80 Stunning Libra Tattoos for Tattoo Enthusiasts!

The astrological sign libra has given birth to a lot of tattoos. Libra tattoos are considered to be one of the most prestigious tattoos among tattoo enthusiasts.

Libra tattoos often are represented with their element, which is the air. These tattoos indicate that the tattoo bearer is extroverted, outgoing, and extremely charismatic.

Almost every artist in their life at some point has done a libra tattoo. They are quite popular these days.

With the rise of the popularity of the style, it has gained a lot of attraction recently. In this article, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about libra tattoos and their meanings. So let’s dive into the details and discuss some of the best ideas for your next piece.

What is a Libra tattoo?

Libra tattoos are a form of body art that is most commonly associated with the zodiac sign of Libra. These tattoos can be found in different shapes and sizes, but they are typically inked in black or navy blue.

Tattoos that indirectly give hint to the astrological sing is also considered to a libra tattoo. The symbols of a scale and sun also indicate a libra tattoo. This tattoo is a sign of beauty and balance. It can be inked on the back, arm, or wrist.

80 Libra tattoo design ideas

1. Balance Of Life

Source: jose_craveiro_tattoo

Balance is a symbol of balance in life. A Libra tattoo is an excellent way to represent your balance in life. The scales are a symbol of justice, law, and order. The symbol on this man’s chest with the eye indicates that everything is being seen and will be measured at the end.


2. Sun & Balance

Source: hi.tattoo

A Libra tattoo with a balance and a sun on the back. It is a sign that indicates the power of the sun and the balance created by us in everything under the sun. A tattoo with a broader meaning.


3. Sun And Moon On Balance

libra tattoos for females
Source: mario_tats

Balance is a sign of stability and order. In this tattoo, the sun and moon are on a balance held by a hand. It shows the stability both of them have and teaches us how to be in order. A great piece for bicep tattoos.


4. Unbalanced

libra tattoo drawings
Source: thriftedthreads3

A gorgeous lady can be seen holding an uneven balance in her hand. The drop of tear coming out of her eyes says it all. The unbalance within the system itself is the root of her pain.


5. Minimal Balance

libra tattoo drawings
Source: zoshka_tattoo

A minimal balance can be seen on a man’s forearm. The tattoo looks elegant and the fully balanced hands indicate a flawless system. A piece suitable for people who are looking for a simple Libra tattoo.


6. Blind Protector

libra tattoo drawings
Source: tattoo.edga

A woman with her eyes blindfolded is holding a knife. There is a symbol of balance on her forehead. It means that she will do whatever it takes to protect justice. She is blind when it comes to keeping justice.


7. Zodiac Signs

libra tattoos for females
Source: tattoo_maafia_8427272702

A few zodiac signs are drawn in a straight line. The middle one is the Libra symbol and there’s a date on the other side. This tattoo shows the birthdate of the person and his constellation.


8. Geometric Signs

libra tattoos for females
Source: arlenegwest

This piece is made of geometrical shapes that include triangles, squares, and circles. The abstract red color brings out the character in this piece.


9. Vine-Covered Balance

libra tattoos for females
Source: room26_reutlingen

The balanced used in the tattoo is seen to be covered in thin vines. It indicates that the balance hasn’t been used for anything in a long time. A great choice for the back of the arm tattoo.


10. Sun and Moon Balance

libra tattoos for females
Source: dalgu_tattooer

A tiny analog balance can be spotted at this woman’s arm. The balance has the sun and moon on two hands. It is holding it in a straight line. The balance between the sun and moon should be a lesson for all of us.


11. Libra Scale Tattoo

Source: sweetmambatattoo

A royal scale made from shiny metal is the main attraction of this tattoo. There is a big flower at the base. It indicates a loving and caring nature and also meanwhile shows no compromise when it comes to justice.


12. Bow & Arrow Scale

Source: sweets_lkt

A colorful bow and arrow are used to describe this amazing tattoo piece. The bow is acing like the hands of the scale and the arrow in the middle is acting as the support base. It shows us that an object that is used in war can also be used to bring balance.


13. Libra Scale On Back

Source: donbigsexy

A big tattoo of a libra scale is inked on the back of this person. The sun is on the right side and the moon is on the left. But the strange thing is that the moon is lit even though it is at the opposite end.


