fine details and photorealism accurately captures the ambience of a casino.

23. Zeus Realism Tattoo

Realism Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: circletattoobangalore

We all know the great greek god Zeus. What if you had his powers? That might not be possible but you can surely have him etched on your arm like this man.

24. Bird Realism Tattoo

Realism Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: bishal_wizard

Birds are great symbol of freedom and courage. Fly high like a bird with this beautiful and colorful realistic bird tattoo.

Realism Tattoo Sleeve

Sleeve tattoos  really stand out more compared to other tattoos. Plus the huge area of your arm provides a canvas to draw anything to your tattoo artist. If you are looking to get a Realism sleeve tattoo for yourself then consider checking out the collections below.

25. Religious Jesus Tattoo

Realism Tattoo Sleeve 1
Source: threekingsnyc

Being blessed by jesus is something all people want. This sleeve tattoo has a realistic image of Jesus himself, as well as the cross and mother mary. A lovely bunch we would say.


Realism Tattoo Sleeve 2
Source: nam.misfits



Realism Tattoo Sleeve 3
Source: threekingsnyc


Realism Eagle Tattoo



Realism Eagle Tattoo 1
Source: rancidink



Realism Eagle Tattoo 2
Source: abbymcgowantattoo



Realism Tattoo Sleeve 3
Source: bvnkstreettattoo


Realism tattoos are body art with a taste of modern tattoo techniques.They are the new big thing and highly popular thanks to the alluring tattoos one can have. Capturing a moment or any indiviual on your flesh has been made possible thanks to this form of ink. Bring your own moment, character, or individual to fruition on your skin with realism tattoo art. We hope you loved this journey alongside us through the realm of realism tattoos. Trick people around you to think that its a photo you printed on your skin. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Realism The Hardest Tattoo?

Yes, realism tattoo is a very complex form of tattoo art. A tattoo artist requires to have a high sense of colors, shapes, and great tattooing skills to effectively create a realism tattoo.

Do Realism Tattoos Fade Easily?

No, Realism tattoos have very fine details and go through heavy use of ink. This means they do not fade easily. However, you would still need to care for your tattoo to prolong their attractiveness.

How Much Does A Realism Tattoo Cost?

The price of a realism tattoo can vary from $250 to anywhere up to $5000. The cost entirely depends on the complexity of your desired design and the exclusivity of your tattoo artist.

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