14. Libra Star Constellation

Source: cosmiccataclysmart

A small constellation can be seen at the back of the scale. It is the symbol that is used to describe the Libra zodiac sign. The other element of the tattoo, which is the scale also represents the astrological sign.


15. Evil Witch Scale

Source: tattoosnob

An evil creature with two dark horns has two of her eyes removed from her head and placed on the two sides of the balance. The stand of the base has only three fingers, which indicates that it is not an ordinary person or creature, although it has some resemblance to a person.


16. Flower Balance

Source: saturn_tattoo

A lady with a scale made out of flowers is highlighted in this tattoo. The flower symbolizes its soft and loving side, while the scale represents the belief in injustice. A great piece of tattoo for women.


17. Traditional Libra Scale on Women’s Leg

Source: mikeroybal_kma13

A vivid and colorful libra tattoo for a woman’s leg. The bold colors suggest that it is a traditional-themed tattoo. The red and green color creates a good contrast. A lot of people might not like this design but it carries a lot of traditional valus.


18. Unbalanced Balance tattoo

Source: cjamtattoos

The scale on this piece is empty, but the irony is that the balance itself isn’t in balance. It will give an unfair advantage to one side. It is the opposite of the nature of the libra. This tattoo clearly shows us that message.


19. Aries & Cancer

Source: inf_evans

This libra tattoo has two zodiac signs on the scale. One is the Aries and the other is the cancer sign. The scale is used to represent compatibility between the two zodiac signs. The blue abstract color represents the mystery behind those two signs.


20. Heart & Brain

Source: hibernia_tattoo

Two of the most essential part of a human being is on the two sides of a scale. The brain and heart are in complete balance. It teaches us the necessity of making decisions based on both our hearts and brains equally.


21. Colorful Flowers & Scale

Source: 97pearls

there are a lot of beautiful flowers on this tattoo. The scale is covered in flowers and its surroundings are too. This tells us that we should have our faith in our justice and nourish its thoughts. The astrological constellation on the back makes this a deep meaningful libra tattoo.


22. Scale On Thigh

Source: reyamico

The back of this woman’s thigh is gorgeously inked with a simple scale tattoo. The scale is the symbol of libra. It makes this tattoo an indicator of the libra themed style.


23. Libra Neck Tattoo

male libra tattoos
Source: ouchieink

Libra tattoos are a great choice for neck pieces. They are often seen as bold and powerful statements. This lady has one on her back and neck. It screams a powerful vibe to the audience.


24. Balancing Fire

male libra tattoos
Source: binkdtattoo

Sometimes we need to combat fire with fire. In this tattoo, we can see that there is fire on both hands of the scale which has kept it on a balance. It teaches us the rule of not being afraid and fighting back with bravery.


25. Heart & Skull On Scale

male libra tattoos
Source: ch_tattoos

A skull represents terror and death while a heart represents life and love. The scale has both on it. Although the tattoo is small in size the meaning is much bigger than its size.


26. Sidechest Libra Scale

libra zodiac sign tattoo
Source: stevefranciosa

A libra tattoo is present on one side of the chest. The scale is balancing the sun and moon. The redness around the sides of the tattoo suggests that it is a fresh piece and it needs time to heal properly.


27. Libra Constellation Tattoo

Source: 5dogsandanurse

The constellation in this piece is made out of small flowers and the stems and branches made them connect with one another. just like they help to connect with other people.


28. Flower and Moon Constellation

Source: peewee_tattz_6712

The moon is a symbol of blind and driven forces The flower is a symbol of nourishment and care. It also means good luck. The libra constellation indicates that both of them need to be in check to be happy.


29. Spider Webs

Source: take.a.look.in.the.mira

In this tattoo, the stats are covered in Spider web. They usually represent destiny and mortality. The moon along with the stars makes this tattoo a unique piece.


30. Simple Constellation

libra zodiac sign tattoo
Source: foreverink2010

A minimal and basic symbol of the zodiac constellation. The third and fifth stars are connected with a dotted line.


31. Bloomed Flowers Constellation

libra zodiac sign tattoo
Source: flamineighttattoo

Flowers in this tattoo represent stars and the lines are the indication of the bonds. Although they don’t have colors, they don’t fall behind in giving a pleasant vibe.


32. Libra Sign Tattoo

Source: black.tulip.tattoo

A portrait of the goddess Aphrodite with a blue flower on her hair is depicted in this piece. The scale on her head is slightly tilted to one side. The anger on her face is clearly visible in this piece.


33. Scale Inside Prism

Source: buddha_inks

A prism is used to analyze and reflect light. The scale is inside the prism. The entire tattoo has a geometric shape. A suitable piece for lower legs.


34. Hanging Scale

Source: tattoos_by_xabith

A scale is drawn elegantly behind a man’s neck. The base is smaller than the hands of the scale. It indicates that it needs to be hanged from something to work. Just like the scale, we also need some push to work properly.


35. Symbolic Libra Tattoo

minimalist libra tattoo
Source: inkredivlehoed_tattoo

The back of the arm of this woman is beautifully inked with a libra symbol. The scale is pointy and is directed to the ground.  It resembles the humble and gratitude toward life.


36. Valus Of Education

minimalist libra tattoo
Source: giltats25

Although the feather in this tattoo is supposed to be much lighter than the gold coins, the true weight of the feather which is used to represent education is much heavier than money and wealth. The tattoo teaches us that lesson.


37. Patchwork Libra Tattoo

minimalist libra tattoo
Source: angeljtattoo

A previous tattoo was patched with a piece over the original tattoo. The scale is working like a patchwork. The colors are used in the background to give it some extra sense of depth.


38. Libra Symbol Tattoo

Source: danieskyink

Libra symbol tattoos contain the symbol of the zodiac sign of the goddess Aphrodite. In this case, balance is the element that is used to represent the Libra symbol.


39. Libra Couple Tattoo

Source: villagepoptattoo

A wonderful couple has two libra tattoos on their hand. One of them has a scale with a rose and another person has a goat head that also has a rose. It is a piece that shows their dedication to the relationship.


40. Tiny Diamond Scale

Source: unbroken.crue

A tiny scale is drawn inside a diamond-shaped object. The tattoo gently rests on the wrist of the arm. It enhances the beauty of her hand and goes nicely with the jewelry.



woman cute libra tattoos
Source: tattooistsachink


42. Scales of Justice Tattoo

Source: caesarsunderyourskin


Source: cheryldoestattoos


Source: zackkinsey


woman cute libra tattoos
Source: inkbyhannah


woman cute libra tattoos
Source: tatty.cake


male libra tattoos
Source: joeysneedle



small libra tattoos
Source: az_tattoo_studio


small libra tattoos
Source: frankgenovesetattoo


small libra tattoos
Source: tattoos_express_llc_


libra flower tattoo
Source: keti.ink


libra flower tattoo
Source: 1920tattoozhub


libra flower tattoo
Source: amatatattoo


Source: sgaramellamarco


Source: makiyo_tattoo


Source: minhdo.tattoo


Source: speks7tattoos


Source: lamagatattooer


Source: mr.inkwells


Source: zerberion


Source: peer_levi_


Source: sarabearengelman


Source: pongrerocktattoo


Source: shadijtattoos


Source: _yaming_tattoo_


Source: brittabremse


Source: renata_costaplus


Source: malke_tattoo


Source: lamagatattooer


Source: doms_art_


Source: uncleltattoos


Source: empireink.india


Source: jerome_gum_tattoos


Source: nyu.tattoo


Source: sophiabones


Source: tattoo.xi.zhen


Source: floridantetat2


Source: conairbud


Source: moses_tattoo_


Source: bgtattoos13



Getting a Libra tattoo is a great way to represent your zodiac sign and also show off your personal sense of style. These designs are a symbol of beauty, balance, and harmony.

If you are considering getting a tattoo that represents your zodiac sign (Libra) definitely give these tattoos a shot.


Frequently Asked Question

What tattoo is good for Libra?

A scale or a constellation adaptation works best as a Libra tattoo.

What are some symbols for Libra?

Scale, Air, a Woman holding a scale, etc. are common symbols of Libra.

What goddess is a Libra?

Aphrodite is the goddess of Libra.

What animal is a Libra?

A Gray wolf is the animal of Libra.

What is the Libra flower?

Rose is the flower of the zodiac sign Libra.

Which tattoo is lucky for Libra?

Flowers and swans are considered lucky tattoos for Libra’s

What does the lady justice tattoo mean?

They often mean having morality and faith in justice.

What planet is Libra?

Venus is considered the Libra planet

Can Males Also Get a Libra Tattoo?

Yes. Both males & females can get Libra tattoos.

What do the scales mean in a Libra tattoo?

The scale on Libra tattoos means Justice.


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